IQ 401 Walden University Health & Medical Paper


IQ-401 – Foundations of Integrative Medicine
IQ-401 – Midterm Exam – Attempt 4
Marks: 1
Entropic scenarios may include the following EXCEPT:
Choose one answer.
a. Mrs. Johnson is diagnosed with chronic hypertension and is taking 3 different
medications to control her symptoms.
b. Mr. Franklin has been troubled with sore joints for many years and is discharged with a
poorly-healing knee replacement.
c. Mr. Clay, diagnosed with a malignant tumor in his stomach, chooses alternative
holistic treatments and daily exercise, and with strong familial support, his tumor is eliminated.
d. Mrs. Rogers experiences anxiety as a result of childhood trauma, fails to seek care, and
becomes steadily more isolated from society.
Marks: 1
Dr. Drouin explains that the sicker the patient, the lower their system energy. Applying this, the
client evaluative process suggest _______. (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. if experiencing chronic disease, voltage is probably well above 70.
b. that the chronically ill would not respond well to homeopathy.
c. a correlation between cellular voltage and health
d. implementation of energetic therapies is more likelyh to produce syntropy.
Marks: 1
Creative medicine is about transforming the conditioned movement of subtle energy in the vital
body at the level of the organs, the meridians, and the chakras to align the ego character with the
quantum self. By this we understand that: (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. in a state of contraction, the energetic body is not flowing as it should be.
b. emotion is linked with organs and meridians.
c. that disease is an organic function also reflected in the vital body.
d. when a client presents to the clinic, they are in a state of disease.
Marks: 1
A little over a century ago, there were 22 homeopathic colleges and 15,000 practitioners in the
United States, and homeopathy was considered an official medicine. What has changed? (Select
all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. Since the introduction of pharmaceuticals, homeopathy is considered strange.
b. Western medicine introduced the pharmaceutic model
c. Current materialistic models of contemporary medicine have emerged.
d. Modern medicine is not comfortable with the concept of vital force.
Marks: 1
Crystals together with supramental tachyonic technology can elevate the mental body to another
state of consciousness. It is important to incorporate the use of crystals in an integrative program,
because crystal geometric forms: (check all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. stimulate acupuncture points like lasers.
b. generate fields that enhance meditation and concentration.
c. enhance meditation
d. assist with brain sequencing.
e. can be programmed to tachyonic technology.
f. reshape physical body morphogenetics and promote tissue regeneration.
Marks: 1
Professor Joie Jones and his colleagues in Irvine, California, used medical imaging to observe
that stimulation of certain acupuncture points showed a correlation with activity in corresponding
regions of the brain. They found that: (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. brain activity is stimulated faster by acupuncture than by any other known stimulant
b. elastic acupuncture areas twist around the needles as they are stimulated.
c. the velocity of the acupuncture signal is faster than the speed of light
d. acupuncture points have the capacity to change in size, shape, and location
Marks: 1
Tachyon energy has remarkable healing capability. Which of the following is not an example of
the therapeutic strength of tachyonic energy?
Choose one answer.
a. permeating the whole cascade; the mental, the vital, and the physical
b. enhancing order and coherence with subtle energy
c. creating disorder from chaos
d. promoting balance, because tachyons activate and potentiate structure
Marks: 1
The integrative medicine model:
Choose one answer.
a. opens doors to multiple possibilities of healing via materialism thought
b. targets full potentiality of the individual
c. incorporates modalities that build the client from the bottom up
d. is about diagnosis and treatment
Marks: 1
Dr. Jeff Marrongelle (2011) speaks about nurturing the subtle energy and states that the vital
body needs to be properly re-energized with a form of pure energy to effectively support the
physical body and prevent dysfunction. Nurturing the vital energies is much more important
today than it was in the past because the 21st century has brought an onslaught of stressors.
Which of the following stressors is he referring to? (Select all that apply.)
Choose at least one answer.
a. electromagnetic pollution
b. fast-paced lifestyles
c. poor nutrition
d. wireless devices
e. noise
f. chemicals
Marks: 1
A troubling issue is that natural medicine has become like conventional medicine, out of reach
for many societies and only available to a fortunate few. This is not right. Health technology
should be more about knowledge than about expensive diagnostic or treatment equipment. The
cost of restoring the health of an individual should be __________, ______________________.
Choose one answer.
a. low-cost; this is the rationale for the creative integrative approach to healing.
b. reduced; this is the attitude of the pharmaceutical model.
c. pennies, because society cannot afford health care.
d. costly, because naturopaths need to make a living.
Marks: 1
Creative integrative approaches to quantum healing include the following EXCEPT:
Choose one answer.
a. energy flow in the meridians, in the vital body
b. assimilation, immunity, oxidation, and regeneration
c. pharmacodynamic enhancement of the bioterrain
d. addressing the physical, vital, mental, supra-mental, and bliss bodies
Marks: 1
Tesla was a genius of his time whose work specifically concerned electricity and the use of
energy. He wrote that science would: (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. make progress in a decade.
b. begin to study non-physical phenomenon.
c. make more progress in one decade than in the previous century.
d. begin to study physical phenomenon.
Marks: 1
Downward causation demonstrates the direction in which we heal; layers of information falling
in which order?
Choose one answer.
a. Wholeness, supramental, mental, vital, and physical
b. Mind, body, vital energy and consciousness
c. Vital energy, consciousness, mind and body
d. Mind, mental body, vital energy and consciousness
Marks: 1
The term “doomed model” does NOT refer to:
Choose one answer.
a. fixing health issues with pharmaceuticals and surgery
b. boxing a patient in with a common diagnosis
c. advances in acute conventional medicine
d. being opposed to alternative energy modalities
Marks: 1
The role of the creative integrative doctor of tomorrow is to:
Choose one answer.
a. live life and have fun
b. diagnose and treat
c. work against disease
d. promote health, harmony, and full potentiality
Marks: 1
There is an urgency to update contemporary medicine, but also a resistance, which justifies the
importance of becoming acquainted with alternate treatment options. Homeopathy, for instance,
once a prevalent and trusted medicine, will become popular again, given all EXCEPT:
Choose one answer.
a. practitioners readily understand and use the concept of infinitesimal dosage.
b. pharmaceuticals begin using homeopathy amid the current materialistic model of
contemporary medicine.
c. public awareness and confidence in natural healing strategies is promoted.
d. the practice of homeopathic therapies resumes, as is now modelled in other countries.
Marks: 1
Research in the use of therapeutic crystals loaded with fractal geometric information reveals:
(Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. increase in the vibration of human body cells
b. alignment of the chakras
c. increasing coherence and syntropy
d. bone growth retardation
Marks: 1
The morphogenetic field is a fundamental piece in subtle energy architecture which can be
described as:
Choose one answer.
a. a pattern imposed onto fixed pattern of activity
b. the blueprint of a physical organ
c. the second layer of information
d. being guided by human intelligence
Marks: 1
The Tree of Life can be understood as the anatomy of existence; reflecting an inner, subtle
anatomy. Similarly, the inner structure of the physical human body is associated with:
Choose one answer.
a. syntropy
b. entropy
c. all of these
d. organization
Marks: 1
Practical creative integrative approaches include the use of:
(Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. electromagnetics
b. naturopathic modalities
c. tachyonic technology
d. herbal energetics
Marks: 1
Although Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy used a form of language that seems
too eccentric for contemporary science, it is now possible to bring these concepts into the
modern world, with the light of quantum physics. Which of the following is NOT part of
Hahnemann’s understanding of the vital force?
Choose one answer.
a. The vital force produces symptoms in its effort to rid the body of disease.
b. The vital force is localized within the body.
c. The vital force radiates like a luminous sphere and may be made to act at a distance.
d. The vital force is a spirit-like force that sustains and maintains life.
Marks: 1
There is a lot of talk about electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and their effect on health. Which of the
following individual’s wellbeing was most at risk? (Select all that apply)
Choose one answer.
a. Ruth, 84 years of age, who lived in a small town all her life, where she enjoyed
gardening and didn’t bother with TV or computers.
b. Alan, 55 years of age, who lived and worked in a New York City high-rise.
c. Rudy, 78 years of age, who has lived in a trap line cabin in Northern Canada most of
his life.
d. Thelma, 39 years of age, who raised 4 boys on produce from her orchard and garden,
long before wifi and cellphones become popular.
Marks: 1
Regarding the concept of the mind-body connection, transformer energy technology has
implications for not only the physical body and the vital body, but also for the mental body. The
mental model healing approach, which often includes meditation, makes it possible to
____________________. (Select all that apply.)
Choose at least one answer.
a. restore health
b. generate full potential
c. create an imbalance
d. maintain health
Marks: 1
Ultimate Physical Atoms (UPAs) within the standard model of physics are:
Choose one answer.
a. the wave potential of corresponding electron cloud orbitals
b. a vortex made of subtle, tachyonic energy
c. magnetic islands of vibrational light
d. protons consisting of a triplet of two quarks
Marks: 1
Inadequacies of conventional western medicine may be all EXCEPT:
Choose one answer.
a. advancing acute care technologies for issues such as heart and stroke
b. accounting for the complexity of the mind, spirit and vital body
c. acknowledging the molecular model only: matter, organs, and tissues
d. rejecting healing modalities beyond pharmaceutical and surgical interventions
Marks: 1
The future of medicine is in enhancing subtle energy interactions with the human body through
energetic information. Which of the following statements is NOT correct?
Choose one answer.
a. The more subtle the healing information, the more convincing the therapeutic results
will be.
b. Energetic patterns work in two ways: they stimulate the Autonomic Nervous System,
and they improve the communication of the therapeutic remedy with the cells.
c. The stronger the energetic signal of the remedy (molecule), the better the cell will
recognize it.
d. Energetically weak transmitters or receivers can prevent cells from effective absorption
and assimilation.
Marks: 1
According to Dr. Drouin, The best strategy for bringing back _______ medicine will be to lay
out a new foundation of understanding for this medicine based on premises that will appear valid
to a _______ and reasonable mind.
Choose one answer.
a. alternative; educated
b. homeopathic; scientific
c. allopathic; educated
d. faith-based; open
Marks: 1
Transformer energy technology is the result of combining homeopathy with Vital Force
Technology. The transfer of energy occurs when a mineral base is imprinted with homeopathic
substance information, mixed with water, and delivered topically. The benefits of this type of
therapy are note below EXCEPT: (Select all that apply)
Choose one answer.
a. transdermal application delivers a stronger signal to the brain than sublingual delivery
b. prescribing medication
c. enhancing the energy field without ingesting a substance
d. people can perform these therapies at home due to the safety value
Marks: 1
Integrative medicine is a model where the practitioner can integrate diverse modalities of healing
that are: (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. often safe to do at home
b. research based
c. virtually cost-free
d. FDA regulated
Marks: 1
There are a variety of tools which can combine to produce an effective model of subtle energy
enhancement. It is important to use these devices so that the client can get a ‘before and after’
picture, a reflection of what is happening, because otherwise, it’s very difficult for this kind of
healing model to be accepted. Which of the following qualify as quantum evaluative tools?
(Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. vital force technology
b. live blood analysis
c. heart variability measurement
d. gas discharge visualization
Marks: 1
The blood is a sacred milieu, the mirror of the soul. It has a plasticity that indirectly reflects what
is happening in the subtle body. It makes sense to analyze the blood, to study the qualitative
________________of the blood, while at the same time performing therapeutic interventions.
Choose one answer.
a. morphology
b. cells
c. substance
d. nature
Marks: 1
Life force is a reality, which at the physical level is referred to as an electromagnetic field. The
client may be confused if thinking:
Choose one answer.
a. physical energy and subtle energy are connected
b. energy is measurable
c. electromagnetism cannot be used in clinic
d. biofeedback is a way to evaluate health using energy measurement
Marks: 1
Dr. Cousens mentions various practical applications for tachyonic technology use in the home,
however there are vast implications for medical use, as in correcting impaired organ function.
Tachyonic energy works by: (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. relaxing connective tissue tension
b. neutralizing biological effect of RHO, and having a positive effect on the blood
c. promoting vital energy harmony
d. reversing the negative influence of EMF on the body
Marks: 1
In Quantum medicine, we speak of the vital body as the _______ to human existence. Armed
with this knowledge, we can now think of how to strengthen our vital energy
Choose one answer.
a. blueprint
b. anchor
c. precursor
d. originator
Marks: 1
Reframing a paradigm of integrative medicine means to:
Choose one answer.
a. shift from linear thinking to multi-dimensional thinking
b. view the individual as matter; cells and molecules in motion
c. embrace a creative approach which looks at the physical body
d. engage in a scope of practice that is only concerned with curing disease
Marks: 1
In the study done by Siskind and Walker, they demonstrated that tissues in the body respond
between ______ Hz.
Choose one answer.
a. 15-70
b. 80-100
c. 25-50
d. 0-30
Marks: 1
Maintaining equilibrium is an important aspect of health. Which of the following scenarios
illustrates the functional adaptation phase:
Choose one answer.
a. An insurance company requires applicants to be tested using a very sensitive
instrument, and 50% show positive for cancer. These women had not previously been aware of
the disease.
b. A young woman gets a report from genetic testing that she has a cancer marker, so she
chooses to have her breasts removed.
c. An individual experiences disease, and because of a lifestyle change or resilience
factor of heredity, starts feeling better again before seeking medical care.
d. Children are vectors of disease, exhibiting, carrying and exuding communicable
Marks: 1
Of course, we would not want to go without the advances of modern medicine that are useful for
emergency care, etc. However, it is the goal of creative integrative healthcare to incorporate
therapies that affect all of the following EXCEPT:
Choose one answer.
a. improving health cost efficiency
b. rebuilding and restoring the life force
c. improving IQ
d. recreating coherence in the body
Marks: 1
A device called quantum biofeedback works through non-locality to affect the physiology of
blood. The morphology of a blood sample is analyzed before and after the application of nonlocal biofeedback. The result of biofeedback research shows that the blood cell membrane:
Choose one answer.
a. structure demonstrates changes in color
b. mirrors oxidative stress
c. integrity is indirectly related to the capacity of the immune system
d. appears an unreliable indicator of health
Marks: 1
In medical approaches, healing from bottom to top entails:
Choose one answer.
a. fixing subtle energy with a chemical
b. having a view of subtle anatomy, subtle energy
c. looking at the individual in a broader view
d. being limited to the materialistic point of view
Marks: 1
Our health is affected by many factors, some of which are beyond our control. They include:
(Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. geomagnetic fields
b. modern-day stress
c. heredity and lifestyle
d. geopathic stress
Marks: 1
During a Quantum University congress, a hundred people were studied with a device that
measured heart variability, and without exception, everyone showed improvement after exposure
to tachyonic energy treatment. The measurement of heart variability is important because it:
Choose one answer.
a. directly reflects the state of the meridians, chakras, and brain waves
b. directly reflects the state of the brain waves only
c. indirectly reflects the state of only the meridians and chakras
d. indirectly reflects the state of the meridians, chakras, and brain waves
Marks: 1
Exposing the physical human body to the subtle energy field: (Select all that apply)
Choose at least one answer.
a. creates more coherence
b. negates the effect of EMFs on the body
c. promotes syntropy
d. encourages negentropy
Marks: 1
Significant changes can be exhibited in blood cells exposed to tachyon energized crystals, as
observed under a microscope. Since these experiments were performed with no physical
connection, we know that the changes were due to the presence of the _______.
Choose one answer.
a. healer, the healing intention, biofeedback, and the crystals
b. biofeedback and the tachyon energized crystals
c. healing intention only
d. none of these apply
Marks: 1
Some say that it is normal to see degeneration in the blood and that seeking a remedy for entropy
would be like trying to create _______________.
Choose one answer.
a. syntropy
b. integration
c. immortality
d. disharmony
Marks: 1
Analyzing the blood is challenging when looking for disease patterns, searching for parameters,
for markers that indicate the problem. The creative doctor looks for particular kinds of
information in the blood EXCEPT:
Choose one answer.
a. life
b. vitality
c. platelet count
d. coherence
Marks: 1
Lynne McTaggart (2009) has created the intention experiment, the world’s largest global
laboratory to test the power of mass intention to resolve global issues. This research exemplifies
the possibility that:
Choose one answer.
a. talking to plants will make them grow faster
b. a chorus of people meditating in healing intention, can produce a positive outcome
c. intention cannot affect issues at a distance
d. distance healing is closely associated with quantum physics concept of locality
Marks: 1
Integrative medicine education and alternate modalities reinforce the concept that the ability to
heal belongs to ____________.
Choose one answer.
a. everyone
b. nurses and doctors
c. practitioners only
d. medical doctors
Marks: 1
Which of the following statements is true of entropy vs syntropy?
Choose at least one answer.
a. Organization is correlated with incoherence (entropy).
b. Increased consciousness is inversely correlated with life force (syntropy).
c. Dying is the tendency of all living things (syntropy).
d. Awareness is correlated with positive health potential (syntropy).
Marks: 1
How would the quantum healer define an individual in terms of potentiality?
Choose one answer.
a. Assess the client’s upper layers of information.
b. Ask the individual what he is thinking.
c. Consider that the individual is put together from the bottom up.
d. Plan to disengage a modality of healing that refers to subtle energy.

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