IS 310 ARC Ecological Threat Register Essay


Measuring a country’s resilience using Positive Peace (Links to an external site.)

Countries facing the highest number of ecological threats are among the world’s least peaceful countries (Links to an external site.)

Go to (Links to an external site.)
Off the left-hand menu pick a Country. The country must be in the “red, beige, or yellow” zone with a threat level of three (3) or more.
Check out all the indicators (Water Stress, Food, Population, Droughts, Flood, Cyclone, Temperature, Sea Level Rise, Resource Scarcity, Natural Disasters, Resilience)
Answer the following questions:
What does Ecological Threat Register measure?
What is the overall score of your country?
What are the indicators just the scores—e.g., population 1.4/5.
Pick two (2) threats, provide the scores, and explain the threats.
Go to the Peace Index (Links to an external site.) and find your country, review the indicators, and provide the overall score.

According to ETR, countries with many ecological threats are also less peaceful. Using your country’s Peace Index score, and ETR discuss the challenges your country faces in moving towards positive peace. (One (1) to two (2) paragraphs)      

As an expert in Peace and Conflict Studies, what recommendations would you make to assist your country in addressing its most pressing ecological threats? (One (1) to two (2) paragraphs)      

Your name in the left-hand corner

Use #s of the Questions.
Use parenthetical citation (ETR, page 21)
Upload to Canvas. Save your paper as Text (.txt), Microsoft Word (.doc/.docx), Portable Document Format (.pdf), Rich Text Format (.rtf), or Open Office Text (.odt).
When you submit your paper, it automatically goes through Turnitin, which will run a similarity program on your paper. Please be mindful to use “quotes” and to give attribution when you use other’s words. You will be able to see your score and resubmit your paper if necessary. Acceptable Turnitin score 30% or less.
Please be mindful to follow all directions. Submissions that do not follow all directions will be subject to a 20% grade reduction before grading.

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