ITESM Sediment Jar Showing Thicknesses of Each Layer of sand Silt & Clay Lab Activity


1. A photo of the layers in your sediment jar/bottle showing where you marked the thicknesses of each layer (sand, silt and clay).2. A photo showing your calculations for % sand, % silt and % clay.3. A photo showing where your sample is located on the soil triangle graph.4. A photo showing your written description of your soil’s drainage, aeration, water and nutrient holding capacity from the lab.Question 1Describe where your soil sample was taken: Date and time:Location (more specific is best): Question 2Attach a picture clearly showing the marks on your sediment bottle for your sand, silt and clay layers.Question 3Show your calculations for your percent sand, silt and clay.Question 4 Attach a picture showing the soil triangle graph with your soil samples location plotted on it. Make sure you show all 3 lines: for the percent sand, silt and clay.Question 5Describe your soil’s quality: aeration, drainage, water and nutrient holding capacity. Describe each of the 4 variables as “good” “fair” or “poor.”

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