Kapiolani Community College Charleston Case Study Reflection Paper


Write a reflection paper about what you thought about this case study. Include what you have found out about tourism surety and what do you think is needed to improve tourism surety in this city.

Charleston, South Carolina
Charleston is one of the oldest cities in the United States. The city dates back to the midseventeenth century. Despite the difficulties of surviving attacks from disease,
European powers, and local Native Americans, the colony did survive. By 1680, Charles
Town (as it was originally called) had a population of at least 1,000. Because the city
was a place of religious tolerance, the city’s population was composed of people from
multiple Protestant denominations along with a sizeable Jewish and Catholic
Due to the fact that by the end of the seventeenth century it had good, secure port
facilities, Charles Town became a major port along the U.S. Eastern Seaboard, and by
1740, the city became a major North American port. The economic prosperity did not
mean that Charles Town was without its challenges. The city suffered from major fires
throughout the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and epidemics such as small pox
were a constant threat to the population’s viability. Also, Charles Town has known its
fair share of war. The British occupied the city during the Revolutionary War and
Union soldiers reoccupied the city during its capture during and after the Civil War. In
1783, after being liberated from the British, the city was renamed “Charleston.”
Charleston is perhaps best known in U.S. history as the place where the Civil War
began. The city suffered from both physical and economic damage. The city had to
maintain many of its older buildings, not due to a desire for historic preservation, but
rather to severe poverty. In fact, preservation efforts did not begin until the 1940s. The
twentieth century also presented Charleston with a series of challenges, including
Hurricane Hugo. Despite the storm surge, the city lost or suffered damage to only 25 of
its 3,500 historic buildings. These buildings are one of the pillars of modern
Charleston’s charm.
Over the last decade Charleston has become one of the top tourism cities in the United
States. The city offers a wide variety of tourism experiences ranging from history and civil
war, to beaches, golfing, African-American tourism, and a wide variety of culinary
experiences. Its historic downtown and gardens has turned the city into a romantic
location for weddings from around the world. Among the city’s attractions are:
• Aquariums
• Downtown charm and photo opportunities
• Historic forts
• Historic homes and houses of worship
• Museums
• Plantations and gardens
• Restaurants and gastronomic tourism experiences

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