Lack Of Diversity And Political Incorrectness In Team America Movie

The Plot of Team America Movie

When political correctness regulates cultures or the diversity of the people, there is fear of being blamed. People would feel that they are always being judged and they would not be comfortable (Goncalo, Chatman, Duguid and Kennedy, 2015, p. 9). They worry more about how other people perceive or view them as social identification group representatives.  People tend to draw a conclusion based on their view, and the other individual would not feel free to express him or herself.  The society does not embrace the existence of the different cultures and the shift that might take place (Bradley, Anderson, Baur, and Klotz, 2015, p. 243). There should be no discrimination or exclusion of a specific group of people. All people are equal and norms which accept or show indifference of the people based on some factors should be eliminated. The political correctness and the diversity are related to the movie (Team America: world police).  In this case, Team America is forced by the Counter- Terrorism Group in North America to make attacks on a terrorist group that was in Paris. Gary Johnston was invited by the Spottswoode, who was the leader of the group.  He wanted Gary to go undercover in Cairo after joining the world police. Team America managed to do an excellent job of destroying the terrorists’ cell through the criminals attacked the Panama Canal as a payback.  For instances, political incorrectness comes in where Gary felt terrible because of thousands of innocent souls that had died in the counter-terrorism process.  He left the organization of counter-terrorists as he thought it was causing many deaths of innocent people. The primary purpose of the article is to understand lack of diversity and political incorrectness in the Team America movie.

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In the movie, the team America are blamed and held responsible for all actions related to the terrorists. When Gary realizes this blame, he feels bad and leaves the counter-terrorism group though he was very significant to the group.  The other members who remained started a conflict believing that after Gary departs, they would be attacked, or the terrorists would capture them. However, the base of the team was infiltrated, and the equipment which was being used by the American Team was destroyed through suicide bombing by Micheal Moore. Meanwhile, Gary becomes an alcoholic, and he is depressed about life.  There was an indication of racism in this movie where the chief leader of the counter-terrorist group thought that the terrorists had come from the Eastern (Valentine, Piekut, Winiarska, Harris and Jackson, 2015, p. 568). He judged the people not based on the political correctness. The diversity of the people should be respected and without enough evidence no judgment should be made on any group (Schneid, Isidor, Steinmetz, and Kabst, 2016, p. 4).  He was biased against the people in Cairo, and this caused much distress to Gary who had joined the counter- terrorist group. After he left the organization, the other members were complaining and conflicting because they thought Gary would organize an attack on them. It is not right to discriminate or judge people based on their skin color. Some of the people can suffer from depression and worry due to fake blames. It affects the daily activity of a person and the relationship with other people. In this case, there is no political correctness and appreciation of the diversity because there is the existence of racism and blame based on the geographical location of a person.

Lack of Political Correctness in the Movie

Exclusion based on the sexual activities has also been a significant challenge in the diversity and political correctness.  Sexual actions have been used to give favor to some people and enhance good relationships Kelly et al, 2014, p. 489). In some situations, people have been offered jobs, and others promoted in the workplace because of the existence of sexual or intimate relationships. Other people may end up not given their rights or discriminated because of such kind of relationships.  In the scene, there is puppet sex which enhances the relationship between Gary and Spottswoodes. Gary was given an opportunity to go to North Korea because he was able to perform oral sex with Spootdwoode. This was a clear indication of how there was a lack of political correctness.  Gary gained the trust of the group leader; he was able to undergo training though he had left the group earlier.  The oral sex was done by urinating on each other, performing the action from behind (Kelly, 2017, p. 142). Sexual activities used to show how some people can take advantage of a particular group of people. It is clear that some individual will use others because of their situations or the circumstances which are forcing them. The scenario indicated the clear picture of the misconception about the diversity of people and how it is hard to have political correctness. Though people work hard to reduce the existence of the differences across a different group of people, it had become difficult to eliminate discrimination.

Similarly, it was unfair to send Gary undercover when the team leader knew how poor he was.  The American team was able to fight the terrorists thought they left much destruction. The terrorists and the Counterterrorist group did not mind the welfare of the people who were not involved in the fight. So many people were killed in the process of foiling the plans of the terrorists.  They did not mind the marginalized and people who could not defend themselves. The people were innocently killed. Gary was also heavy criticized which gave him much discouragement.  Criticism leads to the killing of the morale of the people and makes them underperform. Encouragement increases self-esteem and makes people feel proud of their action because they are being recognized (Tekleab, and Quigley, 2014, p 394).  Killing or murder in this scenario is a show of lack of respect for human life and the love that should exist for all people. Some people are willing to accept the differences and embrace political correctness. Accept the diversity and appreciation of the different cultures across the world.  People come from different regions, and they were raised have by different people. It can be hard, but it is good to value what other people have.

Discrimination Based on Sexual Relationships

 Kim Jong-il in North Korea reveals how he had god plans of creating and promoting peace by inviting all leaders and other people to the celebration.  Series of bombs during the celebration were to be donated making the world like a Third World Nation.  His action was ironical and did not advocate political correctness because he is involved in murder activities of Alec. This is an indication of good plans to make the whole world seem like a county through peace and harmony promotion (Gruenewald, 2014, p. 161). All events run smoothly, and people get to understand each other despite their cultural or political differences. At first, Gary was depressed and reluctant to join the army forces though he was very skilled in it. At long last, he comes to love the job, and he sacrifices himself to work for the American team entirely. Political correctness ensures those who are disadvantaged in the society are part of the activities which goes on in the society. The marginalized people receive their rights, and there is the existence of respect and love for everyone (Eginli and Narin, 2017, p .301). There was one of the incidents when Gary recited a speech urging all leaders to reunite and embrace peace and harmony. Although at the start Gary was not successful and everything seemed to end, he reunited the team and started preparing for strategies for world terrorists.  He accepted the diversity and believed that all people should be given equal opportunity. The action of the Gary is seen first when he leaves the counter Terrorist organization because he thought he was responsible for many deaths which had occurred. In the end, Alec was killed by Kim Jong-il using a submachine gun. This shows how he was ironical trying to preach peace while in his heart he had bad intentions.

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Furthermore, there are plans which are made to destroy the world. Then plans were to attack the world and cause mass destruction. The actions do not show either acceptance of the diversity or political correctness because there is no caring for the life of the other people (Gebert, Buengeler, and Heinitz, 2017, p. 415). All they want to make is the destruction of property and killing of innocent people. This was revealed when the Gary leaves the other members so that he can uncover the plan to the rest. In this scenario, there is disloyalty because Gary left the group which they were working together and went ahead to reveal the plans. The battle that began in Paris interrupted with most of the normal activities of the people. There was the use of gun machines use the property destruction and between the terrorists’ team and the counter terrorist group. The terrorist usually plans for massive damage and killing of the people without them benefiting (Zapata, 2014, p. 66). The murder of people is an achievement to them. Terrorists typically want to bring the economic status of the other nation down without caring about the needs of the poor and disadvantaged people in the society (Mirrlees, 2018, p. 49). The action by the terrorist is enough proof of the existence of hatred within different countries or states (Memduho?lu, 2016, p. 185). When there is a struggle for power and the county which should rule, most of the countries plan for terrorism activities which lead to economic disruption. The Team America was working to stop the intention of terrorists from causing destruction and ensure that Kim Jong-il does not continue dictating the world by using more famous and strong actress and actors. This is a clear indication of lack of political correctness and acceptance or appreciation of the diversity.

Criticism and Discrimination Affect People’s Performance

In conclusion, there are many ways in the movie that shows a lack of political correctness and diversity appearance.  Terrorist attacks which took place in Paris leading to mass destruction and killing of the people. The story shows how Gary feels guilty about the death of thousands of innocent people during the battle. There is also oral sexual activity between Lisa and Gary which contributed to Gary being sent to North Korea.  The sexual relationship can be used as a pathway for entry in many positions and promotions. In this way, the disadvantaged and marginalized people will continue to suffer. Gary is criticized in so many ways, something which made him move from Team America. Terrorists usually target at bringing down the economic status of another country through the destruction of resources and killing of the people. In the movie, there is also racism which shows lack of diversity appreciation. Discrimination makes people feel inferior and lack of self –esteem. There is much worry about what people think of them and most of the time people end up underperforming.  People should learn to appreciate other people despite their weakness.

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