Larry Page – The Entrepreneurial Genius Behind Google

Introduction to Larry Page

The business entrepreneur I have chosen to discuss is Larry Page. It’s on 26 March that Larry Page was born in Michigan. Both his parents were competent in computer packages and skills. It’s from Michigan University that Page did his bachelors engineering and later proceeded to Stanford University for computer engineering. This is where he met his partner Sergey Brin. In the university, they did research where they came up with a research engine which displayed desired results based on popularity (Levy, 2011). They named the search engine Google as the term means one followed by 100 mathematics.

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The intention they had was to give maximum search results available on WWW on typing words. Later, they gathered enough capital which was previously a problem towards financing their project which was in 1998. From that time, there have been no lagging behind. In the entire world, Google is the most popular navigator with more than 260 million searches daily (Levy, 2011). It’s in Silicon Valley, California that the company is located. It was in 2004 that the first initial public offering was done which resulted to both the partners becoming billionaires.

It’s through the fantastic leadership of Larry Page that the company has succeeded tremendously. Rather than the intelligence that he has, he has always been able to show more leadership qualities. Towards his employees, he has clear and simple approaches, i.e., humane, cooperative, companionate and treating everybody as a family member (Levy, 2011). Furthermore, Larry cares for his employees by giving gifts to newly recruited employees, maternity leave, gym training, and gaming. All these qualities show he is more than just the head of a company. His traits and styles of leadership is a better example to someone who wants to start his venture. Below are some other attributes of Larry Page

  1. Paying serious attention to concepts that are silly and coming up with a better idea out of them. Page doesn’t discriminate his employees towards coming up with crazy ideas. He has the belief that through crazy ideas, intelligent persons can be employed towards the success of his Organisation. There are lots of millions that have been made from AdWords, and Google search engine by Page and his team he has the belief that when people don’t believe on your crazy ideas, then there is no completion in the industry (Seth, 2011).
  2. To avoid bureaucracy, come up with your team. Larry always believes in coming up with his team. For quite some number of years, he has involved himself in the hiring of competent employees. By doing this, he has always avoided bureaucracy. Apart from this, he lays off people who he happens to think are bureaucratic.
  3. Make sure to preserve as much as you can. It’s through the preservative nature of Larry that Google has reached this far in making products such as google maps, street views, and Google’s book digitization project. He always tries to push his employees towards achieving their organizational goals (Carlson, 2011). He tries to motivate his employees by telling them about his stories and the far he has come from.
  4. The biggest strength that Larry has is the full trust and confidence that his employees have in him. They show him a lot of love and respect. Quite some number of his employees take him as a visionary leader whose vision cannot be compared to any other in the industry. They have defined him as a person with lots of intelligence and extraordinary mind. No matter what, he is the most honest person. He cannot lie to his employees. The reason as to why he is visionary is because the vision he had of having a successful search engine has been fulfilled (Seth, 2011). His concepts and visions are remarkable and different as compared to industry. He comes with the serious ambition needed for motivating employees. Always, he dedicates himself to what he is doing and has a different attitude in everything he does. He has ever remained the ultimate power behind achieving the goals of the company.

Additionally, as a CEO, below are some of the organizational Larry Page has maintained.

  1. Give customers a lot of attention, and all shall follow
  2. It is good to be quick that to be sluggish
  3. Great work is not just enough, work hard to achieve excellence.
  4. Web equality is fair
  5. Access to information doesn’t require crossing boarders
  6. Without putting on a suit, one can as well be serious.
  7. Don’t sit at your desk every time o as to come up with a solution or strategy.
  8. Money can be made easily and that too without carrying out any evil work
  9. Always be ambitious and angry to gather much information

The personality in Larry that everyone desires is that of a computer Greek. He doesn’t have any social media account such as Twitter and Facebook because of his introspective nature. The personal values he has do not work together with these sites (Carlson, 2011). His intelligence can make him foresee a situation well in advance that cannot be seen by many. People always confuse his shyness with something to do with mental disorder, something that has never stopped him towards achieving his goals. He has a lot of confidence in his business ideas. He can be described as a Perceptive, Observing. Thoughtful, and Reserved leader. Because of these qualities, he can be said to be the best CEO that has ever existed. He always works hard to ensure there is an improvement in his company, its employees, and services (Carlson, 2011). He is a philanthropic leader because he has always used his resources for the better use of the environment.

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Google – The Most Popular Navigator in the World

These ideologies that can be seen on page show his both organizational and personal values. These ideas are fresh and have higher chances of creating a better environment. He thus gives a lot of value to robust, eccentric people who are going getters and clear in their head on what they want to achieve (Carlson, 2011). His creativity, hard work and the belief he has in himself has made him one of the best and respected leaders of his time.

Google, where Larry page is an entrepreneur, is best known for being the world’s most famous search engine. Beyond the search engine that the company offers, there are other services that the company offers. Since the company had gone public since the year 2014, there are over 200 products and services that Google has created (Takur, 2012). Most notably, Google has an android which is a Linux based operating system designed for the use of tablets and smartphones use. Since its launch in 20018, google chrome has been considered the best web browser compared to other web browsers across the globe. Chrome has been considered to have a better percentage of 33% of the world’s browser market share. Google maps, YouTube, and Gmail are all affiliated to Google in terms of their respective product lines. Through, Larry Page, Google has acquired and developed some of the more intelligent and current internet based products that has ever existed. Products and services provided by Google can be got in more than 135 language translations, which gives it an opportunity to be used by almost every individual across the globe (Takur, 2012). This has enabled the business to maintain its employees and achieve their objectives.

The primary type of business for the entrepreneurial company is providing internet-based products and services. Larry Page states that they commit to the open web, so they are involved in quite some number of projects to make it easy for achieving their goals. Similarly, through the struggle that the business has gone through in creating a web that is environmental friendly by making use of resources efficiently and giving support to renewable power, the company has got it easy to get the market share they currently have (Takur, 2012). The big market share that Google has achieved has always been connected to the better provision of products and services than other web pages.

The entrepreneurial procedure starts the process of the beginning of a novel business venture. The process comes up with an idea that meets the stakeholders and organisational needs. Giving much attention to the constituents needs comes up with success which entails much planning and hard work. This leads to the wise words by Larry Page who came up with the idea of web search “success is one per cent inspiration and 99 per cent perspiration”. This has the meaning that ones the business is conceptualized and success is driven, planning for hard work must be the process for everything (Takur, 2012).

Leadership Qualities of Larry Page

In the Google case, there are four main steps that are applied to making google what it is today. The first step in the process involves discovering and identifying the opportunity for the idea. It’s great to come up with an opportunity or an idea though it’s not everything; it encompasses assessing the needs and demands as well as the necessary skills, feasibility, risk and research to reach the optimal success. The next step is developing the plan which serves as the most important in the entrepreneurial steps of development. It must be realized that in any business enterprise, having a business plan is something of value and should be given a lot of weight. This is because it takes the function of a yardstick of confirming whether the business is succeeding towards the set goals and objectives (Barringer and Ireland, 2010). Ones the plan is developed and put in place, resourcing is the third step that follows. At this stage, the entrepreneur ascertains the resources from where there can be an Organisation of finance and human resource. Managing the establishment is the fourth step in the entrepreneurial process. At this stage, the business entrepreneur confirms if all the processes are in place and whether there is something that needs to be fixed so as to achieve the set goals.

Like in any business Organisation, there is quite some number of challenges that Larry Page faces in fixing the four steps of entrepreneurial processes. These challenges in one way or another cut on the organisational profit that would be used in doing other better investments towards customer satisfaction. In the industry throughout the entrepreneurial processes, there is a hard time that the industry is going through in fixing its prices because of the increasing competition the industry (Barringer and Ireland, 2010). Pricing is a vital component of an organisational marketing strategy. It has to be in line with the corporate pricing policies to attain the objectives and goals set aside. The leaders find resistance from their Organisation in changing and implementing pricing strategy even after investing a lot of time in developing the same. The most challenging area is the sales and marketing department that get more frustrated with the organisational failure to recover the pricing performance over time. Research shows that 60 per cent of the sales and marketing managers working with Google are uncertain of the new price policy that a company would like to implement as they always set prices that are not in line with the required policies in the market. This makes them lag behind in terms of achieving their personal goals.

Google is a big company that is serving different employees, there is ever a challenge of personal differences. In every step of team development, there are always conflicts that arise as a result of the different personalities of team members. For that matter, Google has always got it to be a challenge towards ensuring that members are brought together by solving the conflict between them so that organizational goals are achieved (Barringer and Ireland, 2010). This is one way or another has led to the Organisation not being in a position to make everything a success.


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