Mad Max Fury Road Screenplay Script Writing Paper


Hello,for my thesis, started to rewrite script of the move Mad Max: Fury Road (2015). I need it as a addendum but written script is not available. I have dialogs and I also started to write the screenplay. I’ve finished first 15 minutes but I will appreciate some help. This is the unfinished document attached, and I would like it to be finished with the screenplay action between the lines and also the most important time when what is happening/speaking. e.g. ->[12:35] A rusty car is diving quickly towards the camera.FURIOSA[37:56] “They need hope.”It is easy – you can follow the format I’ve already shown in the document. You just need access to the movie. I need this info: when scenes are beginning, when someone is starting to speak, how they speak and do they wear something etc. It is a political science thesis focused on structure of the society, hierarchy and exploitation of women and nature, although I don’t want the screenplay to be an evaluation, just a description but with this thought in mind. Thanks for your help :)!

[0:20] „My name is Max. My world is fire…and blood.“
Begining of the film. Gunshots behind the talk.
[0:25]„Why are you hurting these people?“
[0:28] „It’s the oil, stupid.“
A black screen.
[0:29] „Oil wars.“
[0:30] „We are killing for guzzoline.“
[0:31] „The world is actually running out of water.“
Opening credits appear.
[0:34] „Now there’s the water wars.“ (echo)
[0:35]„Once, I was a cop. A road warrior searching for a righteous cause.“
[0:41]„…to the terminal freak-out point.“
[0:42] “Mankind has gone rouge, terrorizing itself.“
[0:45] Trees appear, catching a wave from a (nuclear) blast.
[0:47] „Thermonuclear skirmish.“
[0:48] Black screen again. Sound of Geiger counter in higher reading.
[0:48] „The earth is sour.“
[0:49] „Our bones are poisoned.“
[0:49] Another opening credits appear.
[0:51] „We have become half-life.“
[0:50] Black screen again.
[0:52] „As the world fell…“
[0:54] „… each of us in our own way, was broken.”
[0:57] „It was hard to know who was more crazy:“
[01:01] „… me…“
[01:02] Max and his car appear on the screen. Facing a yellow desert with blue, cloudy skies. Viewer
sees Max from behind, facing a deep sand valley and a great sand dune. He’s wearing a long boots,
narrow trousers and a backpack with a yellow pocket. His head is hardly visible. His car is closer to
viewer than Max. The car is long and low, rusty, yellow, black and mended with a layer of dust or
sand. He’s got a few things at the back of his car and open door on the right. Viewer can see there are
some scavenged things lying on the ground close to the open doors.
[01:04]“…or everyone else.“
[01:04] As camera goes lower, following the motionless picture described above, an indistinguishable
voice starts talking.
[01:08] „Hello?“
[01:12] „Where are you?“
[01:16] Camera lays down on a rock, where it centers on a lizard, which begins to run towards Max.
[01:19] „Where are you, Max?”
[01:22] „Here they come again.”
[01:22] „Max Rockatansky.“
[01:23] „Worming their way into the black matter of my brain.“
[01:26] „Help us, Max.”
[01:26] „You promised to help us.
[01:29] The lizard comes close to Max’s leg, and he steps on it with his left leg, squishing it with his
heel. Catching it with his hand, eating it.
[01:32] „I tell myself…“
[01:33] „…they cannot touch me.“
[01:37] They are long dead.
[01:37] Close up on Max’s head, eating the lizard alive, still moving his feet and tail. He’s turning his
head back, to the viewer. He has long hair, black double hoodie and motorcycle glasses on his
forehead. He looks angry, his eyes crazy.
[01:42] Max packs his scavenged stuff which was lying close to his opened door quickly into his
backpack, backpack onto a seat and he sits in the car and starts the engine. It is roaring deeply and you
can see the front mas of the car and a V8 engine wheeling. He drives off rapidly and agressivly. Down
the hill into the and valley. There is silence for a while and remains of swirling dust and sand which
was left behind the quick departure of Max’s car.
[02:02] Few rugged and mended vehicles and motorcycles with man at the back jump into the screen
following Max in his car. They are yelling and cheering, possibly enjoying the tracing. Some of them
have indistinguishable weapons in their hands.
[02:08] We can see little dark mountains in the back of this scene, where Max’s car is being followed
in front of these black sandy mountains on an orange sand.
[02:16] Vehicles come closer to the viewer, running towards the viewer, Max being obviously
[02:16] After him!
[02:17] After him!
[02:18] Now!
[02:18] War boys, the men in vehicles manage to flip Max’s car during the ride, his car crashes hard
and it flips sideways a few times while lifting waves and clouds of sand and dust.
[02:28] Car lands on the roof with a close up on Max, who is trying to get out of the car through the
window without a glass rapidly. Breathing and gasping heavily, trying to find his way through the
[02:32] „I am the one who runs from both the living and the dead,“
[02:43] „…hunted by scavengers,“
[02:43] „Haunted by those I could not protect.“
[02:43] As Max crawls out of the car, he has flashbacks of woman and a child, getting run over by
great vehicles. And him being above the bloody corpse of the child. He is in shock from the car
accident, hearing high and loud whistles in his ears.
[02:53] He crawls out of the devastated car but War boys are already around the car, laughing,
cheering and one of them jumps from a car and pins him on his chest into the sand with his boot.
[02:55] „So I exist in this wasteland.“
[03:01] „A man reduced to a single instinct…“
Very distingtive string instruments start to play as Max is dragged behind a convoy of War boy cars,
his hands tied with a rope beind a car, losing some of his stuff on the way. He is dragged as he barely
walks and it seems he’s about to fall down. The convoy is heading towards three high sand mountains.
[03:05] „…survive.“
CHAPTER 2 [3:12]
[03:15] Max’s hair is cut by a bunch of War boys, which are now seen as white thin but muscular man.
A little War boy toddler collects fallen hair. Max is laying in the air bottom down, captive in chains,
one on each limb and with a black fabric gag in his mouth. One man there is not white as the war boys
and has goggles on and is tattooing something on Max’s back. We hear the buzz of the tattoo machine.
[03:33] Viewer can see that there are many body description information written on his back. From the
bottom up, there is information about his blood type being O-negative hi-octane, which makes him
universal donor. He also heals fast, has multiple scars on his body but otherwise he is intact, he has no
cancer lumps etc. There is also V8 written in a circle, he is said to be the Road Warrior and his
personality is described as psychotic.
[03:39] One of the War boys takes out an iron stamp, which is orange from being in a fire and is now
fiery. The stamp can be described as a circle with a skull inside and flames at the top of the circle,
above the skull.
[03:45] He tries to use the burning stamp on Max, but he starts to fight. Eventually, he gets out of all
the chains, fighting violently the predominance of War boys and running a way, grunting. War boys
with white skin and scarifications on their naked upper body and black military trousers run after him
through a narrow dark hall.
[03:51] Max runs very quickly through a metal door, continuing to run through the hall full of metal
tubes and orange stone. His hands still cuffed together, he stubles and leans on one of the walls when
taking the right turn.
[03:59] He gets into a room, which looks like a service garage and he sees his car being repaired by
two war boys. He is surprised and the car looks almost ready to drive again. The car is the way. He
looks behind and sees War boys coming so he jumps on the bonnet and slides over it on the other side,
while War boys looking at it in surprise. He then continues in a tunnel which leads to room of many
ends where Max chooses one at random. Halls are dark, filled with tubes on the side walls and with
occasional fire lights and even holes in the ceiling which allows natural light to come in in narrow
tapers. He still runs with the fabric gag in his mouth, now with short hair.
[04:14] The tunnel he chose leads him into a hall filled with water and a natural light. He goes through
it and when he is in the middle and the deepest part of the pool, which goes to his chest, other War
boys appear in front of him at the back of the hall. He is in trap so he quickly reacts by looking at one
of the sidewalls, grabbing a chain and climbing on the tubes and up towards the natural light with War
boys grabbing his boots and legs, climbing behind him. He kids one of the War boys back to the pool
and climbs his way at the top where there are bars through which we can see something green like
[04:25] Max climbs the bars and he looks up and starts to hallucinate. He sees a girl which starts to
talk and looks like a ghost. Max is confused.
[04:27] „Max?“ (echo)
[04:29] „Is that you?“
[04:31] „Where were you?“ (echo)
[04:34] One of the war boys jumps from another chain grabs Max’s leg, pulling him back to the pool
while Max is trying to reach to that imaginary girl above the bars. He’s pulled under the water and we
can see bubbles coming out of his nose and mouth with force. He opens his eyes, seeing the imaginary
girl is still talking and appears right in front of his eyes with blue eyes and curly hair. It is all in short
cuts as it resembles memories which accompany or are a cause of something like a PTSD shock.
[04:34] „Help us. Where were you?“
[04:36] „Help us, Max. Where were you, Max?“ (repetitive echo)
[4:40] Max is then pushed above water violently by five War boys and he is so strong and confused
from the hallucination he throws away the whole group at once. Max is running away from the water
and he catches one of the War boys which has painted black eyes and forehead. He pushes him to the
wall with his chain pushing onto his neck and throwing him back into water on others.
[4:50] Max continues to run away from a group of War boys, being followed, running through hall and
opening doors. After every door there is another hallucination. First there is the little girl again,
coming towards him and talking and her face is changing into skull back and forth.
[04:54] Where were you, Max?“
[04:59 ]„Stop running, Max. Stop running.“
[04:59] Now there is a tall black man coming towards Max with bloody eyes, dreads and his face i
salso changing into skull.
[05:00] „You let us die.“
[04:00] Now there are dead people of a different kind, transfereing in the hallucination, all of them
turning into corpses.
[05:03]„You let us die!“
„You let us die!“
[05:08] The dead people are becoming more angry and yelling as Max runs towards the last door he
runs through them.
[05:08] „You promised to help us.“
[05:09] Max opens the last doors, finding himself on the edge of a reef, being hundreds of meters
above ground in one of the high sand mountains. He sees there are people down below, small like ants
and as he looks up, he sees the symbol on a stamp cut out into one of the hill right in front of him with
three larger tubes underneath, coming out of the hill. Hill on his left is covered in green at some parts
and all the hills are connected with a few bridges. When he looks at the top of the hill in front of him,
he sees it has something like a great green garden as a hat.
[05:18] Great iron crane hook comes close to Max and War boys are heard at the back incoming. Max
decides to jump on the hook and he hooks up on it with chains which connect his hands. He swings
there and back and one of the war boys tries to catch him while falling down and crying out loud.
[05:28] „Max swings a few times, not feeling good about it. War boys catch him by his feet and the
hook, pushing him back to the hall with anything they have.
[05:30] „I’ve got him!“
[05:35] Max kicks hard and tries to escape but he is carried inside the hall again. War boys take him
by his every limb and they put a yellow rubber over his face pushing him backwards, chocking him.
He lets them to do that.
[05:45] Logo of Mad Max: Fury Road appears, Iron, shiny and orange with noticeable string music.
[05:49] Camera aims at a back of a neck of a woman, with a burned round seal with skull and fire. She
has short hair, marching forward, and armour on her left shoulder. She goes straight toward a big car
black. She goes around two vehicles, motorcycle and a red old car, carrying three War boys. The cars
are all modified. The screen reveals she has many belts around her waist and she is missing her left
arm, surrogated by a mechanical one. As she looks up there is a lift which carries the rig with a few
War boys standing next to it on the moving elevator platform. It is obvious it descends from the sand
She goes closer to the descending elevator with the cistern. There are two motorcycles, two cars and
the rig. You can see the elevator with the cistern is being held by two big sacks with stones.
[06:06] She sits into the rig, holding the wheel and she manages to screw it onto the driving pole. The
wheel has the same symbol as the stamp and the burn mark she has on the back of her neck. A great
iron skull in the middle, wheel circle seems wooden.
[06:11] A cut is taken and viewer now sees a little white boy with the same stamp at the back of his
neck. He has a white powder in his hands and is blowing it onto old man’s back. The skin at the back
is ugly, sometimes missing in layers, scarred and has a few lumps. He is held by two war boys by his
two arms, grey hair is visible, we can’t see face. He’s coughing. Then there is a cut on the final
descend of the rig. War boys start to call out. One starts, all other repeat.
[06:17] „We are War Boys!“
[06:19] „War Boys!“
[06:20] „Kamakrazee War Boys!“
[06:22] „War Boys!“
[06:23] „Fucacima Kamakrazee War Boys!“
[06:26] War boys push a black circle pod on four wheels at the back of the cistern and they attach it.
[06:27] Hooked on!
[06:29] Today we’re headin’ to Gas Town!
[06:31] Gas Town!
[06:33] Today we’re haulin’ Aqua Cola.
[06:36] Aqua cola!
[06:36] Today we’re haulin’ produce!
[06:37] We can see the old man gets to be dressed by war boys in a custom see through armor, his
arms wrapped in bandage. It all resembles a ritual. Meanwhile the cistern is pushed off the elevator
and is attached to the rig.
[06:38] Produce!
[06:41] And today we’re haulin’ mother’s milk!
[06:44] Mother’s milk!
[06:49] Again we see the old man being clothed by War boys, this time from the front. We again can’t
see his face, although we can see his front armour has medals and badges at the front and on
shoulders, hand made from recycled bottle caps and chains. War boys place a great adornment onto his
belt right above his crotch, which again holds the stamp logo with the circle, skull and fire. Long
chains are coming down from it. We hear cheering from the outside.
[07:00] A cut shows us many ragged people coming towards the great sign Max saw when he tried to
escape. They hold different kinds of receptacle, such as mugs, cups, buckets and they are holding it
above their heads, clapping, making noise.
[07:04] We can finally see the face of the old man, while he is putting an artificial mask onto his face,
with fake horse teeth, resembling a skull with iron edges and two tubes on each side. When he puts it
on, we can see an orange bag behind his head and it starts to move up and down like a bellows. His
eyes are blue and supraorbital curves are black.
[07:09] Joe! Joe!Joe! Immortan Joe!
[07:10] As the crowd bellow starts cheering, War boys which were on the floors where the elevator
was descending come to the edge to see, most of them are still kids. Then we see The great symbol of
Immortan Joe built in one of the hills closely, mirror pointing a cone of light on the mouth of the skull,
where there is a balcony. We see Immortan Joe, the old man standing up from his chair heading
towards the balcony, being held by one of the tallest man. He is also being worshipped by the smaller
and younger War boys. They cross their fingers in a V shape, their fingers intertwined infront of their
chest, heads down. Behind him there are plants and a water pool with a purifier machine. There is a
little man sitting on a chair, it seems his limbs are dwarfed.
[07:24] Viewer may now see the cheering crowd more closely, seeing that those who are cheering are
poor, dirty, wretched. Some are missing part of limbs or are deformed. They have nothing but their
personal stuff with them. They are looking up towards the symbol in the hill, coming closer and
[07:33] Rev it up… for the Immortan Joe!
[07:35] Crowd is roaring. We can see Immortan and his companions coming close to the edge where
the lower teeth of the skull are. Camera catches Immortan, looking down to it. We may see a crowd of
thousands cheering until he gets a badly working microphone, which is beeping and doing echoes.
[07:43] Once again, we send off my war rig…
to bring back guzzoline from Gas Town…
[07:47] Immortan points a finger down at a from this perspective small rig. All the War boys in the
vehicles down around the rig put their hands up with the symbolic gesture of intertwined fingers.
[07:50] …and bullets from The Bullet Farm.
Close up on Furiosa, the girl, sitting in the massive black double-cockpit truck, the war rig.
[07:52] Once again,
I salute my imperator, Furiosa!
[07:58] A close up on War boys which stand on the cistern behind Furiosa, all white and with black
eyes and forehead. Furiosa has the same black forehead as them. She is not white. War boys again put
up the hand symbol of worshipping.
[07:58] And I salute my half-life War Boys…
…who will ride with me eternal…
[08:05] …on the highways of Valhalla.
[08:07] Viewer may see the young War boys standing on a few platforms underneath a great wheel
mechanism which runs the elevator. They are also doing the symbol of worshiping with their hands
above their heads.
[08:07] V8! V8! V8! V8!
[08:08] I am your redeemer!
…It is by my hand…
[08:15] you will rise from the ashes…
…of this world!
[08:19] Everyone is cheering, and we can see one of the poor old man from the crowd looking up with
old binoculars. He sees Immortan shutting down the yelling of the crowds with a gesture of his hands.
[08:27] It’s comin’. Get ready.
[08:30]]Yes. Yes. Yes. It’s comin’.
[08:29] The people from the crowd are going closer to the hill, looking up with jars, buckets and
mugs. You can hear buzzing of flies.
[08:39] Immortan Joe breaths heavily and pulls two silver levers, which are at the top of the two
middle front lower tooth, forward with a creaking sound. From the three giant orange and rusty tubes
underneath the skull and balcony, there comes water, sprinkling out of all three at once. It is very
[08:50] The water flows down right in front of the crowd, about a hundred meters long waterfall. The
people are not pushing each other but they really go for the water quickly and hungrily.
[9:00] They are holding up the jars and buckets above their heads as they are splashed by drops of
water, coming to the main stream. Viewer also sees the amount of people from the bird’s eye and he
sees that most of them didn’t get to the water source.
[9:12] Immortan Joe suddenly pulls levers back with a thudding noise, stopping the stream. Water
stops streaming and the crowd starts chattering and lamenting. Furiosa watches it from her car.
Immortan starts to talk again.
[9:27] Do not, my friends…
…become addicted…to water.
[09:30] The crowd starts to fight for water as viewer can see it from above.
[9:31] It will take hold of you…
…and you will resent its absence.
[09:30] Viewer gets to the crowd as being one of its’ members, where they are trying to get as much
water as they can from small orange and dirty puddles. Then those who have some try to quickly
escape. Everyone on the ground is yelling and chattering.
[09:41] Furiosa starts engine of the rig and she is going through the crowd with the convoy.
[09:54] One of the War boys on the upper level pulls a lever, man start to march on this great windmill
wheels which are in a row and the elevator starts to ascend. Crowd of War boys on the lower level
starts to run towards their duties.
[10:01] Crowd is running to the elevator, trying to get on it and those who do are kicked down by War
boys even from a great height.
[10:01] Get ’em all off!
[10:06] Clear off!
[10:09] Get ’em all off!
[10:14] Viewer sees Immortan Joe turning back from the balcony, going inside the hill. The tallest
bald and very muscular man talks to a war boy. He has an oxygen bomb on his back, small tubes going
into his nose.
[10:16] Signal Gas Town. Convoy’s on its way.
[10:20] Viewer sees the left side of the red car from the convoy heading straight on the orange road. It
has a War boy at its’ back leaning outside of the care on left side. Behind it is a war rig and we see
furiousa holding the wheel with the sign of Immortan Joe and his Citadel held by one fresh and one
machine arm.
[10:30] Her green eyes step out of her black forehead and she seems she has no emotions, she seems to
be thininkg. We see the here sand mountains left behind the convoy.
[10:39] A cut to Max, being held captive in a round cage like a bird. There is a cone of light into the
room and at his body; the cage is in the air on a chain. Below are war boys, sick. Camera comes to a
man with short black hair, he starts to talk, pointing out towards a cage.
[10:43] I got a War Boy runnin’ on empty.
[10:47] Hook up that full-life.
[10:50] White War boys come to Max’s cage from below, open the floor and starts poking him with a
pole, maybe electrical.
[10:54] Careful. That’s a universal donor.
[10:54] Max falls of the cage with his head down, tied up by his legs in the cage. The screen goes
[10:58] Meanwhile, the story goes back to convoy and Furiosa, still on the dark road in between a flat
land of orange sand towards a black dot with a black smoke coming out of it, where the road meets the
horizon. We see Furiosa again, driving and looking in the side mirror, wathing the Citadel and the
Bullet Farm in front of her. The convoy gains speed.
[11:24] Furiosa steers her wheel on left, with many engine revving sounds. Driving off the road, into
the orange dessert. Other vehicles are surprised, go into a skid, but quickly follow.
[11:46] Viewer can see the convoy from a faraway distance and from above, going in the right angle
from the main road, and Bullet Farm signaling in the distance with a light. We can see one of the War
boys climbing on the rig towards Furiosa. He hangs on the side door while facing her and talking.
[11:49] Boss, we’re not going to Gas Town?
[11:51] Furiosa gives him a bored glance and turns back to driving.
[11:54] Bullet Farm?
[10:58] We’re heading east.
[12:02] I’ll pass it down the line.
[12:02] War boy crawls away from Furiosa up to the rig.
New orders! Thunder up! Thunder up!
This is not a supply run!
– Go. Go. Go.
– Ace, what’s going on?
– We’re heading east.
– Why?
I don’t know. That’s the order.
Hey, pa. You know about this?
Your produce ain’t going to Gas Town.
She’s gone off-road…
into hostile territory.
Why would she do that, Dad?
– Let me see. Let me see. I wanna see!
– Rictus.
Rictus, go see what’s agitating Dad!
Where are they?
They are not your property.
– Miss Giddy?
– You cannot own a human being.
Sooner or later someone pushes back!
Where is she taking them?!
She didn’t take them.
They begged her to go.
– Where is she taking them?
– A long way from you.
Hey, what’s happening?
Slit. What’s going on? Slit!
Treason, betrayal,
an imperator gone rogue.
An imperator. Who?
Furiosa. She took a lot of stuff
from Immortan Joe.
– What stuff?
– Breeders. His prize breeders.
He wants them back.
Not a hand laid on ’em.
By my deeds, I honor him. V-8.
– That’s my wheel.
– I’m driving.
– You’re my lancer.
– I just promoted myself.
– Not today. Today is my day.
– Look at you!
If you can’t stand up, you can’t do war!
– He’s right, son.
– I’m not staying here dying soft.
You’re already a corpse.
– I just need a top-up, some more juice.
– There’s no time!
We take my blood bag. We take my blood bag
and strap him to the lancer’s perch.
It’s got a muzzle on it.
It’s a raging feral.
That’s right. High-octane
crazy blood fillin’ me up.
If I’m gonna die…
I’m gonna die historic on the fury road.
– Yeah. Yeah. Organic.
– Yeah?
– Hitch up his blood bag.
– Right-o.
How much more can they take from me?
They’ve got my blood. Now it’s my car!
Immortan Joe!
He looked at me!
– He looked right at me!
– He looked at your blood bag!
He turned his head.
He looked me straight in the eye.
He was scanning the horizon.
No. I am awaited.
I am awaited in Valhalla!
– Hey! Heads up!
– Heads up!
We got vehicles from The Citadel.
They’re firing flares.
They want reinforcements
from Gas Town and The Bullet Farm.
What is this? Backup? Decoy?
It’s a detour.
Eyes right.
Buzzards! Buzzards right!
Eyes on! Eyes on!
Buzzards right! Eyes on!
Should we turn it ’round
and run ’em into our backup?
No. We’re good.
We fang it!
Thunder up! Here we go!
Prepare the gunners!
Come on, attack!
She’s ours, Slit! She’s ours.
First, we get the buzzards off her back!
Form up!
That’s my head!
Get up! You can do it!
– Morsov!
– No!
– Witness me!
– Witness!
Mediocre, Morsov! Mediocre!
Get ready!
Back me in!
They’re coming!
– We can’t breathe down there!
– Stay out of sight!
Go back!
Hydraulics! Hydraulics!
Now we bring home the Booty.
She thinks she can lose us, Dad.
She thinks we’re stupid.
She thinks she can lose us in there!
Fang it! Fang it!
Why can’t you stop?
Crew! Outta the way! Out of the way!
What have you done? What have you done?!
We need counterweight.
Get the blood bag down the back.
Hunt them down! Hunt them down!
Hey, head… say bye-bye to the neck!
– Decapito!
– We’re goin’ in, Slit!
Come on! We’ve almost got her!
Come on! Hold it steady!
Oh, what a day! What a lovely day!
I am the man… who grabs the sun…
riding to Valhalla!
Witness me, blood bag!
I live, I die, I live again!
We’re not going back.
Angharad, is that just the wind,
or is it a furious vexation?
I got it!
Glory me, blood bag!
We snagged her alive.
He’s gonna shred her. Shred her!
Bolt cutters.
Hey, hey!
Oh, look at them.
So shiny, so chrome.
He’s gonna be so grateful.
We could ask for anything.
I wanna drive the war rig.
– What are you gonna ask for?
– That’s my jacket.
I mean, you can ask
for more than a jacket.
We’re going to the Green Place.
Wait, it’s you and me.
We’re going to the Green Place
of Many Mothers.
How does it feel?
– It hurts.
– Out here, everything hurts.
You wanna get through this?
Do as I say.
Now pick up what you can and run.
Kill switches.
I set the sequence myself.
This rig goes nowhere without me.
You can get in.
Not without them.
So we wait.
You’re relying on the gratitude
of a very bad man.
You’ve already damaged one of his wives.
How grateful do you think he’s gonna be?
You’re sitting on 2,000 horsepower
of nitro-boosted war machine.
I’d say you’ve got
about a five-minute head start.
You want that thing off your face?
Let’s go.
Of all the legs you had to shoot,
that one was attached to his favorite.
You don’t have to do it
just because he tells you.
– What choice does she have?
– He’s not gonna hurt us. He needs us.
– Why?
– To bargain.
Oh, he’ll hurt us, all right.
Do you think he’s coming
to the Green Place?
Never! He’s a crazy smeg
who eats schlanger!
– Stay out of there.
– Behind you.
The Gas Town boys.
Don’t damage the goods.
What do you see?
Big Rigs.
And there’s the People Eater himself.
Coming to count the cost.
We’re dragging something out back.
I think it’s the fuel pod.
No, no.
I’ll go.
Filth! You traited him!
No unnecessary killing!
– This War Boy wants me dead!
– We agreed!
He’s Kamakrazee!
He’s just a kid at the end
of his half-life.
No! I live, I die, I live again!
– Hold him!
– Tie him up!
Throw him out!
Chuck him out.
You got more friends.
Bullet Farmer.
They’re coming from The Bullet Farm.
It’s over. You can’t defy him.
– Watch us, mate.
– He is the one who grabbed the sun.
Look at how slick
he’s fooled you, War Boy!
– He’s a lying old man.
– By his hand, we’ll be lifted up!
That’s why we have his logo
seared on our backs!
“Breeding stock!” “Battle fodder!”
– No, I am awaited!
– You’re an old man’s battle fodder!
– Killing everyone and everything!
– We’re not to blame!
Then who killed the world?
I made a deal up ahead. Safe passage.
I don’t know if it’s still any good.
Get back in the hold!
Keep the hatch open.
I need you here.
You may have to drive the rig.
You stay.
You stay there.
Whatever you do, you can’t be seen.
I’m supposed to be alone.
That was the deal.
Down here.
What’s your name?
What do I call you?
Does it matter?
When I yell “fool,” you drive
out of here as fast as you can.
This is the sequence… one.
One, two. One.
Red, black, go.
You have it?
It’s all here!
Three thousand gallons of guzzoline,
just like you asked!
I’m gonna unhitch the pod.
You drop the rocks.
You said, “a few vehicles
in pursuit. Maybe.”
We count three war parties!
Yeah, well, I got unlucky.
Let’s do this!
That’s our fuel!
Make way for the ripsaw!
Once I’m over, clear the rocks
and bring everyone through.
Immortan! Immortan Joe!
I got a War Boy!
Says he was on the war rig!
You! Climb aboard!
Hey! Hey!
I got his boot!
I got the blood bag’s boot!
Take me! I got his boot!
All this for a family squabble.
Healthy babies.
Reload the clip.
I can’t.
– Give the gun!
– It’s not loaded yet!
– You! We had a deal!
– Now!
The wives! No more flames.
Splendid! That’s my child! My property!
Immortan, if I get on the rig,
there’s a way inside.
– What is your name?
– It’s Nux.
I’ll pike her in the spine.
Keep her breathing for ya.
Put a bullet in her skull, stop the rig,
return my treasures to me,
and I myself will carry you
to the gates of Valhalla.
Am I awaited?
You will ride eternal…
shiny and chrome.
Help him aboard!
Here we go!
Look out!
Angharad! Get out!
– No!
– Angharad!
Stop! Turn the rig around!
Go back for her!
– No.
– Tell him to turn the rig around!
– Did you see it?
– She went under the wheels.
Did you see it?
She went under the wheels.
– We keep moving.
– No!
– We keep moving!
– He doesn’t know what he’s talking about!
Whatever happens,
we’re going to the Green Place.
The stupid Green Place.
We don’t even know where to find it.
– You all right?
– On! On!
Cheedo, don’t be stupid.
– Stop!
– He’ll forgive us. I know he will.
– There is no going back!
– We were his treasures!
– Cheedo!
– We were protected.
He gave us the high life.
– What’s wrong with that?
– We are not things.
– Cheedo, we are not things!
– We are not things.
– I don’t want to hear that again!
– They were her words!
And now she’s dead!
Wring your hands.
– You’re not going back to him.
– Angharad!
Come on! Come on!
Where is this…
This Green Place?
It’s a long night’s run, heading east.
We need inventory. I want you
to match every gun with its bullets.
I’m gonna go down and do some repairs.
– We need someone down the back.
– I’ll go.
No. I want you to stay together.
I can do it.
What are you doing here?
He saw it. He saw it all.
My own blood bag
drivin’ the rig that killed her.
Stop doing that.
Thr… three times
the gates were open to me.
What gates?
I was awaited in Valhalla.
They were calling my name.
I should be walking with the immorta,
mcfeasting with the heroes of all time.
I’d say it was
your manifest destiny not to.
I thought I was being spared
for something great.
I got to drive a pursuit vehicle.
For a while even Larry and Barry
stopped chewing on my windpipe.
Who are Larry and Barry?
My mates. Larry and Barry.
If they don’t get me,
then the night fevers will.
Well, we’ve only got four for big boy here,
so he’s all but useless.
But we can squirt off this little pinky
a raunchy 29 times.
Angharad used to call them antiseed.
Plant one and watch something die.
We are down 30,000 units of guzzoline,
19 canisters of nitro, 12 assault bikes,
7 pursuit vehicles. The deficit mounts.
And now, sir, you have us
stuck in a quagmire.
Hey, Joe!
Your girly’s breathing her last!
What about the child?
– Are ya comin’, brother?
– Wait!
– It’s gone awful quiet in there.
– Get it out. Get it out!
Come on!
I’ve been called to the torture!
Oh, you stay here
with your grief, Daddy.
– I’ll fetch ’em for ya.
– Be careful! Protect the assets!
Just one angry shot…
for Furiosa.
Cryin’ shame.
Nother month…
Could’ve been your viable human.
– Was it a male?
– Your a-one Alpha prime.
Hey, Rictus!
You lost a baby brother.
Perfect in every way.
I had a baby brother!
I had a little baby brother!
And he was perfect!
Perfect in every way!
Come on.
– Wouldn’t wanna shoot the wives, sir.
– Just probing.
– He wants to help!
– Who?!
– The War Boy!
– Where did he come from?!
I thought we threw him off the rig!
There’s high ground
just beyond that thing.
– He means the tree.
– Yeah. Tree!
– Leave him to me.
– Say, anyone notice that bright light?
Encroaching gunfire?
– Get out.
– I can do this. I know this machine.
He does. He’s a revhead.
You’ve got two left.
On him.
Don’t breathe.
Hey! Hey! Hey! War Boy!
I’m gonna use the winch
’round the tree thing!
Take this. Let’s get the engine plates.
You drive the rig!
– Hold up a flare.
– I am holding a flare!
– Closer.
– It’s right in front of your eyes!
Hut! Hut!
Blood bag!
I am the scales of justice!
Conductor of the choir of death!
Sing, brother koch!
Sing, brothers, sing! Sing!
Don’t they know they’re shooting at us?
Gun fever!
I never thought I’d do something
as shine as that.
How are the engines?
Very hot and real thirsty.
Hey. You need to take the war rig
half a click down the track.
What if you’re not back
by the time the engines have cooled?
Well, you keep moving.
What do you suppose he’s gonna do?
Retaliate first.
Let’s go!
Are you hurt?
– You’re bleeding.
– That’s not his blood.
What is this?
It’s mother’s milk.
It’s okay. Sleep.
Get some rest.
How do you know this place even exists?
I was born there.
So why’d you leave?
I didn’t.
I was taken as a child.
– You done this before?
– Many times.
Now that I drive a war rig…
this is the best shot I’ll ever have.
And them?
They’re looking for hope.
What about you?
Hey, what’s that?
I remember something like that.
Help me!
Help me!
Help me, please!
That’s bait.
Stay in the rig.
Hurry! Please, hurry! They’ll be back!
I am one of the Vuvalini!
Of the Many Mothers!
My initiate mother was K.T. Concannon!
I am the daughter of Mary Jabassa.
My clan was Swaddle Dog!
It’s me.
There’s something in the eyes.
Perhaps it is Jabassa’s child.
This is our Furiosa.
How long has it been?
7,000 days.
Plus the ones I don’t remember.
What happened to your mother?
She died.
On the third day.
– From where did you come?
– The west. Citadel.
Beyond the mountains.
The men… who are they?
They’re reliable.
They helped us get here.
Where did you find such creatures?
So soft.
This one has all her teeth.
I can’t wait for them to see it.
– See what?
– Home.
The Green Place.
But if you came from the west,
you passed it.
The crows. The creepy place
with all the crows.
– The soil.
– We had to get out.
– We had no water and…
– The water was filth.
– It was poisoned. It was sour.
– And the crows came.
We couldn’t grow anything.
– Where are the others?
– What others?
– The Many Mothers.
– We’re the only ones left.
That’s what you call a satellite.
Miss Giddy told us about those.
They used to bounce messages
across the earth.
Shows. Everyone
in the old world had a show.
Do you think there’s still
somebody out there?
– Sending shows?
– Who knows.
Those are the plains of silence.
Stay right where you are, little Joe.
Kind of lost its novelty out here.
You having a baby?
Warlord Jr. Gonna be so ugly.
It could be a girl.
– You kill people with that, do ya?
– Killed everyone I ever met out here.
Headshots, all of ’em.
Snap. Right in the medulla.
Thought somehow you girls
were above all that.
Come here.
Take a peek.
These are from home.
Heirlooms. The real thing.
– I plant one every chance I get.
– Where?
So far, nothing’s took.
Earth’s too sour.
– So many different kinds.
– Trees, flowers, fruit.
Back then, everyone had their fill.
Back then, there was no need
to snap anybody.
Can I talk to you?
I’ve talked with the others.
We’re never gonna have a better chance
to make it across the salt.
If we leave the rig here and load
the motorcycles up with as much as we can,
we can maybe ride for 160 days.
One of those bikes is yours.
Fully loaded.
You’re more than welcome
to come with us.
I’ll… I’ll make my own way.
You know, hope is a mistake.
If you can’t fix
what’s broken, you’ll…
you’ll go insane.
Where are you, Max?
Where are you?
– Help us.
– You promised to help us.
Come on, pa. Let’s go.
All right.
This is your way home.
We go back?
– Back?
– Yeah.
– I thought you weren’t insane anymore.
– What are they saying?
He wants to go back
from where they came.
The Citadel.
And what’s there to find at The Citadel?
– Green.
– And water.
There’s a ridiculous amount
of clear water. And a lot of crops.
It’s got everything you need,
as long as you’re not afraid of heights.
– Where does the water come from?
– He pumps it up from deep in the earth.
Calls it Aqua Cola
and claims it all for himself.
And because he owns it,
he owns all of us.
I don’t like him already.
It’ll take two weeks
to skirt the wall of mountains.
No. I suggest we go back
the same way we came.
Through the canyon.
It’s open. We know that. Right?
He brought all his war parties through.
So we take the war rig and we charge it
right through the middle of them.
We can decouple the tanker at the pass.
– Shut it off behind us.
– Kaboom!
And how exactly do we take The Citadel?
Assuming we’re still alive by then?
If we can block the pass, it’ll be easy.
All that’s left are his war pups
and War Boys too sick to fight.
And we’ll be with Nux. He’s a War Boy.
He’ll be bringing us home, bringing back
what’s stolen, as he’s meant to.
It feels like hope.
I like this plan. We can start again.
Just like the old days.
Look, it’ll be a hard day.
But I guarantee you
that 160 days ridin’ that way,
there’s nothin’ but salt.
At least that way,
you know, we might be able to…
Come across some kind of redemption.
War rig! That’s the war rig!
– That’s them.
– Why are they going back?
Do they wish to surrender?
They are heading for the canyon.
They’re going back to The Citadel!
– They know it’s undefended!
– Bullocks!
– What are you doing?
– Praying.
– To who?
– Anyone that’s listening.
Here we go, girls!
That’s mine!
He’ll try to get in front of us,
spike our wheels.
Don’t blow my engine.
I’m gonna nudge him. Just a little.
You filth! You traitored him!
Got to back off. Engine one is gone.
Two’s about to blow.
Are you a black thumb?
All right. Engine one now.
You and me, fifth wheel.
We’ll unhook the tanker.
One man, one bullet.
– I cannot see.
– Maadi! Maadi!
I cannot see.
Hey! Harpoons and plows!
They’re hauling us back!
Leave three bolts. Three.
Hey, you!
Are you okay?
I think she’s hurt.
Hey. Stay with me.
– Stay with me.
– Stay with me.
Hey. Are you there?
You finish that! I’ll finish her!
Engine one’s good. For now.
She’s hurt! She’s hurt real bad!
You hear that?
We’re gonna see two airborne V-8s.
I’m gonna need you to drive.
I’ll get him out of our way.
Take me!
Cheedo! What are you doing?
Big boy!
Here! Here!
Remember me?
He’s dead! He’s dead.
When you’re across safe,
I’ll jam the throttle and follow you.
Come on!
Hurry! We’re nearly at the pass.
Witness me.
– Why is she making that noise?
– She’s pumping air into her chest cavity.
She’s collapsing her lungs
one breath at a time.
I know.
I am so sorry.
I know. I know.
Hold it there.
All right.
Put that on there. Press it on.
– Hey. Hey.
– Home.
No. No, no, no. No, no, no, no.
She’s exsanguinated.
Drained all her blood.
Hold these.
We need that. Thank you. Needle.
Come on!
Take this.
Keep her awake.
Okay, that’s not retracting.
There we go.
All right, hold it up. Hold it up.
There you go. Okay. There you go.
My name is Max.
That’s my name.
Reveal yourself.
He’s got something.
It’s Immortan Joe.
The Immortan Joe is dead!
She’s back.
Let’s do it! Let ’em up. Come on.

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