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Part 1.) In Amy Boylan, “Democratizing the Memorial Landscape: Casamemoria Vittimemafia’s Calendar of Loss,” The Italian Antimafia, pp. 102-120, Boylan discusses The Casamemoriavittimemafia, which is the House of Memory for Victims of the Mafia. Please visit the Facebook Page and/or blog for Casamemoria vittimemafia, use the Google translator and read the obituary of one victim. Report on who the victim was, why he or she was killed, by which mafia, and what the case tells us about the mafia.
Part 2.) In Giovanna Summerfield, “Per non dimenticare: The Italian Antimafia, pp. 102-136, Summerfield analyzes the video titled “Per non dimenticare 23 maggio” (To Not Forget the 23rd of May) Giuseppe Musumecci.  Please view the video with subtitles and discuss: Why is the 23rd of May significant? Who was killed? Why? Describe the atmosphere, music, and emotions conveyed in the video.   
75-100 words.

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