Marketing Strategies And Segments Used By Companies

Television Advertisement and its Effectiveness

In the current assessment, there will be discussion over the marketing strategies and segments, which companies use in order, promote and market their products to their target market. It has been observed that there are various ways in which company determine the ways in which they will produce promotion for the products so that they attract the highest numbers of buyers. In this assessment there will critical evaluation of different promoting segments, which will help in better understanding of the ways in firms, promote their products through different sources of promotions. This will be done through proper evaluation of theories and models, which are there in order to market and promote products.

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Television advertisement is the main sources of advertisement since very past due to reason peoples were highly influenced by televisions from the very beginning. Television advertisement is still in great demand and the populations access them quite easily, Coca Cola has yse televison advertisment in very effective manner there are various adverstisment which Coca Cola has produced to pormote there products creating a massive opportunity for brands. In any advertisement sector the focus are to the adults or can be said as millennial of this era. As targeting these audience are very easy and the brand gets their exposure quickly.  The millennial follows the things, which are in trend or can attract people to themselves (McAfee et al. 2017). This particular strategy is considered by the advertise personals whether it is on sports, fashion, new technologies or new product and schemes in market. But the times have changed now the television advertisement industry are on decline since 2017 as people are now switching more to online platforms and social media platforms.

In advertisement industry, personal try and target audience or consumers by three different information processing models to create a better marketing communication. The three information-processing models are rational, emotional and subconscious type of advertisement. In television, also these three models are used to get the public attention. The advertisement like rational type models, which means the advertisement brands directly approach and claim or appear aggressively (Taylor et al. 2015). Like claiming, their products are the best in the market compared to the other products in the same field. So that people can have direct attention to their products (and products are actually what they claim for. The second advertisement type which is emotional model, in this role model the company of advertisement hire a popular face on the public demand, so that public trust what the model says or advertise. This directly affects the emotional to the consumers. Lastly subconscious type model of advertisement in which the advertisement companies try to accomplish a place in subconscious part in the consumer brain 

Information-Processing Models and their Use in Television Advertisements

Coca Cola always use one of the theories in order to promote their brand image in the marketing community. This role theory is known as Brand community’s theory. This theory is used various companies to increase and maintain the brand image of the company and also to offer valve for their money of their products. Such strategies are been used by companies from decades now and often works out very well for the companies in order to promote their brand image. These theories are quite relevant to use by the companies for advertisement of their products and also as brand image (Liaukonyte et al. 2015).

Improvements can be made in the television advertisement fields. Often its is seen that television advertisement provide a great deal in the advertisement but the reality of the deal or the product is quite different. Whether it is based on the quality or even quantity, these advertisement companies often charge more from public by simply adding terms and condition tag. Such companies should not hide any type of information from their customers and should be exposing exclusively (Shkedi et al. 2015).    

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In the era of modernization, various technologies are used to perform different types of works. Innovation has made our life much easier. One of the biggest platforms for marketing is social media. Social media helps us to know the world in a better and specific way. Both common people and different companies utilize social media. Nowadays different companies promote their products with the help of social media. The companies targets the millennial because they are well aware of the facts that social media is generally and mostly used by millennial. Social media like face book, twitter, LinkedIn are common in today’s generation. Amway has been using socila media in a very significant manner to promote there products to there traget market in an efficient manner. The company today are using their marketing strategy and playing a monopoly to promote their product in front of the whole world. Advertisement is one of the examples of promoting products. Everyone watches Televisions today, the companies release adds of their products in tv channels so everyone can see their products and buy them. Apart from TV there are many other social media platforms that Amway uses like face book, instagram and also some websites where companies promotes their product in order to sell them. Millennial or the teenagers are the frequent user of social media and that is the reason why various companies targets millennial with the help of social media (Furlow, 2011).

Role of Brand Community Theory in Promoting a Brand Image

The company while marketing their products has some approach for them. Sometimes some companies use rational approach where they assure that their product is the best product in the market. Another approach used by Amway is the emotional approach. In order to sell their products the company sometimes promotes their products through actors, cricketers, or anchors. The company knows that these people have huge fan following and if they promote some products then their followers will buy that product for sure. Nowadays different companies uses emotional approach more than rational approach (Fromm et al. 2015).

The companies use sociological perspective to promote their products. They use the cultural way in order to promote their products in the market. Amway know the requirements of the common people and they promote their products on places where the people need them more. For example, a cosmetic company will try to sell one of their products based on protecting sun tan in a place where summers are unbearable. Amway with the help of social media thus promote their products based on the requirements of common people (Carducci, 2016).

In order to improve the marketing skill the companies should establish some new ways to promote their product on social media. It is recommended that every company should have their own pages on social media like face book, instagram or twitter. By this they will get their followers and their pages will be shared everywhere. Another method, which Amway should adapt, is showing their offer price in social media or in their personal page. Showing the products offer price and providing discounts they will get huge amount of customers (Tuten and Solomon, 2017).

In modern era online platform are more used by the young kids or adults or in other words it can be said as millennial of this era. Digital platforms such as website suffering, social platforms , applications or entertainment applications are such types of digital platforms mostly used by the today’s generation. Advertising in such platforms will be a great idea in order to get attention of this millennial.  Any type of advertisement will affect directly to the minds of such public. Whether it is based on the social platforms or the website the advertisement companies tries and get attention of the millennial by viewing such ads with will attract them. Millennial play an important role in the increment or decrement of any company directly as they have the power to improvise the brand value (Thorson et al. 2017). Therefore, the advertising companies target these millennial as the main priority.

Importance of Accuracy in Advertising

In the paid promotion in digital platforms are also between the three role models of advertisements. They are rational, emotional and subconscious type of advertisement. Even the paid promotion in the digital platforms like YouTube and instagram take the programs like paid promotions. In paid promotions in YouTube a social influencer a selected by the company officials and gets offer to promote their company, in return the company will pay the fellow you tuber some money, this is known as paid promotion (Margalit et al. 2017). Mainly in online paid promotion, the companies try and capture the subconscious and emotional type of model advertisement with the consumers. Asus has been hiring a large of amount of social influenecers to promote there products through online digital platforms like Youtube and Instagram through paid promotions.  

Like any other type of advertisement policies companies also use to same policies of the Brand communities theory. In this theory the advertisement companies try and improve their consumers the providing a band image. This also helps in improving the brands communication and helping to have a stable market for their customers. Brand communities theory is a very popular theory used by most of the companies in order to attain a brand value and help create a positive connection with their consumers. Asus through paid promotions wants to create its brand inmage on ther target markets.

The theory mostly used by the advertisement companies is the Brand community’s theory (Bruce et al. 2017). This theory is widely used in the digital marketing platforms and works out very well for most of the companies in order to create brand image which is also perfumed by Asus.

Improvements are yet to make in the digital platforms advertisements. More efforts are to be made to the brand influencer who are more popular in the online platforms and have good online followers. Such peoples are known as social influencers they have a direct impact on audiences and people rely on them more confidently. As digital advertisement are spreading a lot new technologies and ways are to found top advertise in online platforms in order to the maximum attention of the viewers. Like adding timer to your ads, which is currently in use heavily by many digital platforms (Thorson et al. 2017)?

In the direct marketing concept the major objectives of the marketing strategy in concern to targeting the millennial lies in the fact of drawing the attention of the individuals towards the product. Land Rovers perform correct marketing in order to connect with there customer face to face. In direct marketing this is usually done by the help if using demonstration tactics in which the interesting aspects about the products are illustrated. By illustrating about the interesting aspects of the products helps the marketers to connect with the interest values of the millenials that influences them the most in buying a product.

The Role of Social Media in Marketing

In respect to direct marketing there are a number of information’s are that required to be considered by the marketers in order to make consistency in the sales of its products. Therefore an effective model of information processing system are implemented that would process the relevant data about the customers, products and sales of the company. The concerned information-processing model would provide the marketers an easy access to the major information which could be spontaneously by the marketers during marketing (Carducci, 2016)

The Evolutionary Psychology is one of the theoretical frameworks that best interests the aspects of direct marketing when it comes to targeting the millennial. In accordance to the said theoretical model the  customer buying behavior changes in respect to the age group to which belongs to. Moreover, with changing market trends the consumer psychology towards products buying has also evolved over the years. The major rationale behind the selection of the said model is that it reflects upon the need of the marketers of direct marketing to adopt to new techniques in marketing and bring in innovation (Tuten and Solomon, 2017)

In order to inculcate into improvement in the concept of direct marketing it is important to follow the recommendation as suggested:

  • Assess the market trends effectively
  • Segregate the market and understand the needs of each target market
  • Include into innovation marketing strategies


Concluding in the light of above context it can be said that marketing products i s very complex operations it take various consideration which the company has to consider before making an type of promotional plan to invite high amount of consumer towards the products. Through the evaluation of the company’s strategies which they have used in order to promote their products in a significant manner. This shows that a company’s takes a huge pledge in creation of marketing plan and promoting their product through various platforms which are available in the market currently.


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