Marketing Strategy in Modern Times Essay


CH 6)
The Irish potato chip company Tayto is once again seeking your advice.
As they get closer to launching their chip line in the USA, they want to
better understand how to build brand equity for their brand. They would
like your input on how they could go about beginning to build brand
equity. In your answer please be sure to reference what was described
in the text (and in the notes) as factors that contribute to brand equity.
Snapple is best known for their beverages (ice teas and other
juices). They have been active with respect to line extensions (new
beverage flavors, etc.). Assume for the moment they now wish to
expand their business and pursue a brand extension
strategy. Specifically, they are looking to offer salty snacks under the
Snapple brand name. This would include various chips, pretzels, and
similar products. The notes and chapter highlight factors that contribute
to the success or failure of a brand extension. Using this
understanding, please offer your assessment of their chances of a
successful venture into the salty snack market.
CH 7)
A key to success for any company is its ability to develop new
products. For this question I am asking you to act as a consultant for
your firm. Please draft a plan for a new product launch for your current
firm according to the New Product Planning and Development Process
(as outlined in the text and the notes). This would begin with the idea
generation stage and end at the commercialization stage. In this
question I am looking for your understanding of the process and how it
may be implemented. Clearly, the specific strategies at each stage will
be different for your firm versus others. I am simply looking for a
reasonable approach. If possible, I would suggest that you come up with
a sample new product offering and describe its journey through the
If presenting a new product development scenario would not be a good
fit for your current work environment, you are welcome to instead
highlight the process for any company you are familiar with.
1. CH 7)
Your Uncle Jimmy owns and operates Jimz Pizza. The restaurant is typical of
many local pizza operations that are so pervasive in every city and town. Jimmy
is looking for ways to grow his sales and is seeking your advice. Having recently
(and thankfully) completed the week’s readings for the course you are in a
position to offer advice. It would be helpful to Jimmy if you could provide an
example of how he could implement any two of the following growth strategies:
Market Penetration, Market Development, Product Development.
CH 7)
The smartwatch (e.g. Apple Watch) is still a relatively new product
category. While estimates vary, approximately 15% of people in the US
own a smartwatch. The Chapter 7 notes highlights “Factors influencing
the rate of adoption for new products (product diffusion).” Please utilize
the list of factors to discuss the influences on the rate of adoption
(adoption rate) for smartwatches. I do not expect you to be an expert in
this form of technology. I simply want you to identify and briefly discuss
a few items from the list that you believe are most influential in the
adoption rate for smartwatches.
CH 8)
As you hopefully recall from previous quizzes, the Irish snack manufacturer Tayto
is getting prepared to launch its products in the US. As you have done such an
admirable job acting as a consultant for Tayto they are back seeking your advice.
In particular, Tayto is seeking your input with respect to marketing
communications and advertising. Please outline to Tayto management the steps
involved in the development of an advertising program. For each step you should
note an area of consideration for Tayto. In this effort you should look to offer
them an example or suggestion for each step.
CH 8)
The snack foods manufacturer Tayto is considering either a pull or a push
marketing strategy as part of their initial launch. What’s the difference between
pull and push marketing?
CH 10)
Your cousin Mary has finally decided to pursue her dream of marketing a line of
jewelry products. She has lined up a foreign manufacturer that can provide her
quality product at a reasonable price. The target market for Castle Fashions (the
brand) will be women of all ages. Mary envisions a mid-range price point for the
products. The problem Mary is having is trying to determine how to best make
the product available for consumers. In essence, she need counseling with
respect to distribution and has turned to you for advice. Mary knows jewelry, but
nothing about marketing. Please provide Mary insight with what options are
available to her. In your response to Mary discuss distribution alternatives for an
enterprise such as hers. Also, you may want to note any factors she should
consider choosing a distribution method.

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