MATH 135 Community College of Baltimore County Applied Algebra Questions


Problems are attached in file. Please show ALL work!

Math 135
Quiz 2
Show all your work
1. assume that the weight w in grams (g), of a tumor decreases linearly as a function of the
amount of time t, in days, that the patient has been receiving chemotherapy. After ten
days of treatment, the weight of an abdominal tumor is 46 grams. With fifteen additional
days of chemotherapy, the tumor has been reduced to 32 grams.
a) Graph the function.
b) Find the slope of the line.
c) Write an equation for weight w in grams (g), of the tumor as a function of the amount
of time t in days spent in chemotherapy.
d) How much chemotherapy is required to eliminate the tumor?
e. What was the original size of the tumor?
F what is the meaning of slope in this problem?

f ( x) = x 2 + 4 x − 6
a. Find the vertex point
b. Find the y-intercept
c. Find the x-intercepts(round to two decimal places)
d. Is the vertex point a maximum or a minimum point?
e. Graph the function

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