MATH 160 SDSU Descriptive Statistics Distribution of Credit Card Debt Worksheet


my data set link have 4 parts of my project Question 1 – Descriptive StatisticsPromptDescribe the distribution of credit card debt separated by gender using concepts from Unit 2 (Modules 4-7).Make an appropriate graph and provide appropriate numerical summaries in table form.Describe the shape, center, and spread using numerical measures that best describe the distribution.In your description, include an interval of typical values and a discussion of variability.Embed your StatCrunch graph and any tables with summary statistics in your response.Do the data suggest that males or females are more likely to have higher credit card debt?Use the data to support your answer.Question 2 – Two-Way TablesPromptUse StatCrunch to produce a two-way contingency table as we did in Unit 3 (Module 8). Use the row variable gender and column variable class.
Copy the table in your StatCrunch output window and paste it in your response.After you paste the content of your StatCrunch output window into your discussion post, keep the table titled Contingency table results, and delete the Chi-Square results.Analyze the data in your two-way table by finding appropriate percentages for each bullet point below. Write each conditional percentage as a ratio (e.g. 25 out of 40) and as a percentage (e.g. 25/40 = 62.5%).
What percentage of students are females?What percentage of students are males and seniors?What percentage of female students are sophomores?What percentage of first-year students are male?Question 3 – Confidence IntervalsPromptOf the students randomly chosen for your data set, what percent of students do not work any amount?Sort the Work column in ascending order to easily find the number of students who do not work and use that value to create a percentage. Watch this short video to learn how to sort the work column (Links to an external site.) in your data set.Use the percentage in part a) to create a 95% confidence interval estimate for the percentage of all college students who do not work. (see concepts in Units 7 & 8 – Modules 17-23)Show your work. You can either use the math-type feature in Microsoft Word to write out your steps or you can take a picture of your handwritten work and paste it into the Word document.Interpret your confidence interval in complete sentences. “We are 95% confident that…”What is the margin of error for the confidence interval you found? What could you do to make the confidence interval more precise/smaller? Explain using complete sentences.Question 4 – Hypothesis TestingPromptBased on a recent study of college students, the average student loan debt amount is $4000. Is the mean student loan debt higher at StatCrunchU? Include each of the following in your response (see concepts in Units 7 & 8 – Modules 17-23).State your hypotheses in symbolic form and in words.Verify that normality conditions are met. Which test are you using? Why?Use StatCrunch to conduct the hypothesis test. Copy and paste the results (the StatCrunch output window) into your response.Give your P-value and interpret its meaning.Is the mean student loan debt higher at StatCrunchU? State a conclusion that answers the research question. Use a significance level of 5%.

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