Miami Dade College Sophie Choice Film Discussion


For this assignment, you will be writing a 5-6-page paper on any ONE movie or video game of
your choice.
USE THE Utilitarianism FRAMEWORK
STEP 1: 1 Page Select a movie or game that you believe to be ethically notable. Describe this
piece of media in detail. What is it about? What happens in it? Who/what people/company
created it? When did it come out? Who are the main characters?
STEP 2: ½ Page Select any ethical framework discussed in this class. Explain in your own words
what this ethical framework believes. (USE THE Utilitarianism FRAMEWORK)
STEP 3: ½ Page Describe how this framework would most likely react to any ONE decision
within your movie/game.
STEP 4: ½ Page What Person/People/Director(s)/Game Developers made this movie/game?
Discuss who this is and how much involvement they had in making it.
STEP 5: ½ Page If this movie/game were to lead to any bad effects on our society, should this
artist be to blame? Explain your answer.
STEP 6: ½ Page Do you personally find this movie/game to be morally acceptable or morally
detrimental overall? Explain as best you can.
STEP 7: ½ Page What rating does this movie/game have? Why exactly did this film/game
receive this rating, according to the MPAA or ESRB?
STEP 8: ½ Page Do you believe this movie/game deserves to have this rating? Or should the
rating be different, based on its content?
STEP 9: ½ Page Conclusion: Provide a brief summary of the main points you discussed in this
paper. Overall, why is the movie/game you selected ethically notable?
Make sure your paper adheres to the following requirements: Times new roman, 12-point font,
double-spaced, one inch margins. Also, be sure to include page numbers

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