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For volume table below I need you to find if I had 10 lb of sulfur how much of the other ingredients would I need based on the table. So for 10 lb of sulfur how much NaOH would I need initial water and added water to make how much of JS solution.

Water has to be clear after mixing. Soft water,
when mixed with JWA and JS, will remain
clear and have good foam. This indicates a
good quality pesticide.
Coagulation means a problem. If the water is
good, coagulation can occur. You must chanc
to soft water. Rainwater is the typical soft wate
If you use this coagulated pesticide, you will
have poor results and many blocked nozzles.
* When phyllite and red clay powder are added, it becomes mineral rich
and clean JS without floater. It can be replaced with fine soil. If phyllite
and red clay powder are not added, they do not need to precipitate for 24
hours. Azomites are not suitable as they are too light and will not sink.
10 kg
Table of volumes of each ingredient
Making of 5L 10L 20L 40L
1.32 gal
2.64 gal 5.28 gal 10.57 gal 13.21 gal 26.42 gal
1.25 kg 2.5 kg
5 kg 10 kg 12.5 kg 25 kg
2.76 lb 5.51 lb 11.02 lb 22.05 lb 27.56 lb 55.12b
1 kg 2 kg
4 kg 8 kg
20 kg
2.20 lb
4.41 lb 8.82 lb 17.64 lb 22.05 lb 44.09 lb
2.5L 5L 10L
20L 25 L 50L
Initial water
0.66 gal 1.32 gal 2.64 gal 5.28 gal 6.60 gal 13.21 gal
1.6 L 32L 6.4L 12.8L 16.5L 32 L
Added water
0.43 gal 0.85 gal 1.69 gal 3.38 gal 4.36 gal 8.45 gal
296.JADAM Organic Farming

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