MKT 450 The University of Tampa Electric Sensors Industry Paper


MKT 450

(Hard Copy)

Students will be required to research and write a report on the Electronic Sensor Industry to prepare for the CapSim Simulation. Your team will be managing an electronic sensor business where products must be created, marketed, manufactured and managed financially, so it is important that you have a fundamental understanding of the actual sensor business as well as your CapSim company.

Page One:

  • Search online to find comprehensive information about the US Electronic Sensor Business (Ask a Reference Librarian for help if necessary).
  • Write a one page summary of the actual US Electronic Sensor Industry. This should be a general overview of the industry to demonstrate that you have a fundamental understanding of the industry.
  • Do not cut and paste from source material
  • Use the CapSim Team Member Guide as a source for page two of this assignment to complete the following tasks:
    • Write one paragraph with a brief summary of how your company came to exist.
    • List the five Customer Segments that exist in CapSim. 
    • List the four Buying Criteria that your customers use to make purchase decisions.

Page Two:

If you did not receive a hard copy book of the CapSim Team Member Guide one is available in PDF format on the CapSim website.

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