Monty Appliance Repair Services Relational Database


Create a relational database for Monty’s Appliance Repair Services invoicing process and represent the database as an ERD using Crow’s feet notation.
Information about Acme’s Invoicing Process:
Monty’s customer product pricing is based on various factors, therefore the price for a particular service may vary from customer to customer. Monty bills for only one repair order per invoice, but there could be multiple invoices per repair if the technician needs to complete the repair in stages. Customers may have multiple appliances, but each appliance requires a separate repair order because different technicians may handle the repairs.
These are the attributes that Monty stores in its invoice files:

customer address
appliance serial number
appliance description
customer contact
customer name
customer number
date of order
date repaired
employee name
employee number
invoice date
invoice number
item description
item number
item type (service or part)
item UoM (unit of measure, such as hour or each)
payment terms
payment terms ID
price per unit
quantity on hand (for parts)
quantity sold
repair order number


Design a set of relational tables to store this data. Hint: You should have 8 or 9 tables.
Identify the primary key for each table.
Identify any foreign keys.
Draw an ERD using crow’s feet formatting to show the relationships and cardinality amongst the tables of the database. Make sure that the cardinalities are clearly shown. I recommend using a flowcharting tool such as Visio or Drawio to complete this assignment. 

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