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Analysis of the current Network Topology

Analysis of the current Network Topology

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Some of vulnerabilities which has been seen in the concept of network are given below:

Missing of patches: It is mainly taken by various kinds of attackers to easily indulge in various kinds of illegal activity within the idea of network which is missing a proper kind of match for the server. It also allows various kinds of authentication of command prompt or any other kind of backdoor for the working environment of the web. The ultimate goal of this project is to take into the consideration of various kinds of patches in a careful way.  

Weak or default password: The main kind of vulnerability or issue that is taken into account is idea of weak password or any kind of default password.  The main objective is to take into account of any kind of intruders which can directly change different kind of activity. The activity can easily arise from accessing of required data of the user and of the system. Password should be kept secure and care should be taken of this fact. It should not go in the hand of some unauthorized person. It can directly affect the securing of network channel and also focus in building a proper kind of network that is needed to be kept secured.

Misconfiguration of firewall: It can be rule base that is mainly used for misconfiguration of various kinds of firewall and it is considered to be one of the important kind of vulnerability in the domain of networking. It can be easily stated as a kind of assumption that is mainly used in the concept in the domain of concept and firewall. The idea of digging the proper kind of firewall is considered to be same for serious kind of effect which is mainly working in the different kind of available scenario. It mainly allows various kinds of unauthorized users to have an idea regarding the various concept of networking.

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Unauthorized access: It can be easily defined as well-known sector which can be defined as an important parameter which can easily bring a large amount of harm in the overall working of the given system. It mainly takes when a user attempts to get an access to certain areas or zones of the system. Some of the system administrator comes up with alert so that user can easily have an idea regarding any kind of authorized access or any kind of attempt. Various kinds of secure system come up proper kind of lock and also have various kinds of failed login attempts. Security of the network is considered to be an important kind of aspect which must be taken into consideration.  

Placement of the security device/ controls for the improvement of the network performance

Firewall: A firewall can be easily defined as a network security which has been designed in such a way it can easily use for prevention of any kind of access to a private network. Firewall can be easily used in both hardware and software or even combination of both the available technology. Network firewalls are generally used for blocking of any kind of unauthorized users from accessing any kind of private network which are connected to the network which are connected to internet especially the intranet. All the message which enter or leave the internet to easily pass through the firewall. It mainly examines the each and every kind of block which does not meet the specific kind of security criteria. Firewalls can be used for either hardware and software but along with this should contain ideal kind of configuration for both. Apart from this there should be any kind of limitation for the access to any kind of network. A firewall is considered to be useful as it allows remote kind of access to any kind of network which has been obtained for any kind of authentication of secure authentication and certification. Hardware firewall can be easily used for any kind of purchase for various kinds of standalone programs but are mainly found in various kinds of broadband routers. Major of the network firewalls have minimum number of four ports which are mainly connected to a network. But for a large number network it comes up with business networking for various kind of firewall solution.

IDS/IPS: Intrusion detection can be defined as a method of processing for proper monitoring of various kinds of events that mainly occur in a network. It mainly focuses on analysing various kinds of sign for possible number of incidents. It aims in violation of imminent kinds of threats which are present in various kinds of security policies. Intrusion prevention can be defined as a process for performance of various kinds of intrusion detection and after that detection of this kind of incident. Various kinds of security measures are generally available as an intrusion detection system and intrusion prevention system (IPS) has become an important part of network defect and stopping of any kind of potential incidents. A typical kind of business network comes up business network which comes up with various kinds of access point for maintenance of network on both public and private domains.  The challenge is all about maintaining of security in this network.

Justification for the placement of the device

Honeypot: A honeypot can be easily defined as decoy system which is mainly used for trapping of various kinds of hackers or trace of unconventional or new kind of hacking methods. Honeypots has been designed in such a way for engaging and deceiving various kinds of hackers. It also aims in identifying various kinds of malicious activity which are mainly performed on the internet. There are large number of advantages of making use of honey pots. The first advantage is all about the ease with which it is mainly employed. Second advantage of honeypot is that it can easily seek small amount or information of the hacker. The obtained information is considered to be much useful for high valuable high kind of information for studying and uncovering of motivation of various hackers.

Router and switches: Router and switches are considered to be both kind of computer based networking devices which mainly allows one more kind of computers to be easily connected to network device or any other kind of available network. The function of router, switches and hubs are all considered to be different and in many cases it is observed that it is integrated into single kind of device. Router are mainly used for mapping one to one kind of physical interface for large number of routers.

Firewall: A firewall is mainly used or place at the network which mainly arises to the factor for proper kind of protection of the given network from any kind of intruders. The main notion which is mainly related to the concept or idea is proper kind of securing of system for the given network. It is mainly done for improving the improving the quality of the given of the network which are mainly involved in the given processes. Firewall can be easily used for prevention of attack from any kind of intruders. It will ultimately improve the overall the efficiency of the given network. It can be easily defined as a main kind of functionality of the firewall of the given network which has been used for securing the overall process that is mainly available. Various kinds of components are mainly involved which is considered as an important kind of aspect.

IDS/IPS: Deployment of IDS/ IPS in the given network is mainly related for securing of the given network by the help of various kinds of forms like various kinds of available attack which can be easily applied to various concept or idea of networking.

Honeypot: The main kind of implementation of honeypot in the given sector is all about providing a help that is mainly used for establishment of communication of network that can be easily used for providing help to large number of service in the network.

Routers/ Switches: A given router and switch is mainly used for redirecting of various kinds of networks. In major of the cases it is easily seen that placement of router or switch is much important in the given network and this mainly arises due to the fact of decision that should be taken into consideration for the given device.  The given function of router can be considered to be much important as it mainly arises by taking into consideration of this given device as it can easily increase the overall function of the given network.

VLAN mainly stands for virtual area network (VLAN) can be defined as a logical group of workstation, network devices and server which tends to appear on same kind of LAN irrespective of the distribution in geographical way. A VLAN mainly allows various kinds of network computers and user to easily establish various kinds of communication in a given environment. Now if VLAN exist as single kind of LAN and are merely used for establishing communication in a single kind of environment and multicast domain. VLANs are mainly implemented for achieving scalability, security and ease of management of network and easily adapt to for achieving scalability, security and ease with each network management can easily adapt to large number of changes in the requirements of network and reallocation of various kinds of workstation and various kinds nodes for server nodes. High end switches mainly allow various kinds of functionality along with implementation of VLANs. The main aim of implementation of VLAN is to easily improve the performance of given network or can easily apply for large number of security features.

The main purpose of this policy is to easily establish a proper kind of approach which is used for approaching the given information security. It is mainly used for establishment of procedure that is mainly used for identification and prevention and compromising of information in the given organization.  

Individuals covered: This particular policy is mainly used for large number of people for accessing and making use of all the computing, network and telephony and various kinds of resources any kind of given organization.

System and resource covered: This particular policy covers all kind of computing, network and telephony and various kinds of information that mainly proceed by the organization. This policy also covers any kinds of computing device to establish connectivity to the information of resources which is available. It is mainly inclusive of various kinds of computing and network system which is used for establishment of connection is the given organization.

Information classification and its protection: For ensuring the given information of the various kinds of members of an organization is a proper way. It is expected that all the information is mainly established by the data classification policy.

Users training and awareness: Effective kind of information security mainly needs a proper kind of participation of all the given members of the given organization. It is mainly considered to be informed kind of responsibility which is mainly obtained or gathered as per the need.

  • Packets which mainly enter into the network should be free from any kind of virus that is mainly included in the network.
  • The point should be taken into consideration that no kind of malware is detected in the given system.
  • Passing of the given packet should be taken care so any kinds of packets are not missed with respect to transferring from one point to another.
  • An acknowledgement of the given network is taken into taken consideration one cannot receive things from one end to another end.
  • One should be taken into consideration there is no kind of gap or framework of time available for various packets that is mainly transferred in the given process.
  • In most of cases it is seen that one cannot easily relate to packet transfer for more than a time period of millisecond.

System Admin: System admin comes up with overall kind of power of the network. He has function. He mainly takes care of the overall function of the network and its functionality and mainly focused to providing much amount of network. He should be capable for dealing with any kind of problem of the system. In any kind of risk factor, an individual should be able to properly deal with various functionality of the given system and also checks the various kinds of given parameters.  

Auditing: The sector factor that should be taken into account is the audit which plays a vital kind of the role in the domain of networking. It mainly involves various kinds of factors which mainly involves the various kinds of sectors of the given functionality. The ultimate policy is about the fact which is considered to be much applicable in the provided concepts in the various kinds of available devices. It should proper perform as per requirement of the given system. The ultimate idea of audit is that it should be done in the given period of time that is mainly responsible for the main kind of charge that is mainly available. If any kind of error is found in the given network then it can be directly secured and the given system should be maintained in a proper way. In many cases it is seen that proper kind of planning in the initial stage is mainly done for proper kind of auditing due many kinds of factor of various kinds of alteration in the given system. It will ultimately help in analysing the factors which can easily affect the normal functionality of the system and various kind of network along with this.

Network: The main kind of policy that is related to the project is the various kinds of sectors is packets in which the given network is transferred easily. In many cases it is seen that overall motive of the given network has been reduced to given network. The network should be considered to be highly secured to various kinds of updates. It is mainly used for delivery of various kinds of packets from given one part to another. Network should be given or provided in such a way various kind of crucial activity is taken into account.

Security: The main kind of parameter that is mainly taken into consideration is that is a crucial factor in the given domain of networking. It has mainly come into action as a result of various kinds of factors which can easily affect the overall functionality of the given system. The ultimate policy that is mainly taken into account is the upgradation of the system of various kinds of components. In many cases it is seen that various kind of policies which are included in the idea of working of network is mainly maintained for various kinds of network is mainly maintained for internal and external kind of working.


Using Nmap tool to scan server


Recording of the above traffic

For recording the traffic the wireshark is opened and the packet capturing is started normally and applying the capture filter.


Sudo nmap –sS


Nmap –O –V


Sudo nmap


Nmap –p 22


Nmap –p 1-100


Nmap –p–



IP address

Open Ports

Sudo nmap

22, 25, 53, 80

Name of the port and its use

22 ssh – It is used for secure communication with the server

25 smtp – It is used for communicating with the mail servers

53 domain – It is used for accessing the internet

80 http – The other ports if assigned to http can cause problem for the firewall and it is also used for creating a socket connection with the network.

4.1. The target machine does not have any web server.

4.2. Patch details of the web server – There are no patches applied on the web server.

Filtering the packet using “HTTP’ traffic only


Filtering the packet to exclude ‘HTTP’ traffic


Difference between ‘Capture Filter’ and ‘Display Filter’. 

The capture filter is applied during the starting of the packet capture from the network while in the display filter all the packets are captured in the network and commands are applied for displaying a specific group of packets. The view of the packet captured can be changed and different filters can be applied for finding the TCP, UDP, or http files captured in the network.


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