Northern Virginia Community College Philadelphia Film by Andrew Becket Discussion


Watch the movie Philadelphia on netflix. Answer about ten questions based off the movie,

CST 151: Screenwriting Screening Notes
1. Select one character and create your own back story for him/her using a least four of the questions mentioned in
2. Which specific type of the conflicts identified in this week’s lecture apply to this film? Use specific evidence of why
you believe this to be the case.
3. Specifically, how is the mood of the film established through the dialogue? Note a specific scene where the mood is
altered through dialogue.
4. How are the protagonist’s (s’) problems escalated in this film? Discuss each of the steps of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s
Journey. Provide scenes as evidence to support your claim.
5. Identify the three acts of this film and describe the turning points. Be specific and detailed.
6. What is the inciting incident in this film? Be specific and detailed.
7. What makes the audience identify with the protagonist(s) of this film? Use specific evidence of how this protagonist
meets the criteria of how this protagonist appeals to audiences.
8. Choose a scene that is particularly compelling. How is anticipation and tension created in this scene? How does this
scene specifically meet the criteria for compelling scenes?
9. Describe some reasons why the dialogue is particularly effective in this film by noting how the script meets the tips
discussed in class. Provide examples of specific dialogue used in the film to meet the criteria.
10. Write a short (2-3 sentence) outline for this film. What is the story about?

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