Opening A Huxtaburger Store In Belmont, Australia

Mission and Vision

The following business plan will provide a plan for the opening of a Huxtaburger store in Belmont, Australia. The plan will offer a detailed layout of the business in Belmont and will discuss the mission, vision and also get an idea on the strategic focus of the company in the new store. The plan will also provide a clear and transparent financial statement that will help the organization to prepare a proper plan for starting the business. The business will be established under a new franchisee model in Belmont. The success of Huxtaburger in different regions in Australia and the presence of a number of different colleges and educational institutions in Belmont have led to the planning of the following business.   

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The aim of Huxtaburger will be to open a strategic store in Belmont. The objectives of the business are as follows;

  • To select a strategic location for the store
  • To ensure a proper marketing survey for the business
  • To expand Huxtaburger in Belmont and provide a tough competition to KFC and McDonald’s

The vision statement of Huxtaburger is the organizational development of the company which is based totally on the corporate statement of the organization. The corporate statement of the organization concentrates on the excellence of the organization and being best in the industry (Brinckmann et al. 2015). The mission statement of the organization is also linked directly to the corporate mission statement which suggests the importance of the activities like product, quality and superior pricing that defines the success factor of the business in the country. According to, Ghezzi et al. (2015) the mission statement also states the expansion of Huxtaburger across Australia to gain a share in the potential fast food service industry of Australia.

The new franchisee has decided to open the store in Belmont which is one of the suburbs of Perth city in Australia. The franchise has plans to locate its store in close proximity to Belmont City College which is one of the potential sites selected by most of the marketing professionals of the different eatery companies. The following area is suitable because of the presence of the college which will be providing a proper market for the organization. The store will be located on Fisher Street which will help students from Belmont City College, Cloverdale Primary School and Cloverdale education centre to easily visit the store. The following store will have all the modern facilities in it to compete in the market and achieve a healthy market share. The store will have online order facilities and other modern facilities to serve the customers in the best possible way.

Locational Strategy

The customers will be the main priority of the business and it is utmost important for the business to manage the customers wisely (Harrington, 2016). The new store has fixed its target market or the target customers as the college and school going students and also the office goers in Belmont. The customers form an important part of the organization as because it is the customers who have to be satisfied by the company.

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The organization has the reputation of being the best Burger makers in Melbourne. Since the opening of the company in 2011, the company has made itself a name and also a culinary icon in the city of Melbourne. Different critical reviews praising the burgers have poured in from different sources of media. The food credentials are the main reasons for the success of the company (Hopp & Greene, 2018). This has helped the organization to be one of the best in the business. Therefore the new store also has to maintain all these parameters in order to maintain the standards of Huxtaburger.

The target market will appeal to the Robin professionals who are office goers and especially the students and the school goers who are the consumers of burgers. The business will also meet and underserved need for a restaurant family dining or coffee house establishment for the numerous people staying in the area. The market segment is largely based upon the singles who are aged between 16 to 35 years. Apart from this there also children graduate and professional students who are attending different courses in the universities. There also some tourist and other people who can be potential customers of the business. The targeting of the demographic group with the young market especially the young males and females who are regular college goers is the best strategy that can be taken by the company to meet its goals. A market survey carried out by the marketing professionals of the company has shown a liking for beef burger among the students of Belmont. Therefore the restaurant must innovate with beef burger to attract more and more customers to the store. The management of the franchise in Belmont has also plans to introduce new vegetarian flavors for some of the Asian students who prefer a vegan meal (Hopp et al. 2018). The target market of the company therefore helps to ensure a better planning and the better strategy for the sustainability of the company. The demographic analysis of the target market will also help the company to reduce cost and ensure quality and the better productivity.

Target Market

The main products of the company are mainly the burgers which include Beef Burgers, Chicken Burgers, Vegetarian Burgers, Breakfast Burgers and some special innovative Burgers. Apart from this the Belmont store will also serve Soft Drinks, Coffee and different Kids packs. However the main product that will be the product of the store will be different kind of Beef Burgers which includes, Beef stack burgers, beef roll burgers and beef slice burgers along with many more as such. The huge popularity of the beef burgers among the local students and the residents will act as the main factor for such a choice.

Communication plan is one of the major considerations that will have to be kept in mind while the start of the new business. Some of the major steps that can be undertaken by the company are as follows;

  1. Performing Situational Analysis-It is important for the franchise that will be operating the business of Huxtaburger in Belmont to carry out a situational analysis of the organization. This will involve the performance of a communication audit that will involve the training and brainstorming of the staff, conduction of different surveys and talking to other departments of the company.
  2. Defining the Objectives of the business clearly- The objective of the business will be to top the list of eateries presently operating in and around Belmont, Australia. The eatery that will be located on Fisher Street will mainly focus on the serving of the best burgers in the suburbs and earn a name of it which will also be helpful to gain a competitive edge in the market.
  3. Defining the main target customers of the business- As mentioned earlier the identification of the target market and the target customers will be helpful for the business to set the strategies of the business accordingly.
  4. Identification of the different media channels-The identification of the media channels will help to deliver the messages of the organization to the targeted customers easily.
  5. Establishment of a scheduled Timetable- The communication objectives will be set by maintain a scheduled timetable that will help in the delivery of better results in the market.

The direct competitors of the business are KFC and McDonalds. On the other hand localized restaurants offering Burgers can also act as the competitors of the business organization. McDonald’s business is profit making in the Fast Food industry as compared to its competitive extra burger. The gross margin of profit for McDonald’s is more than 40% while hipster burger has been earning around 35% of marginal profit. The presence of McDonald in and around the globe along with Australia is crucial for success in the Fast Food Industry. On the other hand extra burger has limited stores in and around the globe and is slowly expanding in Australia (Hopp et al. 2018). The international experience of McDonalds cannot be compared with that of extra worker. The marketing mix of McDonald’s thinks Global Act local. However, the companies supports the supports the internalization and globalization of the elements to create a competitive advantage. The organization must ensure that its structure seats in with its International environment while at the same time they are the internal factors that are required to implement the strategic goal (McKenzie, 2017). The organization has to formulate its marketing mix according to a specific set of guidelines that help to earn revenue. It is important to form a proper and efficient strategy to overcome the weakness and prevail over the Rivals.

The market opportunity analysis for Huxtaburger points out the strategies of the food retail store in a proper way. The restaurant must be in proximity to new and existing residences including the areas where the educational institutions are located. The presence of KFC and McDonalds inside some of the college premises is a threat to the company. To counter the following trait the organization have to be located just outside the university Complex and in a location that is in close proximity to different officers and commercial complexes. The products especially the burgers sold there will be positioned and marketed in such a way so that it can finish a demand for the people who are regular visitors of the restaurant.





Ø Popularity in Australia

Ø Strong franchise Network

Ø New Broilers in restaurants

Ø Presence of Strong Branding

Ø Market Expansion

Ø Market Penetration

Ø More Mobile outlets





Ø Decreasing sales in mature markets

Ø Large Franchisees

Ø Unstable ownership

Ø Competition

Ø Prices of Raw Materials

Ø Business Permit issues

Product Offerings

Strengths:The popularity of the restaurant chain in Australia is one of the biggest strengths of the burger outlets. The business is almost present in every Australian city with presence of mobile outlets in all the educational institutions present in the country. The company operates approximately xx subsidiaries overall Australia that oversee the franchise operations acquisitions and all the financial obligations.  Extra burger seems to be operating in the major cities of Australia. It has a large number of different franchises and also different company owned outlets most of them are owned by franchises which helps the company to earn more profit and reduce the cost of production. The company has completed the rule out of new flexible broilers, fire born grilled ribs and also offers other new facilities in the new outlets (McKenzie, 2017).  Extra burger has added this today new menu and has helped them get competitive edge over the other players in the market.  Branding is one of the main issues with most of the restaurant chains in Australia. However Huxtaburger has prove themselves to be your special brand as their marketing and Advertising campaigns are focus towards innovating the menus rather than worrying about finances.

Weakness: The rise in the health conscious population has made it difficult for the organization to earn enough reading this has affected the business as a whole. The presence of such a gloomy financial future is surely one of the major weaknesses of the company (McKenzie, 2017). Large number of different franchise outlets as a thin the increase in the difficulty to handle the operations along with the maintenance of quality. The brand image of the company has suffered due to the presence of large franchises. The unstable ownership of the company in the recent times has been a weakness for the company the current Parent company is the result of the restructuring of the total company.

Opportunities: Market expansion is one of the greatest opportunities for Huxtaburger. The expanding and developing markets will be beneficial for the company. The management of the company has targeted to expand itself in Australia especially in areas like Belmont where there are lots of educational institutions. The courses and the main customers of the company or persons attending the educational institutions, it is one of the largest opportunities for the company to open their outlets near these institutions.  The strengthening of the outlet network can be achieved by deep penetration in the current market (Simón-Moya & Revuelto-Taboada, 2016). This will help to increase revenue and also attain a competitive edge in the market. Apart from the above mentioned opportunities, the management of the company has decided to start new mobile outlets to facilitate service for the different educational institutions. The presence of mobile outlets will further increase the revenue production of the company.

Marketing Strategies

Threats: The presence of KFC Subway McDonalds and some large scale organizations are potential threats to the local company. The management of extra burger will find it difficult to attend the target in Belmont because of the presence of different food outlets like the mentioned once.  The increasing price of raw materials will surely affect the industry as a whole. Huxtaburger is no exception to this and their business is also going to suffer from similar problems. It will be a problematic process of collecting the business permit to start the business in Belmont. A number of different people and policies have to be followed mandatorily to start the business smoothly.

The business executives of the company are likely to exit control over the different aspects that arise in the internal environment with the potential to either positively or negatively influenced the operating and the reported financial results. The internal and external environment of a business is extremely important to gauge and predict the future of the organization. The pest analysis of the company will help to determine the macro analysis of the Macro environment elements that influence the industry both directly and indirectly.

  1. Political- the Australian government demonstrators Awareness of the competitive landscape that characterizes the Fast Food industry as an essential service sector of the consumer land service industry (Simón-Moya & Revuelto-Taboada, 2016). The positive projection helps to stabilize the Australian political climate and makes it easier for the business to carry on. The establishment of the Australian competition and consumer Commission provides fair ground for the business and consumer rights are equally protected. This helps the government as well as the business to have a clear communication with each other.
  2. Economy- the economy of Australia demonstrates an annual average growth in GDP by approximately 3%. The country witnessed an economic downturn posting just 0.8% during the financial crisis of 2008. However, the country has changed since then and the prospect of investing in the country has emerged as one of the most important factor that helps to recover the economy of the nation. The Rise of the food service market is predicted to increase with the increase in the number of operators and the demand of the majority of the sector (Hopp & Greene, 2018). Apart from this the demand of the people has been increasing since the last few years. This is also one of the major factors that help to increase the economy of the country. The increase in the level of the disposable income has laid the most of the Australian population to project themselves in the fast food outlets. This is surely a positive prospect for the business organization.
  3. Social- violet continent presents an efficient unorganized social movement that is officially aligned to ethnic and racial inclusiveness. The country is now home to diverse range of peoples with diverse cultures and can therefore be called to be a country with a Cosmopolitan population. The presence of different cultures and different people in the country leads to the need for a diverse range of food demands. The labor market of Australia is characterized income based promotions which helps the Australian economy to take advantage of the prospects of social agility (Hopp & Greene, 2018). The changing scenario of the social life of Australia will help the business to establish itself easily.
  4. Technological- the technological advancements in the business nowadays dresses to the cost reduction and maintenance of higher quality in the products. The technological survey has highlighted the increased National output in real technological Investments. It helps the country to be among the most connected nations which have used technology in different industries. Huxtaburger has been using different lean Technologies to manage its production and increase its revenue. Technology does seats at the code of transforming the service delivery of the organization to the customers with convenience, cost reduction and competitive pricing that decided to be the primary drivers. The franchise has also decided to start an online application of Huxtaburger to easily manage the delivery
  5. Environmental Factors- The environmental factors will have to be considered by the franchisee which will be in charge of the following establishment. This includes ensuring less pollution and using green technologies to run the store. The customers can be served environment friendly plates or recyclable plates for serving food and jute bags can be used to pack foods. Such kind of different technologies will help the organization to maintain a sound environmental policy.
  6. Legal Factors- The franchisee that will be in charge of the upcoming store in Belmont will have to ensure the compliance of all the legal rights, policies and procedures of Belmont. The management of the store will also have to ensure to have in place all the required documents that will be needed to start and operate the business in a smooth manner.


The following business plan has been constructed using different kinds of marketing strategies and demographic divisions. The description of the locational strategies along with the different kinds of other marketing strategies like the micro and macro environmental strategies are helpful for the set up of the new business in Belmont. The proper implementation of the business is possible only with the following of the following steps in a proper manner.


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