Operations Management


Use the attached template and rubric for the Littlefield Executive Summary.  Present your report as if you are writing to the Executive Board at Littlefield.  Only one report is required from the team.   Your paper should be no more than two pages typed (including exhibits). 
To post your executive summary, go to your specific group.  Click on the assignment at the bottom of your group page.   Once it opens, open the Simulation template as a guide for the content of your report. Write your summary and review it against the rubric that is included at the top of the page. 

Littlefield Simulation Written Report Template
1. Introduction

Ending ranking and ending cash position.
Provide a brief overview of your team strategy, actions and eventual results.
Notes: You are presenting your results to the executive board, the very first thing that the
executives want to know is how well you operated the plant. This is measured by the revenue
you made by the time the simulation ended. Be honest with your assessment of your
performance. If you lost money, simply say it. But always preference this negative with a
statement like “the team learned a lot that will enable the team to recoup the losses in the
future.” Be sure to share the learnings toward you closing statements. In other words, convince
the executives why they should continue to let you work for them.)
When you share the topline actions, summarize them to provide the total picture. For example,
your summary statement might be like this: “The team purchased a total of three machines (two
for station 1 and one for station 2. “We changed the scheduling rule on day ?? to expedite
throughput through station 3. These decisions were based on utilization and queuing data which
we will show in the exhibits”. The details will be covered in the next section.
2. What you did (transactions and rationales)
• Reference relevant exhibits (graphs and calculations)
Notes: This is where you can provide more specific details regarding why you made purchases or
sold equipment. This should not be a list of dates and changes you made like buying a machine
on day 51 and another machine on day 62. The board will have this information already. Your
statements should explain what actions were taken but more importantly why those actions were
taken. What specific data was used to lead you to the actions that you took. So start off with
your observations and calculations that resulted in your taking certain actions.
3. What would you do differently and why.
• Successes – what worked well
• Failures – what did not work well
Notes: This is where you provide the learnings that you got from your experience. Refer back to
your strategy going into the simulation. Did it work? If not, what will you do different. This is
where you are doing your pitch to remain consultants for the executives in the future. Be specific
by convincing the executives you recognize inappropriate decisions made during the simulation.
4. Exhibits: The first two are required:
• Attach the transaction history showing what changes you made.
• Attach your forecast that was used to determine demand

Screen pictures after the simulation has finished. Can include the following (you are not required
to provide all of them). Present the ones that best supports your story and rationales
o Station 1- 3 utilization graph
o Station 1 – 3 queue size graph
o Completed jobs graph
o Completed jobs revenue graph
o Customer orders: queued jobs graph
o Completed jobs lead times graph

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