Philosophy Leisure Profile Past Current & Future List


Leisure Profile (Past, Current, Future)
This assignment offers the opportunity to take a comprehensive look at your own leisure participation across the life span.  It is important to understand the various categories of leisure and then identify the specific leisure activities that relate to each area.  To complete the chart simply type two (2) specific leisure activities you have participated in the past, currently, and what you intend to participate in the future, for each category.  The activity can be the same for each time period.  Try to think of at least two for each time period; however you may have some areas that have only one activity or maybe none.  This may be suggestive of an area you may want to attempt to participate in to balance your leisure participation during the semester.  It is possible that some activity areas may have more than 2 listings for each time period, but just list two.
ACTIVITY AREAS                        
PAST                                                    CURRENT                                   FUTURE
Forms of Exercise (Physical Activity)                     

                                                         1.                                                       1.
                                                         2.                                                       2.

Social Activities

                                                        1.                                                         1.
                                                        2.                                                         2.

Board Games

                                                        1.                                                          1.
                                                        2.                                                          2.

Spectator Activities  (Watching others participate)

                                                       1.                                                            1.
                                                       2.                                                            2.

Outdoor Activities    

                                                        1.                                                           1.
                                                         2.                                                           2.

Solitary Relaxation (ex. Reading, listening to music)

                                                       1.                                                             1.
                                                        2.                                                            2.

Card Games

                                                        1.                                                             1.
                                                        2.                                                              2.

Working with Your Hands

                                                        1.                                                              1.
                                                        2.                                                               2.

Community Activities

                                                        1.                                                                1.
                                                        2.                                                                 2.

Arts & Crafts

                                                         1.                                                                1.
                                                         2.                                                                2.

Expressive Activities

                                                          1.                                                                 1.
                                                           2.                                                                2.

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