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[I have keen interest in management studies. I have expected to build my career with core management skills and academic background and I have maintained it throughout my academic life.]

[I have interest for music for a long period of time. I play electric guitar and piano, I am also interest in sports activities like football and swimming. I have competed state level chess championship in my school life. I am managed events in my school and college life that included the fests and farewell programs. I have a good interactive ability with which I can convince people and motivate them to work as per the requirement.]

[Assistant HR manager] — [Hunter massillon]

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[19.5.2013] — [25.10.2014]

[This was my first experience and I was posted as the assistant manager in the company. The basic skills that helped me to support my role in the company were my managerial skills and adjusting capacity that helped me to coordinate with the co-workers and learn about the corporate sector with efficiency. Being a fresher I was not given much responsibility here, however I learned my basic responsibility and basic working style from this company.  ]

[HR manager] — [Austrade]

[11.11.2015] — [present date]

[As mentioned I was appointed as a HR manager thus the job role was much more serious and responsible. I learnt how to approach towards the employee to understand their problems and regulate them properly. It has helped me to understand the value of employee management and communication development.]

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[You might want to include your GPA here and a brief summary of relevant coursework, awards, and honors.](must be filled by the student)

[I have always been an extrovert person who spoke with everyone openly and clearly stating whatever I had to say. The same is applicable for my academic life that had made me the prefect for consecutive five years managing the students of my batch and maintaining proper coordination among them. The same also reflected in my job life that helped me to communicate with the employees and thus enhancing them to share their challenges with me that helped me to understand their problem. I could easily take decision depending upon their feedback and the only reason for this is the clarity in relationship that is have always maintained with the subordinates and the co-workers.]

[The leadership quality has always complimented me since my early days. The managing and leading quality had made me the prefect in my school life, I was also the general secretary of my college. I have arranged for events and programs in college time. I am also the zonal leader of Rotaract club in my locality. I lead a NGO which comprises 250 members serving the poor and needy members of society. I was the assistant general secretary of Nature study Camp which I had to leave as I could give time or travel to different places due to my job responsibilities.]

The business culture and its policies are the key factor for me irrespective of the organization that I am working (Assiter 2017). I have a tendency to wok r according to the requirement for the organization and give my best to them. I have a professional approach for my professional life. I do not mix the professional and personal life and thus make sure that the organization is benefitted from my work report. The work culture in an organization attracts me and helps me to motivate myself to give my best to the company. The skills and strategies that are required for the development of the organization are present in me and I also try to implement the best possible skills to the organization so that they are also convinced with my performance. The key pieces of work that I can proudly boast about myself are:

  • Understanding of the employees problems
  • Co -operation tendency with the subordinates
  • Clarity with the subordinates and the co-workers.
  • Healthy relation with the employees
  • Understanding for others problems

These skills have helped me to become a responsible and eligible manager and I expect that these skills will also help me to build my future skills.


The key abilities and knowledge that I have transformed in myself from my previous experiences and work life has helped me to become a better coordinator. I was awarded as the best role model as fresher in the company for being the most eligible manager for the next year.

The capacity to understand, cooperate and coordinate with the workers and co employees have made me relatively popular in my work field.

I have tried to maintain my work life constant and regulate the entire process in a lifting graph method thus assuring proper management system in my personal life too. I have always targeted few desired goals in my life that might have been in academic life or professional life. Since childhood I had keen interest for management stream that not only included my academic interest but also real life interest. I liked to arrange for programs and interact with new people to know about their thought culture and believes about reality and life. I always tried to communicate with others and relate their problems with my familiar problems so that I can suggest them something close to their problem solution. The tendency to motivate others, group people, lead them accordingly was present in me since childhood. However, I did not expect that this will help me in my professional life to such extent.

Approaches: the approach towards my target are always professional and target oriented. I try to meet my regular target as per my planning’s that is schedule at the beginning of the month. The professional approach is a vital part when a person is highly professional and tries to build their base in work life.

Evaluation: I have evaluated my work with my previous day’s work and tried to create a better production every time I have evaluated them. I believe that competing with yourself and trying to improve yourself every day can be the best policy that a professional person can do. I have also tried to develop a better skill for myself by comparing my work with the famous person who all have gained success in the same field. This has made me more progressive in life. I try to build my skills every day whenever I am reading about these famous personalities and their approach towards their responsibility.  

Practise behaviour: the work life behaviour is very important and I try to maintain it at an extremely high value. The behaviour can make a lot changes in the work environment, I believe proper behaviour can get many works done at a time (Cottrell 2015). According to my past experiences I can state the fact that the behaviour in work life can determine the work progress of the organization or the individual.

Employment relation: as said earlier my job role is with the co -workers and subordinates. I have to make sure that I am maintaining a proper relationship with them and they are communicating with me freely. I have to make sure that they are not facing any challenges in the organization, even if they are facing any problem they must share it with me. I have to create situation that will maintain clarity between the workers and me as my job role is to assure that I am encouraging the workers to work and meet the target of the company efficiently.

I have always tried to maintain proper ethics and skills in my life that might be personal or professional. The need for ethics is highly required in everyone’s life. Thus it is important to understand the difference between the positive and negative approach in life. Just like every individual even I had keen interest about the developing my own skills by enhancing them with proper knowledge. I had interest for reading and I tried to read subjects that attracted my skills development and helped me to change my flaws and improve my mistakes. The self -development strategy was developed in my mind since I was a student in school life. I try to maintain a strong ethic when it comes to work life (Csikszentmihalyi and Robinson, 2014). The responsibility and duties that I have being a HR manager are the primary challenges that I have to meet every day. I have to make sure that I am using the top most knowledge and skill to maintain my ethics and develop them further.


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