Princess Mononoke Japanese Anime Film Review & Analysis Discussion


Hi,Here is how the review will be graded:Grading criteria is as follow (10 points total):1. On-time Submission2. Length(300-400 words)3. Pick one scene from the required film this week4. Originality (Your own idea about why and how the scene is impressive)5. Reference to assigned reading6. Image7. Clarity of expression (appropriate grammar; clear meanings of words8. Coherent structure of argument (No bullet point or itemization)9. Present the Keyword from this week’s lecture10. Explanation of the keywordThis week’s keyword: historical specificityHere are words from lecture to explain this word:By making notices, I sort the sizing the image of Japan. 19 fifties, blah, blah, blah. In any case. So disconnection. Ignoring history, creating the exotic, the image, that’s the invention of tradition. That we need to be very careful. Because the importance of historical specificity, historical specificities, Today’s keywords and probably the very important issue that we have been discussing throughout this course, we have to be very specific to avoid essentially soon. I keep telling you from the very beginning of this class that you have to be very careful when you use the term wake Japanese, right? Because if you just say, oh, that culture looks different because this Japanese, he, her or his behavior is different because he’s Japanese. Japanese. Without explaining what the Japanese exactly means. That he’s also stereotypes, stereotypical razor. Same, right? So I want you to be very, very careful. That’s one very important thing that I want you to take out from this course, to think from multiple perspectives to avoid essentialism, to prevent stereotypes. One method, one way to avoid that is to be historic or a specific reading for today’s lecture, flap mess, motionless ness of animate. It’s not necessarily based on the traditional culture of Japan, but it came out of financial necessity where WE took animation techniques. So it is too simplistic to connect the traditional Japanese culture and the style of anyway, I hope you got it right. Eventually, what I want you to understand is cultural diversity. Multiple, multiple contexts of history behind Japanese anime, Japanese films. Ok. What is Japanese cinema? Was Japanese cinema. So throughout this course, we have questioned this term, Japanese, Japanese nest or the multiplicity, diversity, inclusiveness of this Japanese miss, right? It is not simple. So yeah, please be careful and please be aware about multiplicity or diversity behind this term, Japanese. To avoid essentialism, toFilm: Princess Mononoke (Mononoke hime, Miyazaki Hayao, 1997)Reading: Daisuke Miyao, “Before Anime: Animation and the Pure Film Movement in Pre-war Japan,” Japan Forum 14.2 (2002): 191-209.…

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