Reflect on the assigned lections for the week. Identify what you sentiment was the most material concept(s), way(s), message(s), and/or any other unnaturalness that you felt was tractable of your conception.  Also, prepare a graduate-level solution to each of the aftercited questions: Some companies possess traditionally been public for their rarity in tangibles, e.g., Xerox in copiers, IBM in computers, who now portray themselves as primarily utility companies. Do you combine? What does it assume for a crew to propose itself as a utility structure (e.g., a percentage of vocation, a indubitable manoeuvre or sidearm)? What would it assume for you to price such a privilege?  Respond to the support of at meanest two peers, using 100 words minimum each. [Your moderate support should be established upon the assigned lection for the week, so the citationbook should be a origin listed in your relation minority and cited amid the association of the citation. Other origins are not required but arrive-at permitted to use them if they aid in your argument].  [Your moderate support should be at meanest 450+ words and in APA format (including Times New Roman delay font magnitude 12 and inclose spaced). Support the express association of your monograph in the argument course then fix a Word account of the monograph for APA resurvey]