Professional Development Workshop On Challenges And Opportunities Of Diversity At Boost Juice

Boost Juice: An Overview

Boost Juice is an Australian company which delivers fruit juice and smoothies. The company was formed in 2000 and the franchise is in the different countries. As the people of Australia, love the aspect of having such kind of drinks so this is very to grow business in Australia ( 2018). The first store was located in Adelaide, South Australia. The international expansion stretch in Asia, South Africa, UK, India and many more places. The prospect of environmental commitments is there and Environ-cups are used for the juice extraction. This is a kind of environment-friendly brand and all the products are ergonomically designed. The strategy of making a good environment is formulated by them, as those who used Environ-cup will get a discount of $1 per use; this is a kind of strategy that used for the development of environment condition as well ( 2018).

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The company has 270 stores in Australia and 467 stores in worldwide, thus a unity among employees and management is needed in that case for the formulation of good business scenario ( 2018). This is the most important commitment that highlights in this paper and showcases the need for unity and mitigation of diversity through workshop processing. I am the consultant of Boost Juice and provide a professional development workshop for team leaders of this company. There are several sub-sections and departments of the company and 10 team leaders are them considered as the target people for the workshop.

The process of cultural, political, psychological and economic mismatch is the main aspect of the diverse situation. In an organization, this kind of situation is quite relevant and impactful for the productivity of performance. The employees are coming from different backgrounds and they have diverged perspective also. This is the concern reason for diversity and that very much visible in the workplace positioning (Ford and Despeisse 2016). There are some employees who are at the top of the department and not looking down upon the employees work under the leader, this is the main undesirable situation in the organization.

There are some kinds of acquired diversity present in the organization like citizenship, political affiliation, educational background, personal and professional experience and citizenship. These aspects are differentiating people is not required in the organization but the situation happens and that impacted drastically on the development or progression. As asserted by Hunt, Layton and Prince (2015) the surface level diversity based on the demographic level of observant and impact of race, gender, ethnicity and physical capabilities are the major concern of this process. On other hands, the process of Deep-level diversity is based on the beliefs, values and attitudes that have been experienced and thinking manner of employee and managers in the workplace (Stone and Deadrick 2015). This is completely not about the demographic perspective rather thinking manner and procedures are important in that case.

The Importance of Unity in Boost Juice

Global challenges that faced by Boost Juice is the case of diversity as the company is not so old and they are increasing their business territory rapidly. They need to be united together for the development of the organization. The company has reached its marks and some workplace mismatch is the key reason behind that (Larrondo et al. 2016). There are different cultural people in the organization some of them highlight the gender-issues, and women position in the organization or the issues related with LGBTI is the concern matter of diversity. The employee retention is the key matter for the organization and for the retention process mitigation of diversity is the important aspect for the organization.

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Some of the practical activities are conducted for 7days and there will be 2 hours allocated for each day. I am planning to take the class on the 10 team leaders from Boost Juice Company and the topic will be the Challenges and Opportunity of Diversity in the Organization. The objectives of the workshop are:

  • To determine the possible challenges and opportunities of diversity.
  • To evaluate the problem created aspects and issues of diversity in the organization.
  • To formulate the mitigation process in the organization to maintain a good workplace environment in the organization.

I have planned some activities in the workshop and try to interpret the mind of leaders so that impactful and effective decision has to be made and provide strength to the organization.

Verbal communication is one of the important ways to mitigate the diversity. Sometimes, there are some conflicts situations happen in the organization which is not desired in any formation, in that situation the effective manner of having a discussion with employees and leader will help. I will put my focus on each and every leader and try to understand what they think about diversity and that will be right process to provide recover them. The effective manner of non-verbal communication is also important in the organization. The importance of facial expressions, attitudes and approaches to handling the situation by body movements is the key way to mitigate the situation. The process of non-verbal communication is important in that case. I also formulated a game where they have to present some non-verbal communication to understand.

The aspect of body movement and gestures are significant in that case, when some situation employees will not communicate properly then they come up and maintain the process. Gestures and body movement understands employees intention of the management perception to their employees. This is the most important approach that needs to implement in the organization and that is the reason I will state some facial movement that creates diversity and ask them not to use in the workplace. The possible understanding of gesture is not understandable for each of the employees but to retain this expression hurt employees and that needs to be stopped.

Types of Diversity at the Workplace

The general group discussion will be placed at the second-day activity and the entire day is needed for that. I will make two teams of 5 leaders and allow them to discuss the diversity and the possible challenges that organization will confront that situation. This logical understanding is required for leaders to know their employees’ problem and to understand the situation of Boost Juice Company. There will some rules of the discussion like one group will remain silent when other group starts to highlight an issue or no violence or undesired perception will not be discussed in the group discussion session. I hope for the best that the process will enlighten the leaders’ mindset and provide the proper knowledge that helps them to control employees.

The video process is important in the training session and I implement that process to highlight that issue in the organization. There was a conflict situation arises in Sedexo, where 40% of the total employees are female and that is the reason gender biases was persisted in that case. The situation of Johnson & Johnson was another issue that happens due to differentiation in diversity. The change in diversity and management movements are important in that case. The videos of Kaiser Permanente, MasterCard, Accenture, or Marriot International all these divertive mentalities need to be presented in this section and leaders will gain motivation and confidence to deal with the situation.

Internal debates are other important aspects in the organization as the debates signify the issues of leaders’ perception and that is the reason it is most crucial activity in the workshop. The effective communication is the important aspect in the business so issues of the debates have chosen by me and each group will state their view over the issues. This is the kind of conversation complexity and strategic decision making that leader will explain to their employees that get deviated from diversity. There will be 10 minutes session for each group for one issue and after all the conversation I will explain the threats and possible challenges that will be confronted by the diversity.   

The diversity games are important for making bondage with leaders first of all. The leaders are not from same backgrounds or same qualities; they have qualities in a different genre. So, a collaboration between them in five groups and provides them with a contracting topic is the format of the game. The process is very effective as the entire situation is like a game so they enjoy the conflict situation and learn from the conflict as well.

Challenges Faced by Boost Juice

The leaders have to play a vital role in the organization. However, in that case, the impact of employees’ role play and activities that leader has to play some roles in order to state the situation for the development of a business. In case of business market positioning, the level of positioning is the crucial aspect of modern business and that is the reason role play like addressing the proper work is the main process in the organization.

The workshop activities are effective and relevant for the development of the situation. The leaders have learned some important aspect of diversity and understand the problem of diversity. The organizational improvement is not possible if diversity has been maintained thoroughly in the organization. The diversity aspect may be created by sexual orientation, race, gender, age and all these related to the diversity-related incivility. This can be mitigated by the effective use of strategic changes and effective business communication as well.

The workshop activities and different in some case and they are out of the tradition that encourages leaders as well to manage employees. Self-awareness and impact on teams and customers depend on the soft skill process. The behavioral change and improve workplace scenario is the key process of this and the good place in the organization will get by the use of organization momentum. The effort of the workshop will be reduced if the activity is not implemented by the leaders and the most significant part of the process is that implementation that leaders have done for the development of engaging, motivating employees. The diversity and differentiation gap is so prominent that provides an ethical way of organization overall development and after the activities, Boost Juice Company will make their impactful ground in some other countries and employees and leaders will manage the diversity problem in the organization.

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