Project Management Plan For Northern Beaches Hospital Construction

Human Resource Management

Project management is the process of completing the operations and activities related to the specific task by considering the objectives and scope of the project. The term project management refers to the application of knowledge, skill, tools, and techniques to meet the requirements of a project (Fleming and Koppelman, 2016, p. 18). The current report will provide information about the project management plan for the Northern Beaches hospital construction that was completed in 2018. The report will provide planning information for managing the different operations of the project that include elements like risk, human resources management, and procurement planning. The proper planning and consideration of standards in these operations of project planning and implementation will help to encourage the efficiency and effectiveness of the project.         

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In order to gain success in the project, the proper management of human resources is essential. For the management of human resources for the big construction project, the manager will apply the Harvard framework. According to this framework, the manager will analyze the market trends of labor, cost, and laws that considered for offering the wages and salary to workers. For example, the cost of labor in the current scenario is $15 per hour. The manager will consider that for developing the plan and offering the role and responsibilities to the skilled team members (Williams, 2017, p. 55-66). The policies that are used by the manager for engaging the human resource involves the reward system, communication, and compliance with the mainstream functions of the construction plan.

It is essential for the project manager to analyze the knowledge and skill level of the team members before assigning the work. The understanding of capabilities of an individual has helped the manager to develop the role specification. Following are the key human resources for the construction project of Northern Beaches hospital:

Table 1: Human resources


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Role and responsibility

Project manager

· Planning

· Requirements analysis

· Resource arrangement

· Risk analysis

· Training

· Contracting

· Performance evaluation    

Project team

· Implementation of plan

· Optimum utilization of resources

· Communication of issues

· Inventory of raw material

· Ensuring quality    


· Analysis of needs

· Future scope

· Specification

· Current structure

· Facility management (Brady and Davies, 2014, p. 21-38)


· Monitoring

· Legal issues

· Resolving disputes

· Maintaining health and safety

· Managing employee relation

However, to manage the human resource manager has to offer the minimum wages and rewards to encourage the performance of the staff members. Moreover, the health and safety facilities are also important for human resource planning (Floricel and Piperca, 2016, p. 124-138). The manager has installed the equipment for maintaining the health and safety standards for the staff members which has a positive impact on the performance.              

Proper management of risk in the project is essential for increasing the effectiveness of the operations and completing the work in estimated time and cost. The project manager will consider the following risks and management plan for construction of Perth stadium:

Risk Management

Table 2: Risk register




Legal Risks


Human resources Risks


Financial Risks


Health and safety Risks 

In order to manage the risks identified through analysis, the project manager will apply the strategies like accepting and mitigation. According to these strategies, the project manager will develop the plan for mitigating the technical, health and safety and human resources risks (Harrison and Lock, 2017, p. 32). The prior planning and implementation of actions will improve the effectiveness of the project. The acceptance of risks like the natural disaster and legal framework can also increase the effectiveness of the construction project.  

Table 3: Risk matrix




Unpredictable risk

This kind of risk leads to certain changes in the scope and ongoing operations of the construction project. For example, the heavy rain or flood issues can affect the quality as well as the supply of material

To manage this risk, the manager will maintain the inventory of material and develop the contingency plan for maintaining the quality


The legal risks of project involve the improper waste management and disturbance for surrounding people. It may hinder the possibility of processing the work and meet the objectives    

Project manager has to evaluate the waste management and noise operations for avoiding such issues. The prior planning will support to overcome these issues (Crawford, 2014, p. 22)  

Human resources

The shortage of human resources and training about managing the work can affect the quality and cost of the operation for construction of hospital.

The manager will ensure availability of human resources and develop the contract with them for maintaining the flow of work and accomplishment

Financial risk  

The lack of funds can stop work and increase the time for completing the tasks. The delay in work also increase the cost of human resources and payment for inventory of raw material  

The sponsor and project manager will arrange the required funds through banking institutes which overcome the issues of delay or lack of funds (Joslin, and Müller, 2015, p. 1377-1392)

Health and safety

The lack of health and safety measures will influence the satisfaction level staff members and affect the working at risk position. This will have negative impact on quality as well as delay in work    

The proper analysis of risk position and installation and training about the utilization of health and safety equipments will support in managing the flow of operations

For proper implementation of risk management strategies and managing the operation according to the planned manner, the monitoring and control over the construction elements are essential (Kerzner and Kerzner, 2017, p. 38). The project manager will conduct a proper analysis of root causes of risks and provide the instruction and support to the team members for maintaining the design and flow of functions related to the construction of Northern Beaches hospital.    

For the construction project, the procurement management is an essential aspect to maintain the flow of operations. The project manager and supervisor will do the analysis of raw material, machinery that required for managing the construction operations. The project team will use the logistic control model for managing the procurement and meet the objectives (Heagney, 2016, p. 11). The consideration of this model will increase the effectiveness in the supply chain. The proper analysis of cost and quality of the different supplier according to requirements will be useful for the manager to develop the contract about the supply and inventory of the raw material and completing the task as per the estimated time and cost. Apart from that, the consideration of procurement management principles is also important for encouraging the effectiveness of the processes. The manager has developed the framework of procurement management by having compliance with state and national government laws for procurement management (Papke-Shields, and Boyer-Wright, 2017, p. 169-179). The major compliance for this project was done with health and safety, labor law and supplier agreement.

For effective procurement management, the evaluation of supplier is essential that increase the trust and ensure the quality. In order to evaluate the suppliers, the project manager has used the following strategy.

According to this strategy, the manager has analyzed the quality and prices of the different suppliers and focused on their relationship with other customers. This kind of approach has supported to develop the contract with the reliable supplier for supply of the raw material and managing the procurement of the project (Turner, 2014, p. 11).. This kind of approach is helping to manage the operation on time and supporting the manager to arrange the resources for the construction of the building. The analysis of stability and reliability of suppliers in the market will be beneficial for managing the inventory and planning of the operations for the construction. In addition to this, the project manager has used the centralized purchase process for managing the procurement functions. The centralized approach for buying and offering the goods and services for construction is helping the manager to take better decisions and control over the procurement functions (Kerzner, 2018, p. 28).             


From the study, it has been considered that project management is the broad term and having a significant impact on the planning and implementation of activities. The report has provided the essential information related to the planning of different operation of the construction project of Northern Beaches Hospital. The report has provided the detail information related to the human resource planning and management of the workforce team. Moreover, the report has discussed the risk identification and management approach for the construction of the hospital building. Furthermore, the report has provided the information related to procurement management and planning of the raw material and services. 


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