Proposed Project Scope

3-4 pages
You are creating a proposal for a client.  Think of this proposal as a pitch to your client. 

The proposed project scope should be three to four pages.
Select an organization and define what you want to study or propose as a change initiative.
State why you want to study it. 
What is the purpose of the study?  What is the outcome? i
Define the level of change (first-order or second-order),
What diagnostic models will you use?
Who would be part of your change initiative (stakeholders)? This is the team you would build.
Please address the cultural and/or global impact (if appropriate) while discussing the stakeholders.  You will use the topic you choose for the Change Initiative Proposal and the Final Project Change Initiative Proposal and Presentation.
 Make the paper look professional.  This is your time to be creative and see what you can do.

With any change project clarity in communication is a key element that can make a project a success or failure.  Write from a perspective of clarity for the stakeholders the project will affect. Think about what is the most effective way to communicate the project.  One way to do this is to state the key points and then give detail and supporting materials rather than building your case with supporting materials and then stating key points.

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