Quiz Show He Good Night and Good Luck Comparative Essay


ASSIGNMENT: WHO DID IT BETTER?Of the movies we’ve watched in class, “Quiz Show,” “The Front,”and “Good Night and Good Luck” were set in the 1950’s andbased to a large extent on real events in American broadcast history.Similarly, “The Post” and “All the President’s Men” were set inthe 1970’s and based on real events in journalism history.Many of you indicated that “Quiz Show” was among your favorites.What was it about the film “Quiz Show” that made it more compellingthan one of the other films? Using one of the films above, take a comparative look at that film and “Quiz Show,” identifying aparticular scene from each movie. (Note: you can also argue whyanother film was more compelling if you were not a fan of “Quiz Show.”)Hint: You can focus on any cinematic, directorial, narrative and/or adaptation aspect.Recommended length: 3-5 paragraphsMovies:The Post (2017)All the President’s Men (1976)Good Night and Good Luck (2005)Quiz Show (1994)The Front (1976)

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