Reasonable Adjustment For Learning And Assessment Activities

Understanding Reasonable Adjustment and Its Importance

As per the requirement the objectives, values and standards are defined in the template which is shown below and how the same contribute to the strategic objectives of the business are also discussed.

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Maximising the Profits of the business

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· Commitment towards development

· Profit driven Performance

Net Profit margin, Return on Equity and Assets of the business

Meeting the Expectation of Stakeholders

· Maintaining Integrity

· Efficiency

· Consistency in Policy Making

Improvement in the valuation of the business and sustainable practices in the business.

Expanding the scale of operations of the business

· Sustainable Growth

· Performance driven growths

Expansion of scale of operations in terms of products produced and distributed in the market.

Strategic direction (summary)

The aim of the company is to attain growth in the business which is sustainable in nature with overall improvement in technology and revenues of the business. The management wants to meet the expectation of the stakeholders at the same time pursue the long-term goals and objectives which are shown above.

The activities of the business are directed towards accomplishment of goals and objectives of the business and also adhering to the values which are established by the management. The management of the company is responsible for maintaining the operations of the business and also to ensure that responsibilities of the management is carried out effectively considering the objectives and goals of the business (Finch 2013). One of the objective of the business is to enforce sustainable practices in the business for which the management needs to formulate policies specifically to enforce such a practice and monitor the same. One of the practices which the management follows is related to sustainability training which is provided to employees and new recruits of the business.

The management in order to achieve the sustainable practices in the business in full scale needs to provide intimation to every department regarding the plan of the management and strict supervision is also to be applied by the management. The media which is used for communicating relevant information are done with help of emails and presentations (Wallace and Webber 2017). In order to confirm that the receiver of the mail understood the message and with proper meaning an revert back mail is necessary from the end of the receiver.

The expectation of internal groups and individuals who are working in a group or team plays a vital role not only in the performance of the team but also in personal performance of the individual as well (Griffin 2013). Moreover, the same also motivates the employees working in groups if the expectations of the employees are accepted and are likely to be fulfilled in near future.

In order to communicate about the expectation, od the employees, the best approach is to establish communication with the departmental head or the team lead. Moreover, better commitment can also be achieved by communicating with the Human resource manager and specifying the expectations of the employees.


What are the issues/expectations?

Environmental management

Issues: In appropriate waste management and dumping which affects the surrounding areas of the business.

Expectation: Formulation of a waste management plan and incorporation of sustainability practices allowing business to recycle or reuse the waste in order to minimize the impact of the same oon the environment.

Workplace health and safety

Issues: Application of outdated machines which compromises health standards of the employees and also makes the work environment dangerous.

Expectation: Replacements of outdated machines with new upgraded version and also improving the work[place to add more safety measures for the employees.

Product safety

Issues: Adulteration of products and improper packaging is the major concern in this respect.

Expectation: Incorporation of better packaging units with better equipment and maintenance of overall quality of the product.


Issues: Unsystematic services which is related to after sale services and also delay in after sale services of the business.

Expectation: Improvement in supervision and control on the part of the management in order to rectify the issues identified.

Values and ethics

Issues: Some of the managers and employees as well are not acting in an ethical manner and engaged in ethical misconduct.

Expectation: Strict Adherence to ethical standards and equality in the policy towards all employees of the business.

Who needs this information?

Relevant groups and individuals

In a group, relevant information which are significant for the operations of the group should be shared with all members and especially with team leads as this will help in decision making process of the business.

What is the information that needs to be communicated to relevant groups and individuals?

The information which needs to be communicated with group members commonly comprise of performance update of a work, critical event occurrence which can affect the work, estimated time period for completion of work, changes in prices of labour or materials in case a product is produced.

How can the incident be communicated to other staff?

The information which is shared by a member in a group or team can be shared with entire staff with the help of mails or team or departmental meetings, power point presentations and also during question and answer hour.

What limitations may exist for communicating to relevant groups and individuals?

The limitation which is faced by the business in communicating information to employees are mainly related to leakage of information outside the business.

Suggested area

Your comments or suggestions

What examples are there of a culture of trust, confidence and respect with communication from appropriate workplace senior management?

The senior management of the company tends to listen to the grievances of the employees in every month in order to improve the relation with the employees and solve their problems (Uhl and Gollenia 2016). The senior management has also introduced a helpline which can be used by employees in case of any reporting to be done or emergency and the names of the employee using such a helpline will not be disclosed. The business also has a motivation campaign where the senior management conducts an interactive session with employees taking all suggestions and motivating the employees of the business.

What are some examples of positive role modelling existing in your organisation?

The business has senior members who were excellent performers of their time and they also conduct training sessions while sharing their experience on job which isgood motivator for the employees.

What examples are there to explain what effective communication is?

The management of the company communicate with the employees of the business with the help of emails and presentations which are used in meetings. In case of Finance or production departments generally budgets are used.

What are the benefits of diversity for your company/department?

The benefits which are associated with diversity of operations or business line is that the same reduces the risks of the business and ensures revenues for the business.  

Globalization may be defined as a process in which interaction are done with companies, people and governments who operates in foreign countries and the process is conducted in order to facilitate international trade among countries which may of raw materials, fuels, goods, services or even technology (Hirst, Thompson and Bromley 2015). Technological advancement is mainly initiated by globalization and it is capable of changing the entire shape of an economy.

Linkages between Organizational Objectives, Values, and Responsibilities

Some of the examples which can be given for technological advancements in the business are improved accounting and reporting system where the management of the company uses Integrated accounting software packages for efficient reporting process. Then there is the improvement in payroll system which facilitates payment of salaries of staff and employees in a timely fashion. The machinery used are also upgraded in order to improve the efficiency in operational activity of the business.

The benefits of globalization which can be identified are given below:

  • The interaction with foreign countries has opened the scope of the business for further penetration and expansion in foreign soils.
  • The business has access to better technology, raw materials, fuels and technical Knowhow due to globalization.
  • The business has access to funds in the form of foreign investments.

The challenges which the management of the company faces due to globalization practices are listed below:

  • Increased level of competition in the market as foreign businesses operating in same industry also enters the domestic market and thereby competition increases in domestic market.
  • As the business opens foreign investment, there is chance of getting the ownership to go to foreign investors which is not good for business.

The management of the company has a policy where by in season which are busy for the business, employees has the option to work overtime for double bonus in order to meeting the increasing demands for the products. In addition to this, flexibility in shift timings are provided to employees in case of occasions and emergency on the part of the employees.

An example which can be given for adaptability in the business is the requirement of amended accounting standards which are required by law are adapted by the accounting department and reports are presented in similar fashion. There is processes where employees are switched so that they can be accustomed to each process and therefore in such situations the employees need to adapt to change of work and learn new aspects.

The records of past year’s performance are easily accessible by the top level management and even for the auditor of the business through the reporting software used by the business. Information regarding the suppliers can be accessed through records but permission needs to be taken from management.

Workplace examples

Consultation and participation in decision making with appropriate people

In case the management of he company provides leadership of a department or a team.

Existing Departmental Managers are to be consulted for guidance and also in decision-making process of the business.

In case the management appoints an employee for leading a project or survey

The leader is to consult with departmental heads and the operational manager of the business and also plan the moves of the business with the operational manager

Requirement 2E

The important decision which was taken by the employee was to increase the area for conducting the market survey for the new product which is to be introduced by the business.

SWOT analysis of this decision example

Its strengths

· Better coverage to the entire areas

· More accurate data available about consumer perspective.

Its weaknesses

· Loss of additional Time and resources on the part of the management

· Increase in the overall costs of the business.

Its opportunities

· Opportunity to penetrate new markets with new products

· Opportunity to tap into a new market and establish market dominance and initiate expansion of the business

Its threats

· Competitive pressure in the new areas is essential for the survival of the business.

· Risk of failure to lure customers to the new business.

The management of the business is considering to open another business operation center in another place as a part of the expansion plan of the business. In order to disclose this fact to the customers in order to attract new customers from that area, the management has applied all three media of advertisement and promotion which are television, printed media and online advertisement.

The company does not have a job description template for the different position which is offered to employees and staff of the business. An example of the Job description template is given below:

Specifications for Relevant Media and Language Used

The management can keep track whether the teams are well sourced or not with the help of monitoring the activities of the business and also with the help of performance reports which are available to the management of the company on a monthly basis.

Delegation refers to the power of the top management to redirect a responsibility and authority of the top management to a lower subordinate which is later review by the top management.

The key elements which are present in a team which makes the overall team successful in an organization are listed below in details:

  • Openness: The openness in the team environment helps each and every individual to communicate freely his thoughts and ideas and thereby improving the team culture.
  • Interpersonal Relations: In a team environment which can facilitate openness in communication, interpersonal relations develop very easily which strengthen the bond of employees and motivates them to perform even beyond their expectations (O’Donnell 2014).
  • Problem Solving Ability: The abilities and skills of the team members always play a vital role but the ability to solve a problem with the help of others and developing a skill makes a team unique in its own way.

As per Tuckman’s model of five stages of team development, it can be said that the team which is considered for the organization is in norming stage where team member has earned the trust of each other and also resolved issues in the team.

Ethical investment made by your organisation and what that represents to you?

The management of the company has made investments in changing the business structure of the company in order to facilitate sustainable development in order to meet the expectation of the society as well as meet the expectation of the shareholders (Crane and Matten 2016).

Ethical training programmes.

The management of the company has devised a training program for the new recruits which is related to sustainable practices and the training program includes techniques like recycling, reuse, waste reduction (Remišová, Lašáková and Kirchmayer 2016).

Codes of conduct with particular reference to the increasing diversity in the workplace.

The code of conduct of the business includes practices which are listed below:

· Fair treatment for all employees

· Equal opportunities to all without any discriminations

· Promotion and better pay based on skills, loyalty and experience.

Leadership styles


This style of leadership allows the managers to think about every aspect in a conceptual manner and think long term future of the business. An example can be given of the managers who are involved in planning and forecasting


 In this form of leadership, the employees and workers are provided an opportunity to provide their inputs for the decision-making process of the business (Clarke 2013). An example can be given for the decisions which are made by operational manager of the company


This type of leadership depends on the behaviour and traits of the leader of the business and an example for the same can be given about the team leaders of each department (Nanjundeswaraswamy and Swamy 2014).


In this leadership leader segregates his tasks to his subordinates for proper functioning of the business. An example can be given of the operations who delegates some of his powers and duties to the team leaders


In this leadership style, the leaders effectively set the plan and goals and also sets the activities to achieve the same and the subordinates are to follow the direction of the leader (Du et al. 2013). An example can be given of operation plan which is developed by operational manager of the business.


In this style the leader sets the targets and objectives and does not get much support from the subordinates of the business.

In order to achieve the goals of the organization, the managers needs to provide a safe working environment and proper safety measures and proper salary with incentive scheme in order to keep them motivated.

Some of the resources such as safety kits, better equipment are to be purchased from external sources of the business and the business also will be requiring funds to carry out business operations

The necessary skill to handle the update machinery and also attain certain skills in computer technology is useful and will help in achieving the personal objectives of the business. The knowledge which can be attained is related to attaining efficiency in handling software programs and the system In order to achieve personal goals of the employee half way mark is to be set which can be related to first promotion or appraisal in the business.

Some examples of assessment

Do well



I clarify roles and responsibilities


I define priorities for our organisation


I make planning strategically a high priority


I understand the ethical responsibility that comes with leadership


I align the efforts of individuals and teams with the organisations vision, values, and objectives


I deal with issues and concerns promptly


I regularly build team spirit and morale and get results


I consider and offer developmental challenges.


I work diligently and selflessly to achieve organisational goals for performance, quality, service, profits, and corporate responsibility


The purpose of network is the exchange and acquisition of important information in order to achieve the goals which can have an impact on the career. The best way for networking is to take assistance of friends and family which can bring about changes in organization

The role of interpersonal communication in a business is very much essential part of leadership style as this motivates the employees of the business considerably allowing the employees to out-perform their expectations.

One of the traits of leadership is to motivate the employees of the business which can be done by engaging in interpersonal communication with employees of the business. This will also create an appropriate environment for the leaders to encourage participation in decision-making process.

Methods for Validating Message Receipt and Understanding

The benefits which are associated with networking in a business environment are listed below:

  • Better Referral Program and better access to potential employees
  • It can have a positive influence on the business
  • Promoting workplace culture and ethics and build an effective environment for the employees (Chung 2014).

In order to get the most out of the networking plan of the management, the management needs to don their homework properly as to whom they are connecting with and also focus on the communication aspect which can set out the business in front of such contacts which can help the business (Hamid et al. 2015).

Requirement 5

The most common risks which businesses face is relating to retention of key personnel in the business and the problem of employment turnover ratio. An example from the workplace can be given for key personnel who went to other businesses for better pay. The consequence of such risk is that the business will lose out on key professional who could have made a difference. This can be avoided if the employees are kept satisfied and motivated in the working environment.

The mission and vision of the business can be communicated to the employees as well as external shareholders with the help of annual report of the business where the mission and vision statement are attached. In addition to this, mission and vision can also be communicated in a meeting of the business.

Requirement 2

The role of a leader is very crucial in performance of a team and a business as a whole as the leader motivates the employees of the business in order to increase their level of efficiency and also the productivity of the employees (Mahdinezhad and Suandi 2013). They are also responsible for solving any disputes which are related to the team,

In order to develop an effective team which can manage the operations of the business, the following steps are to be followed by the management of the company

  • Establish leadership in a team where the judgements and decisions of an individual are followed by everyone.
  • Build trust among the team which can be done by establishing communication with each other.
  • Building strong interpersonal relationship between the employees of the business
  • To set the ground rules and regulations which are to be followed by the group in pursuance of the goals of the business.

In order to support a tea, the first step is to identify the needs of the members of the team. In addition to this, promotion of work satisfaction, job guarantee and better pay can support team members and also keep the atmosphere of the team satisfied.

Personal competence can be demonstrated effectively by have a sound ethical background and should have a professional outlook. In case of professional competencies, the skills and leadership quality, problem solving ability of employees fall under this category (Remišová, Lašáková and Búciová 2014). Moreover, Personal competencies can also be shown following appropriat5e management skills.


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