Reasons To Choose Vancouver For International Studies

Education Standards in Vancouver

Canada has been a preference since the past for many people. Since the ancient times, such as close to 50,000 and 17,000 years ago, migration to Canada was taking place. Different factors were able to agitate the movement of these ancient people into Canada (Citizenship and Immigration, Canada, 2013). Likewise, migration to Canada takes place up to today although different factors may agitate these migrations. Being an international student is something is have always admired. Several reasons have been able to push for my decision to be an international student in Vancouver, Canada. One of the key reason which made be to choose Vancouver for my international studies is the educational standards in the country. Vancouver is known as the big tech orbit in Canada and known for its famous several high educational institutes. The structure of the courses in these tertiary universities are able to offer high quality contents which will definitely benefit the students. The quality of educational standards is an important factor to enhance the international competitiveness. In addition, as one of the big tech orbit in Canada, Vancouver is able to offer great opportunities for the students to kick start off their career. The city has different fields according to specialization with great opportunities to start off their career. This is an important consideration which made me to choose Vancouver for the international studies. Whether I will be a permanent citizen or not, the foundational steps on my career are important and Vancouver, Canada is a great place to offer a great foundation for my career.  In addition, Vancouver has great opportunities for part-time jobs which are important for experience.

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In addition, Vancouver has interesting off the studies activities which include different leisure places and interesting places to visit. It can take a maximum of 45 minutes to cross the entire city but with many discoveries of the city beauty. In addition, the Vancouver weather is described as mild winter and maximum temperatures during summer are favorable. The climatic adoption is not easy in the city and thus a key mover of the choice to study in Vancouver. Most importantly, as an international student, you need to move to places where the ethical and linguistic diversities can be well accommodated. 50 percent of the inhabitants in Vancouver have English as their mother tongue. About 30% has Chinese roots and thus it is easy to find linguistic routes in this city (Council of Ministers of Education, Statistique Canada, & Pan-Canadian Education Indicators Program, 2016). Most importantly, Vancouver has different options for accommodation for students. The standard of living is favorable with good transportation networks. All these makes the city an international zone which has different options for international students. Additionally, for leisure activities, Vancouver has great nature and sportsmanship. Ski stations where the city is surrounded by rocky environment and great mountains makes it easy to have different leisure activities. The city is suitable for different sporting activities which makes it a unique place to study. The affordability in living standards is an important factor to look at as an international student and Vancouver is able to provide a better option. In fact, Vancouver is a home away from home.

Career Opportunities in Vancouver

Some of the key barriers to my migration to Vancouver was the fear of rejection. Moving to foreign country and leaving family and friends behind posed a treat barrier for me to move to new location. I imagine moving to a country where I don’t know anyone and starting a new life. It is like being born while I am old already. New start over is never easy and even family members have been against it for a long. They fear losing you and I feared losing them for long. Nevertheless, with the internal standards set out in Vancouver, I had to take the challenge and move to the city. In addition, as an Indian, language barrier was another key challenge which I was facing before moving. How will I be able to commutate if no one can speak my language? Will they be able to understand my version pf English? These are some of the key linguist questions I was having and posing a key barrier. More important, ethical discrimination also passed through my mind and have to worry about ethical discrimination. I thought of being alienated in a foreign country where no one knows you. The through of ethical discrimination posed a great barrier to my choice to move to Vancouver a land I knew no one. Lastly, security issue was a concern especially when moving out of an environment I have grown and understood. The status of security in Vancouver was not a major concern but moving in a new environment where I did not understand well was posing a barrier for me to move. In addition, the differences in economies and the financial strains was another great barrier which I was facing (Citizenship and Immigration, 2015). The worry for financial balancing was a great worry at initial stages and this was posing a great barrier for me to move to Vancouver. Another important barrier was access to the labor market as part time student. Will I be able to get equal opportunity to access and be accepted at the job market? These were some of the key barriers is was experiencing as I was making the decision to be an international student in Canada.

As an international student from India, I have been able to experience differences in foreign country. The difference between India and Vancouver have been able to enhance my capacity to relate with other. My identity has been able to remain but the experience in Vancouver has been able to transform my relating factors with others (Ramia, Marginson, & Sawir, 2013). Vancouver has an international identity and relating with different international students has helped me to learn on different aspects from different parts of the world. The student from my home country has different background from other international students. The initial days were able to bring out the difference between home students and other international students. Nevertheless, being in Vancouver, the students were able to improve their international standards of relation and the atmosphere is set to another level.

Part-time Jobs and Accommodation for International Students in Vancouver


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India stands out as one of the important area where the students prefer to move to Canada for their internal studies. Nevertheless, other countries such as China had more students in the country. About 30% of the total international students in Canada are able to come from India, Korea and Saudi Arabia. The growth of the southern Asia students in Canada is reported to stand at 217% as in between 2008 and 2012 (Statistics Canada, 2016). The emulsification of students from these countries to the Canadian culture seem to be easy and a better place for the students to undertake their international studies. The place has international platform to offer better education standards and proper integration to the international standards. Vancouver has a better environment for international students to learn and acquire necessary skills in life and educational wise.

The migration has been able to help the evolvement of different perspectives of my life and identity. I have been able to understand different international perspectives and understanding people from different parts. Vancouver is able to offer a great place with international standards due to the diversity of the internal students visiting the city. The migration has been able to enhance my view on different international issues from the international perspectives. Understanding others culture helps you to modify the understanding of different social and economic issues from different perspectives. These are areas which has been able to modify the lifestyle and way of life after being in Vancouver. In addition, my social perspective and relation has been enhanced after relating with different students from different social perspectives (Kanopy, 2016). Vancouver has been able to offer the best experience for personal growth and understanding of key international issues. Most importantly, in terms of education, the platform in the city has the best educational facilities which has global competitiveness. This is able to enhance the educational competitiveness of the students in the global arena. In addition, in terms of experiences, the platforms to have part-time jobs to enhance the experiences are provided for in Vancouver. This helps to enhance the competitiveness of the students after leaving the educational institution. After the experience in Vancouver, the perspective of my family on migration has changed. They have the urge to visit such places where the integration is easy and learning that migration is a global aspect happening everywhere.

Lastly, the migration status has been able to evolve and acceptance of different ethnic groups in different parts has been done. The social and ethical discrimination is going down wash day and the acceptance of migration is happening in all regions. Fear of moving out of one location to another is also reducing each day. The experiences on international studies has been able to help enhancing the understanding of key issues and understanding the platforms for international students.


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