RECR 2014 Georgian College Hispanic & Latino Diverse Population of The United States Paper


RECR 2014 – Program Practical & Paper
Diverse Population Program Plan
Purpose: In this assignment, you will research a diverse population of your choice and develop and
implement a program plan to meet their needs in the community. You will also include how you
would educate and gain support from the surrounding community for such program.
This assignment has a written 20% and presentation 10% component. The written portion is due in
week 11 Dec 1st at 10am via turnitinlink under assignments tab on black board. See instructions for
written component below. Your presentation will be you teaching the class about your diverse
group, your program and the details. Presentations will be in lab during weeks 9, 10 & 11 – sign ups
will be first come first serve. (if you miss one of those days we can do week 13)
Part 1 – In this section:
• Research the diverse population of your choice – get creative. Describe and list your diverse
• Outline their needs to participate in a public recreation program or your choice, in the areas of
physical, social and intellectual.
• Don’t forget cost could be a big factor.
Part 2 – In this section: your
Develop a program plan in detail discussing the needs of your client (Activity or Program of your
Your plan must provide an environment that promotes and fosters physical, social and psychological
You must also elaborate to how you would educate and gain support in the community for this
What you need to know….
• The paper must use proper APA format
• Maximum 8 pages (not including title page and references)
• Due: Week 11 Tuesday at 10am via turnitinlink
Marking Scheme Paper 20%
Part 1 – Research a Diverse Population and provide background
information on the population or condition.
Outlining their needs (Physical, intellectual and social)
Cost Factor that are to be considered
Part 2 Development of a Program Plan (Program of your choice)
Discussion on Community Education and Support
APA format
Possible Marks
Student’s Mark
Part 3 – Presentation 10%
Students will pick a lab date during week 9, 10 and 11 to present your program for your diverse population. The
presentation is for student to educate other students on a specific diverse population, why you chose your
program (program and purpose fit), what activities will you do and why, how will you overcome potential
barrier? Market your program? Where will you hold your program? Cost? How can you modify and adapt (or
make accommodations) for your program?
Presentations will be 8-10 minutes in length.

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