Research Methodology For Oil And Gas Industry In The UK

Research Questions

Research methodology is a process, which helps in explaining the research questions included in the research. Research methodology helps in understanding the process of carrying out the research in a scientifically way. The Research techniques and tools are described in by the chapter. The Data collection and analyzing technique has been discussed in the topic. The use of the research design have helped in providing a proper description to design of research. Selection of data collection process has been properly justified in the study. In addition, the approach of the research is apportioned essentially into two arrangements, information gathering system and data research considering. Analysis of data and information collected from various sources have been proposed in this chapter.

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The research question are as following:

  • What are the problems faced in the UK oil and gas sector?
  • What are the risks involved in the UK oil and gas sector?
  • What are recommended strategies for mitigating these problems in the UK oil and gas sector?

These research questions have been crea6ed using the concept of the research study and different current scenario in the literature and the rationale of the study. The current problems faced by the UK oil and gas industry has been focused in research. The research has focused on the concept of oil and gas industry in the UK. The problems in oil mining in project has been identified. Different contracts have been related to the UK oil and gas sector. The primary aim of research is to understand leadership in offshore engineering construction in the engineering market. The cost arrangement strategy has been discussed in the chapter. The purpose of the doing the research is to analyze the project management risks and threats. The use of project management in the study have helped in intoning the timeline of the research. Various tool and techniques of the project management t ca be accessible for other people, project outcome can be so boring. The use of the Australian Bureau policies have helped in maintaining the ethical consideration in the research.

Data collection is a process by which data and information related to the study are collected properly. However, data collection methods are divided into two types including primary and secondary method. The primary data collection deals with the raw data collected from the primary sources. Primary data collection method can be divided into two types including qualitative and quantitative data collection method. Quantitative data collection method refers to the mathematical calculation data and information in the research. These methods include online survey questionaries’ with close-ended questions related to the UK oil and gas sector. Quantitative methods are cheaper than that of other data collection methods and take short time for completion. Qualitative research methods contradicts the mathematical approach in the data collection. It is rather close to emotions, feelings, sounds and words. However, qualitative data collection methods include data collection from open-ended questions in the interviews, focus groups and observations. This research has used primary data collection method to collect data samples for the research study. An online survey form has been created and uploaded on the website. The use of online survey form have helped in collecting data and information from participants of the survey. The population size of the survey have been 120 workers in the oil and gas sector in the UK. Random sampling method has been used to select 75 workers from the total population. Therefore, the sample size for the research is 75 workers of the oil and gas sector in the UK. The primary data collection method has been selected as this method help in collecting huge number of data and information in a smaller amount of time. However, qualitative data collection method has been selected for collecting data and information. Five open-ended questions have been asked to the three managers of the oil and gas sector companies in the UK. Their views and answers have been collected as the qualitative data.

Data Collection Methods

The researcher speaks to the research plan and this research arrangement assists with demonstrating the arrangement of the research subject. At the period of data aggregation, the researcher gets an unmistakable approach. The research approach is helpful in portraying the research design. There are three sorts of research plan that are considered and they are explanatory, exploratory and descriptive. Exploratory arrangement encourages the researcher to a mass contemplations and musings that are relied upon to complete the research. The educational research arrangement portrays the occasion of the scenes related with the research. Eventually, the graphic’s outline will likely gather unobtrusive components with suitable portrayal of the research subject. As indicated by Flick (2015), explore Design is a technique that aides in gathering information and data identified with the research. Three sorts of research design are descriptive, explanatory and exploratory. Distinct outline helps in giving observational investigation of the research components. The researcher has utilized distinct outline min this research. The utilization of this plan helps in giving quantitative way to deal with investigation of accumulated information and data in regards to the research theme.

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 There are three sorts of research design including exploratory, explanatory and descriptive research plans. Exploratory research is for most part worried over the issue of the examination that has not been discussed. Descriptive design contemplations in understanding conditions and delayed consequences of two components.

In this research, the researcher has chosen enlightening exploration configuration recalling a definitive target of the exploration. In this exploration, the researcher has utilized both essential and optional information accumulation process. With a specific genuine goal to collect the basic data, the specialist has driven review and meeting. Exploratory structure helps an auditor in observing specific sorts of musings and scientists required to complete a research paper. Regardless, enlightening exploration design portrays the occasion of scenes or events and correspondingly effect of occasion (Maxwell, 2012).

In this research, researcher has collected data from population and Descriptive research setup gives a multifaceted technique to oversee social event and research of information. The data gathering process is enormous as assistants are phenomenal and entrancing exploration arrangement can give change result in information from an impressive measure of information. Descriptive system suggests the research demand and information look into in the given subject. Additionally, unmistakable bits of information can help researcher to pick occasions, coordinates delineates and depicts information (Knobe and Nichols 2013). Instructive application has been rejected for this research as Descriptive application bolsters the longitudinal research thought. The unmistakable diagram has been picked as the picked look at outline.

Research Design

Data and information can be analyzed in two ways including quantitative and qualitative analysis. The quantitative data analysis deals with primary raw data that has been collected from primary sources including online survey. Data has been properly analyzed with by quantitative data analysis. Results will be shown in Likert scale range from 1 to 5. The analysis has been done with the help of graphs and tables that have helped in proper interpretation and displaying of results for the readers.

The qualitative data analysis deals with the analysis of data collected from secondary sources including online journals, books and reports. However, this research has used quantitative data analysis of data. In this research, to separate the data accumulated from research, the researcher has taken help of quantitative data research framework. In quantitative data inquire about, the researcher researches data through numerical research and the researches are done in light of the research questions. Moreover, quantitative data research should be done in wake of coordinating the written work study. In this research, the researcher has associated the quantitative data revelations with written work review region (Cicourel 2016). Quantitative information investigation technique tests hypothesis and it develops estimate without limits. The data disclosures have furthermore been shown in tables and research has been done in light of revelations. Data accumulated from Interviews have been bankrupt down using subjective data research framework. Data of the subjective research are pictures, words and challenges. As demonstrated by Clemence et al. (2014), subjective data are accumulated into a kind of understanding, illumination and explanation. In this research, responses of undertaking have been shown in tables and research has been made through settling with the theoretical perspectives. Subjective data inquire about gives help with all around research and it uses transcendently subjective information (Silverman 2016). The subjective research examines complex request that can give help with overseeing regard stacked request (Neuman and Robson 2014).

The research approach is strategy or plan that contains refres to accumulate the data with wide assumptions. Research approach helps about methodology that guides data social affair, interpretation and research. As communicated by Smith (2015), ask about approach in light of mainly look into issue. In addition, the approach of the research is apportioned essentially into two arrangements, information gathering system and data research considering. There are two sorts of research approach, inductive approach and deductive approach. In this research, the researcher has embraced help of deductive procedure. The deductive approach helps in maintaining the approach of the research in two ways including inductive and deductive. The deductive approach helps in maintaining the focus on the goals and objectives of the research.

Data Analysis

In this research, researcher has chosen deductive approach with a particular extraordinary objective to lead look into. Deductive approach is critical in completing a quantitative research. In this researcher of association, probability of meander scope change association and undertaking targets have been taken after aide colleague that helps with make idealize look into scope through deductive approach. Deductive approach begins from the presentation of standards and takes after by vocations of theories. Despite what might be expected side, inductive approach is the right invert of the deductive approach, it begins from philosophy, speculation, and starting now and into the foreseeable future, the researcher goes for perception and declare thought.

Research philosophy is thought in regards to which information is amassed, utilized and investigated. The gathered information must be an imperative part of research (Taylor et al. 2015). Research philosophy is by and large of three sorts, Positivism, realism and interpretivism. Despite what might be expected side, Interpretivism hypothesis supervises humanism approach that is nullified by and large to standard science. Realism thinking mainly manages chance of human character with philosophical approach. In this exploration, researcher has picked positivism speculation to lead the researcher. The positivism philosophy manages the truth that can be watched and depicted in the goal perspective. In this researcher, to isolate the information gathered from investigate, the researcher has taken help of quantitative information explore structure. In quantitative information ask about, researcher looks into the information through numerical research and inquires about are done in light of the exploration questions. The utilization of positivism logic has been keeping up the reasonability of the general population and the perception of them in the exploration ponder. The researcher has confidence in the logical approach of towards the exploration theme. The use of single independent variable has been maintaining the complexity and reducing them up to a minimum level. Positivism has been a particular successful development of the physical and natural sciences. The use of positivism philosophy has been an important devilment in the research study that helps in maintaining the scientific approach of research study. The use of typical implication of the positivism philosophy has been maintained in the research study. Some of the variable has been properly addressed using the constituent parts.

Positivism rationality assembles data in quantitative and subjective with a logic approach. In addition, positivism depends on science to assemble data (Schuckert, Liu and Law 2015). In this research, subject of research is scope organization and assignment goals, the researcher has separated existing theories and thoughts regarding the topic. Positivism perspective in ask about enables the researcher in looking at research to subject through investigations where quantitative data is the essential concerned. Positivism is exceedingly composed that has offered help to researcher to assemble the data. Specifically, positivism hypothesis depends upon generally quantifiable data that incite doing true research (Flick 2015). Interpretivism refers to the subjective interpretation and intervention of the subjective reality. Therefore, the study of phenomena in the natural environment have been maintained in order to maintain a proper environment. The inclusion of the interpretivism philosophy has been intoning the observational data and information of the research study. The use of interpretivism has been maintaining the correlative analysis of the data and information of the research study.

Research Approach

The validity and reliability of the sources of data and information have been properly verified. The survey participants have been properly verified and answers are reliable and valid. In addition, the approach of the research is apportioned essentially into two arrangements, information gathering system and data research considering. There are two sorts of research approach, inductive approach and deductive approach. In this research, the researcher has embraced help of deductive procedure. The deductive approach helps in maintaining the approach of the research in two ways including inductive and deductive. The answers and thoughts provided by the managers in the companies have been well maintained and verified properly. As they are the managers of a company therefore, there answers need to be reliable and validated. The survey has been conducted with the close-ended questions, therefore, there is no scope of providing any illogical answers ti the survey questions.  Therefore, the answers provided by the survey participants have been properly verified and validated.

The researcher took after every single lawful factor in planning the research. As research is consolidated with respondents and principal data gathering methodology, researcher took after 30 of the Basic Law (Chapter III, Public Rights and Duties) that ensures possibility of correspondence. The researcher has attempted to dismiss slants while investigating information and partner with objectives. The information and data of members have been legitimately kept up and secured by the researcher. Outcomes and results the research will not be published until completion of research. The use of data and information for beneficial of research study has been dine.  The data and information related to the research have not been tampered or modified during the research study. The use of the Data protection Act 1998 has helped in maintaining the security of the data and information of participants in the survey. The use of various policies in the research has been helping in maintaining the ethical behavior of researcher with other researchers and participants in the research study.

The research subject has not given any evil to gathering and it encouraged individuals to give their decisions. Different sorts of reference bunches have impacted clients in three ways including instructive impact, utilitarian impact and esteem Descriptive impact. These sorts of impacting helps in keeping up and giving a correct choice to obtaining an item from the market. These reference gatherings and persuasive write helps in giving an appropriate way to deal with the viable of the items and its purchasing choice in the clients (Wojdynski and Evans 2016). In this way, these make an extraordinary open door in the market for offering items in market by having a decent effect in market by their upgraded nature of items and administrations.


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