Revision Policy

Revision Policy guide our interaction with the client when he/she is disatisfied with complete work submitted by our editors. Although revision is rare in our company, we commit ourself to ensure that our customers are satisfied. The following guides our revision:


  • Revision must only be accordance with  the original instruction. Change of instructions cannot form the basis for revision. This includes change in formating styles, titles, and the work content. In such cases, the client has to place a new order.


  • The company is committed to undetake a maximum of five (5) free revision for a single paper if  there has been no change of instruction. Any further revision requires discussion with the support team to understand the situation that has neccesiated such revisions.


  • A customer is allowed to request for a revision before approving the paper or within fourteen (14) days after the order deadline. Note that if an order is not approved within forteen days and no revision has  been requested, the order will be approved automatically by the system and no revision can be requested for such order.


  • Incase a customer request for reassignment of the order to a different writer, he/she is liable for any cost that the current writer may have incured for his/her order.


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