Rutgers University Due Diligence Checklist Contract Paper

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You work in the HR Department of a company that would like to establish a relationship with a manufacturing plant in Mexico. The company your organization is considering contracting with promises assembly savings of 30%, provided that your organization manages the employees (both local and from headquarters) who are working at the plant. That would allow your organization to become much more price competitive in the industry. Your C.E.O. has scheduled a meeting for Monday and asked you to represent the interests of HR with questions that should be asked to do HR-related due diligence.You want to show up to Monday’s meeting with at least 10 key questions that you consider key to making the final decision. In all likelihood, this will not be the last opportunity to partner with another company. So, you want to make sure that your questions cover every key HR-related area.Please list your 10 questions and, with each one, the reason you believe it to be essential.

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