San Antonio College Who is Dmitri Shostakovich Discussion


Introduction to Humanities 1315 Learning Module- Music in Context : In this module, we will discover the various aspects such as biographical information, history, current events, and symbolism that give context to music. Student Learning Objectives:Employ formal elements and principles to critically analyze various works of the visual and performing arts.Articulate the creative process of artistic works as expressions of human experience and cultural values.Demonstrate an understanding of the aesthetic principles that guide the creation of, and response to, the arts.Describe the relationship of the arts to everyday life. Assessment Learning Objectives:Grasp the significance of context in art.Develop knowledge of cultural/ historical milestones in the arts and humanities.Demonstrate an appreciation and understanding of the arts and humanities through critical review of a work (e.g., painting, composition,book, article, or philosophical treatise).Identify how historical events, artists’ biographies and experiences, symbolism, and societal norms impact works of art.Articulate contextual understanding of a work of art or artist through academic discussion.Tasks:Browse the In-Depth studies on Music in Context.Choose 1 In-Depth Study and watch all associated videos and read and engage with all the materials in that study.Complete the Graded Discussion on Music in Context.Graded Discussion Music in Context99 unread replies.99 replies.Initial Discussion: For this Fine Arts discussion, you will choose one of the in-depth studies from this week and watch all associated videos and links. Things to consider in your post, how does what you learned about your in-depth study help you to better understand art, better understand the world, or better understand humanity? If you learned about a specific artist or work, how did the artist’s life reflect in his work? How did the time period or things going on in the world affect the art? Be sure to give at least 2 examples of how the context you learned deepened your understanding. Beyond that, you may talk about how the art or artist spoke to you, what you felt when looking at the art and learning more about it, and how the art, artist, or time period relates to today or specific areas of our humanity. Dmitri Shostakovich was a composer who had a very complicated relationship with the Soviet Union being at once a point of pride for the union and also a threat. Watch the video below to learn a bit more about Shostakovich and why his music was so incendiary.

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