SDSU Linder Parker Memorial Lecture with Sarah Whitt Journal

Description you don’t have to attend the whole even i have attached a document with the summary and important quotes form the evenTo receive extra credit for attending an event, you must meet all of the following requirements for each extra credit opportunity:3) write one 300 word (minimum) journal entry describing the event in detail and reflecting on what you learned from the event4) in your journal entry, also analyze how the event specifically connects to learning materials from at least one of our Modules, as well as how it connects to at least one of our key terms from the semester.the event connect to learning materials from model 4 were we learned about boarding school and the horrific event that took place back then. The key term that this event connect to is “assimilation”The policy of assimilation was an attempt to destroy traditional Indian cultural identities. Many historians have argued that the U.S. government believed that if American Indians did not adopt European-American culture they would become extinct as a people.…here are some materials from Model 4:…

Before we get going, I would also like to remind the audience that
i’ll be discussing native American boarding school era history.
Specifically Carlisle and
16:00 As many of you know, the Carlisle Indian industrial school
in Carlisle Pennsylvania, was the first residential facility intended
solely for the indoctrination of American Indian children during
the so called allotment and simulation era federal Indian policy.
16:14 As many of you also know, Captain Richard Henry Pratt
and experienced military man founded Carlisle as a way to quote
civilized native children by divesting them of their lifeways.
16:25 carlisle’s official aim as Pratt famously stated was to quote
kill the Indian and save the man and from 1879 to 1918 one
institution was closed native communities resisted this aim with
varying degrees of success.
16:41 What some of you in the audience may not know, however, is
that, in addition to native children and youth native women and men
attended Carlisle in large numbers.
16:46 In fact, after 1900 adults who are 18 years of age and older
all the way up to 45 in one instance made up an increasingly
large proportion of institutions population and from 1912 to 1918
they were the demographic majority.
17:21 Others, like Pablo and roll thinking it would increase their
opportunities in life and left Carla believing they had secured
meaningful work, only to be greeted by intense forms of anti
Indian racism that jeopardize their employment status or the
physical, mental or spiritual well being.
17: 53 As I document in my research these experiences suggest
that for many adults Carla was not a school at all, it was a place
where Labor was performed continuously and we’re punishment
was routine.

00:21:07The primary motive for indigenous elimination is not race, but
access to territory territoriality is settler colonialism specific irreducible

15:22 But public letter also suggest that, even though he was
employed at an Indian school and thus ostensibly free of the kind
of racialized surveillance, he experienced as a Carlisle enrollee.
15:32Because behavior was still constantly under scrutiny by his
White colleagues effect that showcases the pervasiveness of
white supremacy and the malleability of settler institutions and
maintaining power over native people.
15:45 As Pablo his experiences illustrate and stark relief, even though
he was the person responsible for administering discipline to the
students of greenville to his White colleagues probably would always
be a disciplinary subject.

00:18:28Pablo knew, for example, that his colleagues at greenville
discriminated against him on the basis of intentionality.

00:18:34He could also identify the source of his trouble the boys
matron who gossiped about him to a supervisor.

00:18:41According to archival documents contained in his Carlisle
record Pablo was a relatively educated man.

00:19:23But in the context of an era in which widespread racism
permeated the very fabric of American society public words register
something more subtle.

00:19:33They speak to a broader awareness of the structures of
supremacy white hegemony Labor discrimination
criminalization and racialized punishment, he negotiated as
escalera man, as well as to his determination to direct the
outcome of his life.

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