Selection Of Attendance Software For Apple INC – Comparison Of Three Leading Software Companies

This report includes the selection of attendance software for Apple INC offered by three leading software manufacturing organizations. Previous attendance software was not effective as it shows wrong information and records inadequately irrelevance to the practical information. Most appropriate software will be selected amongst the software offered by three leading software companies. All these organizations need to suffer from number of factors and software will also be tested for a certain period of time before its selection. Apart from this, effectiveness of the attendance software will also be measured so that prior issues could be removed. The selected software should be wireless and connected with a Wi-Fi connection so that HR managers could review the attendance sheet anytime anywhere using internet. The best feature which is searched amongst the three software is its security i.e. software should be secure with hacking software and along with this, and it should be controlled and reviewed by the organization’s authorization person. For the selection of adequate software amongst offered by three leading software manufacturing organizations, their website’s, relationship marketing, etc. will be discussed.

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This is a subsidiary company of and it is an American software developing organization. They develop software related to relationship intelligence through extracting data from the smart phones, emails, etc. Some aspects of the organization will be discussed so that Apple INC could select the best software for their employee’s attendance (Chaffey, et. al., 2013).

Website: The Company was founded in 2011 and it is a subsidiary company of They are known for developing high class software in various terms. They usually develop the software for the business organizations and that is why they are included in the B2B kind of organization. They are involved in the manufacturing of various kinds of software especially for the business organizations. Such as attendance software, accounts and finance related software, etc. These software reduces the workload from the employees i.e. an employee has much relief after the adaptation of finance related software which develops all financial statements by entering the basic details. Their website tells about them a lot and interested parties can contact over their website only regarding the order of any software, query related to any software, etc. (Teece, 2010).

Relationship marketing: It is defined as building effective relations with the customers and it is a part of customer relationship management (CRM). Apart from this, this marketing technique is conducted to analyze the system of building long term relations with the consumers. For this, provides various kinds of benefits and services such as after sales services, maintenance of software for a certain period of time, etc. Relationship marketing helps the customers to build certain level of trust over the organization and towards its products. provides at zero cost as after sales services including maintenance of software for first year and for the next consequent years, they charge very reasonable price so that customers could rely upon them for purchasing another products and services from them (Hollensen, 2015).

Value co-creation: It is a technique performed by management of the that brings different parties collected at one space and it is also known as a form of economic strategy. This action is performed for producing effective outcomes. Being various members and parties in the process of co-creation hence, it evaluates various ideas, methods, etc. to produce unique and effective products and services which could satisfy the needs of the customers. This approach helps the organizations along with to achieve its goals and objectives. produces software to reduce the human efforts and they continuously keep on improving their software by analyzing their customer’s reviews, etc. to make it compatible for the customers (Grönroos, 2011).

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Usefulness of product: Apple INC is struggling with severe issue in their head office in analyzing their employees’ attendance because they are using outdated software which sometimes stops working and it is lacking the special features of attendance such as finger print scanner, eye scanner, etc. Due to this, they had asked some leading software manufacturing organizations to build effective software as per their requirements so that employees as well as management of Apple INC could focus on other important factors of organization. The attendance software produced by is filled with various unique and advanced features and it is especially built as per the specifications mentioned by Apple INC. Some of its features are finger print scanning, voice recognition, etc., apart from these features, HR managers and directors of the organization could check the attendance and week offs from their seats only through supporting software and it is connected with the server of the organization through which only authorized members of the organization could assess the software (Liebig, et. al., 2010).

The software produced by in relevance to solve the attendance issue faced by Apple INC has various future benefits as well. Future benefits such as the software is developed as per reviewing the future conditions and it will also match the future requirements of the organization as well. Software has a specialized chip through which it can be updated with any new feature required by the organization in future (Corazza, et. al., 2014).

Disaster Recovery:  This is a plan developed by the software manufacturing companies to face the issues under which the particular software fails or produces unique outcomes irrelevant to its expectations, this could harm the organization. An alternative plan is manufactured by the to resolve the queries and issues from the attendance software in the coming future. It could be held due to wrong coding or by any blunder. Hence saving from any kind of damage is the main feature of software produced by This plan is mostly used by software manufacturing industries and in this scenario; Apple INC is a big multinational brand and with a small glitch in the software could create lot of issues to its employees. The main issue will be with the accounts department while calculating the salary as per the number of day’s present of an employee because non-adequate software may cause disaster for the organization (Olshansky, et. al., 2012).

Security: The main and foremost concern of every organization is security and for the organization like Apple INC which is a big multinational brand of mobile phones all over the world is most concerned with the security of the organization’s important data. If software build by would not be safe against the hacking software, etc. it could create security issues, because employees can hack the software and amend their attendance. Apart from this, it could also release the important data of the organization outside the premises of Apple INC which could be a dangerous situation. Hence, has built effective software keeping in mind the importance of data for Apple INC so that every single component of the data could be secured (Syed, et. al., 2013).

Asana Software Company was found in 2008 by co-founder and ex-engineer of Facebook. This is a kind of mobile application software manufacturing organization. It was founded with a view to improve the efficiency of the employees of Facebook and as Apple INC is also planning the same, this software will suits them the most and it will be appropriate as per their working procedures (Wu, et. al., 2011).

Website: is mobile application developer and software developer in relevance to the productivity enhancement of employees, performance tracker of employees, etc. The best feature of is that they provide the software in the form of mobile application through which Apple INC could ask  their employees to install the same in their smartphones so that in the scenario attendance software is not working, employees could also update their attendance via the mobile application. It is Software as a Service (SaaS) based organization whose basic work is to build team collaboration. has offered Apple INC software in relevance to their requirements i.e. for attendance employees. For instance, in every organization it is often seen that employees come late at their workplace and for this various organizations has developed the rules and regulations for late comers. Rather than this, many employees does not follow this rule and comes after the regular time of office, hence has built an effective software to through which employees’ location and performance could be tracked which will force the employees to come at time (Benlian & Hess, 2011).

Relationship marketing: As discussed above that it is performed by the marketing team of every organization to build adequate relations with the customers and in the scenario of B2B types of organization, it is performed to build the relations with the other organizations. Building relationship is very necessary amongst the organizations because in B2B kind of organizations, huge quantity orders are placed hence, profitability raises. For instance, if Apple INC will select the software developed by then it would be a large contract for the website which could also be turned into a turning point for the organization because working with such a big multinational brand will help them to work effectively and their work will help them to build an effective image in the global market (Peck, et. al., 2013).

Value co-creation: In this scenario, was founded by the co-founder and engineer of the Facebook in 2008 to improve the productivity of the employees. has showed the importance of their software offered to the Apple INC, as this helps the organization to increase the productivity as well as recording exact attendance of its employees. Value co-creation is the understanding of its customers’ requirements as per the same, appropriate product and service’s delivery would create effective results for the consumer. For instance, while developing the attendance software by for Apple INC’s employees, all the requirements explained by the consumer company i.e. Apple INC were recorded as per their severity to deliver the effective and impressive products (Yi & Gong, 2013).

Usefulness of Product: Software manufactured by as per the specifications and requirements mentioned by Apple INC is so effective and it is made with a view to maintain its durability for coming future. This software would not require any kinds of amendments in future as this is already developed as per the future requirements of the organization as well as it is included more than the features asked by the organization. Software built by the could be selected as per its features and common features like finger print scanning, retina scanning; voice recognition, etc. are also built in features of the attendance register. It will work as per the organization’s requirements and it will be connected through the main server of the organization and as per that only some authorized person would be able to amend in the software. The accessibility could also be altered and accounts department will also be gets benefit from this software as they will not find any issue while calculating salary of employees (Pohl, 2010).

Disaster recovery: Under this step, software developed by the to ease the work of Apple INC should develop a disaster recovery plan through which all the relevant or possible issues could be faced. For instance, fire occurred in the premises of the Apple INC and soft copy of the software as well as the biometric machine used for attendance of the employees also damaged. Hence, all the records will be lost and organization would again be in the trouble situation. To avoid these kinds of issues, has kept the copied file of the same software so that in these kinds of issues, organization could able to run their operations smoothly. The data could also be gained back as the software was connected through main server of the organization which is connected through internet (Wood, et. al., 2010).

Security: Apple INC is known for producing and distributing high qualitative mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and personal commuters. This is US based organization and for manufacturing these things, they require various sub-parts which they buy from other organizations and their most products are manufactured in China. For employees of Apple INC’s headquarter based in US, Apple INC requires adequate attendance software for their employees. Software provided by has effective results and it is the safest software and it has special feature through which this software is not able to hack. Hence, Apple INC’s all information is safe and secure and they could rely upon the software developed by (Pal & Hui, 2011). 

It is a private software manufacturing company through which an organization could read number of documents in one run. Various organizations has uses this techniques it also offers insight by visual content. Most of the technology companies are connected with Quid Inc. and there are number of industries are connected with the organization through its software are healthcare organizations, Financial Organization, Advertising, marketing, etc. (Kim, et. al., 2012).

This company has achieved place in the top ten leading innovators under software manufacturing companies in 2013 and after that in 2016, it was given the title of Top Innovator for U.S.

Website: was one of the three organizations, who were asked to submit their software features, their specialized features, and etc. to the Apple Inc. They have a specialized feature of finding the unique way to perform the task. Hence, their attendance software is also one of the unique software amongst the three organizations. It is known for its uniqueness and innovation. has developed next generation level software which consists of various innovative features and inventions. Under software, light image of and is found, as their software could be operated through mobile application as well as through biometric machines. Their procedures to save the data from the hackers, their disastrous recovery plans, etc. also are very effective which could force Apple Inc. to adopt software built by (Kim, et. al., 2015).

Relationship marketing: Their relationship marketing strategy’s effectiveness could be assumed by reviewing the awards and achievements of being innovative in the software manufacturing industry. Part from their strategies in relation to relationship between consumers, their methods and procedures of working in the B2B marketing environment is very effective. Being the part of leading companies of software industry is a big achievement and for Apple Inc. which is also a big brand name in the automobile industry could deal with Relationship marketing technique of is so effective and their main motive is to provide adequate services to its customers so that they could rely upon their working procedures. Along with this, they also adopt various techniques such as delivering extra benefits to its permanent customers to make them feel special. This is crucial step in the B2B kind of market because loss of one organization as a customer could result in huge loss. Delivering adequate quality products along with extra benefits helps the organizations to build an effective relations and it also helps the organization to build trust on the seller organization (Halinen, 2012).

Value Co-creation: has created a good impact over its competitors as well as towards the software industry by producing effective and efficient software through inventing new techniques and methods. They have built motive of satisfaction of customers and till the time, their users would not get satisfied with the software provided by them, they did not leave their customers infect they analyze their requirements as well as their issues so that products and services delivered by them could match the customers’ expectations. By reviewing this quality of, Apple Inc.’s managers could be confused to choose of them in relevance to their attendance software (Aarikka-Stenroos & Jaakkola, 2012).

Usefulness of product: Usefulness of attendance software for Apple Inc. at this time is very huge because they are lacking with the adequate software in relevance to attendance and due to which they are facing various issues like not able to calculate employees’ salary, productivity of the organization is also decreasing as employees are not punctual, etc. The main feature of attendance software developed by is providing after sale service at no cost for a certain period time and along with this feature they are challenging that Apple Inc. will not face any issue until their requirements would not change. This software helps them to bring punctuality in the office premises again as if employees would not come at time, half day will be automatically marked and their salary will be deducted. This product is also useful for the future generation because it includes infinity number of employees’ registration through biometric machine and software provided by (Wohlin, et. al., 2012).

Disaster Recovery: It is the process of disaster recovery plan under which an alternative or a secondary plan is developed through which organization could face the uncertain situation as well. For instance, due to an uncertain event occurred in the organization i.e. some assists were stolen from the organization’s premises and along with other asset, thieves stoles the new software adopted by the organization and with that all important data in relevant to the employees’ secret information  were also stolen. To overcome from this situation, has prepared a safety measure through which if any unauthorized member will try to assess the biometric machine or attendance software, it will be rebooted after certain tries and the whole data will be sent to the main server of the organization along with the location of the biometric machine. Hence, has developed the best ways to recover from the disastrous situations of organization (Aldrich, 2012).

Security: Security system of the software built by is the major issue as they have develop an unique image in the customer’s mind as well as many business magazines have awarded them for their innovation and research to build the software more dynamic and effective. Security system of the attendance software includes assess of making amendments to any designated and authorized person and for installing any kind of updates in the process of attendance, technician would not be able to perform it till the time, any authorized person would not come along with the technician. Biometric scanning machine which includes finger print scanning, retina scanning and voice recognition and along with these features, well known feature of assess through identity cards is also included in the software (Xue & Cao, 2011).


Under this report, Software as a service organization is discussed and along with this, importance of Business to Business (B2B), features of this kind of organizations were also discussed. Under this, scenario, organizations working under this B2B environment, acts as the dealer and the buyer. Apple INC requires attendance software due to failure of their previous software in their premises. Apple Corporation asked the leading software developers so that they could permanently fix the issue in relevance to the attendance of employees., and are the top leading organizations across the globe involved in software manufacturing. All the three organizations have explained their software’s benefits, features, specialty, etc. to impress the Apple Inc. because dealing with the top multinational brand of automobile industry could increase the chances of growth and expansion for organizations working with them. Features like finger print recognition, voice recognition and retina scanning are the basic features involved in the biometric machine provided by the three organizations along with the software. In the scenario, customer’s expectations do not match the software features, organizations have developed back up plans too so that adequate and effective features could be installed as per the customer’s specifications.

Under this report, as per the Apple Inc.’s requirements, world’s top leading software developing organizations have developed relevant software which could match the specifications provided by the client. In comparison made as per the features amongst the three organizations,, and have developed it with the almost same features. Except the, as they have developed their software along with the mobile application to provide various kind of benefits such as in the conditions of non-working of biometric machine, mobile application could be used for the purpose of recording attendance. After reviewing the features and benefits provided by these organizations, is the best amongst the three because they are most innovative in this field and for this, they have been awarded many times. They have made their software which also shows a light image of i.e. mobile application feature is also provided under their software. Along with this feature, their disaster recovery plan and security plans are also very effective as compared to the other two organizations. Hence, Apple Inc. should choose the software offered by to make their experience smoother and better.


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