Short paper on best practices in Linux

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Reading prior to beginning this assignment:

A Practical Methodology for Implementing a Patch management Process

System administrators need to understand the best practices to be  used in conducting a variety of server management, security, and  maintenance functions. Please visit the information technology research  guide in the library for information on research databases that you can  use for the paper.

Excelsior College library. (n.d.). Information technology (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Retrieved from
In this assignment, you will write a short research paper that sets  out best practices in Linux system administration. To help you manage  your paper, use the following key system administration functions:
• Physical Security
• Super user password
• Delegating Super user Tasks
• User password
• Restrict user
• Knowledge Update
• User Education
• Vulnerability Testing
• Backup and Disaster Recovery
Your paper should meet the following criteria:
o It must be a minimum of 3 double spaced pages in length.
o The paper should have at least 4 credible references.
o  It should have an introduction that clearly conveys the purpose of the  paper and draws an opinion based upon a reasonable analysis of the data  that you gathered.

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