Short Story Nadia Analysis


1. Pick your favorite writer from the semester and get to know them and their work better. Read more of their fiction, poetry, or nonfiction. (Remember to keep track of all of your sources so that you can cite them.) Do some more research on their country of origin and their lives today. Watch videos of them, if you can find them, and read reviews of their work. 
2. Create a multimedia presentation (“presentation” in the sense that these will be shared with the class, but they won’t be live or recorded–unless you choose to do some recording, as suggested below) that includes: 

one original creative work (story, poem, drawing, video, painting, dance, song, ______________) inspired by the writer.
a 1-page summary of your creative work that explains the connections  between your creative work and the chosen writer. (*If you prefer, you can record audio or video of yourself just talking through this instead of writing it.)

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