Social Science Questionnaire


Assignment 2
Grade is on 30; each question is worth 5 points; worth 15% of finale grade
Please answer the questions in a concise and clear way. Make sure that your answers are
relevant to the question asked. Read carefully the questions prior answering. Answer for each
sub question (A, B, C) are to be of 3 sentences maximum.
Question 1
You are working in a daycare CPE type and there is a new child of about 3 years old in your
group. After one week the child is still crying when his parents leave him in the morning. He sits
alone in a corner most of the time and refuses to participate to activities and to eat most of his
A) What are some questions you might ask parents to help their child’s integration in the
B) What can you do as an ECE to make his integration work?
Question 2
You are the owner of a home daycare and your team is comprised of 3 staff (you and 2 other
people). For about 4 weeks you have been feeling tired and moody, you lost some of your usual
appetite, you have headaches and your sleep pattern has not been the same.
A) What may be your problem and why?
B) As the owner list 3 things you could change or adjust in your job to make your problem listed
in A) go away
Question 3
You are changing Sophia’s diaper (she is about 18 months) and you notice some bruises on her
inner thighs and her bottom (behind). One bruise is fresh and is bleeding. List IN ORDER the
three things you would do about that in this very moment and why.
Question 4
You notice a child is scratching his head often and seems to be bothered by it a lot. Next day,
you notice two other kids doing the same.
A) What may be the problem and why?
B) What are two actions you can do to prevent that from happening again?
C) What are the steps you take in the daycare to avoid other kids to experiment the same
problem? List 2 steps
Question 5
Write a small essay format answer about how the temperament of a child can affect the
outcome of your day at work in a daycare. Maximum of 6 sentences please.
Question 6
See picture below
This is a daycare.
A) List two things you find unsafe and why?
B) How would you change the space arrangement/environment to make it safer and more
inviting for toddlers? List 3 things

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