South-east Eat Street: Take-Away Street Foods From Different Countries


The South-east Eat Street (SES), is an online shop specifically selling take-away street foods from different countries. In this modern world the website is main integral part of any business. This site is not only providing the business and product information and selling product but also helps in marketing through the website and ecommerce. This is the second part of this project. In this report the detail website design is given.

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1.1 Content

   This website content different type of foods like Indian, Japanese, Chinese and Mexican. Every country has different type of foods. All the foods details with images are given in this website. This website provides the information about the shop opening hours. Moreover, its allow their customers to contact with them via contact form.

1.2 Purpose

The main purpose of this website is to allow customers to find different type of foods details those are available in the shop. This information includes things such as store opening times, addresses, contact information, information about the company, policies and terms for the company and lastly but most importantly learning about the products sold by the company. These includes details about the products description, images of the products, specification and colours, pricing and shipping related information. Since, the visitors visiting the website would majorly be interested in the product sold by the company and that is why this part is up front and centre focused compared to other things which are organized under different pages and menus.

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1.3 Communication

The communication for the website is handled via a contact form that is included in the contact page. This allows customers to contact the company. Simultaneously, email, phone numbers and address have also been listed on the same page itself.

1.4 Typeface

The text contained on the website is the most important part of the website as that is how customers would learn about the company and its operations. Making poor typeface choice would end up making the website look rather poor. This is exactly why not many typefaces were selected, only one font family was selected and by making use standard H1, H2, H3 tags headings and sub-headings were highlighted. The font selected also is one of the most famous fonts and is not a fancy font as fancy fonts are difficult to read especially people with disability. Also, acceptable font sizes were used.

1.5 Colour

The overall colour of the website is kept rather simple. Minimal number of colours were used. Colours that the business was associated with has been used so as to facilitate easier recognition. Many different colour combinations end up ruining the design, therefore to accentuate the content and design limited colour option but those with high-contrast between one another were used.

1.6 Navigation

A simple and clear cut navigational system was employed. A navigation system can ultimately make or break the interface of the system and as a result standard navigation system was used. There are two types of navigation, global and local. Global navigation helps users to navigate to different parts of the website whereas a local navigation allows users to navigate within a section of the website. Owing to a simple website, a global navigation was only used as. However, for much complex sites it is advisable to make use of local navigation as well as it will make it easier for the customer to reach out to deeper sections of the website quickly.

1.7 Layout

This website layout is very basic. the layout structure is divided in to three part. Those are header, footer, and body. The head section contain logo, title and navigation bar of the website. The footer section contains the copyright information. The main part of the layout is body. Its contains the informative things like product information, images etc.

2 Features

Portfolio 2.1

Home Page

 Shop Hours

Portfolio 2.2

  • standard amount of whitespace is used around the graphics.
  • The alt and scr attributes are include with the image tag.
  • Standard for the “alt and title attributes” is Alt = “Image”
  • Image standard for the website 250 width and 230 height

Portfolio 2.3