SOWK 4321 Central Texas AM University Pandemic Impact on Adolescents Essay


Question: “Does the pandemic have an impact on adolescents academic performance, mental health and social behavior?”This section of the research paper is the Methods Section, which will still be based off the question above. This is section of the paper is based off theory (a hypothetical study); just how you would carry out the research study if it was suppose to be done. Here you have the flexibility of designing your study and you may choose to follow the traditional empirical model, a qualitative approach, mixed methods, evaluation of practice or program, or others. Whatever methods you choose, it must conform to professional models for that type of research.This section of the paper should include description of the intended methods, relevant participants in the study, inclusion and exclusion criteria for the participants, and the intended sampling or data collection method.It should include the study design and the procedures for the study. N.B. – While the methods section generally does not include description of the present study and hypothesis or research question, for the purpose of this paper, this information should be restated at the beginning this section.You will need address how you get your sample population for the research. How will you get your measures? You should also identify any limitations that affect the generalizability of the research.This paper should be written in APA 7 format, have a cover page, body, and reference page. This paper should be 5 pages or more.Step 1: Decide on what type of hypothetical method you would use to conduct your study to answer your research question (e.g.qualitative; quantitative; mixed methods)Step 2: Think of how you might collect your hypothetical data (e.g. conducting a focus group; mailing surveys. etc.)Step 3: Think about how you would analyze this collected data.

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