STAT 211 ERAUDB Whats up with DATA Visualization Discussion


Data visualization is a relatively recent term that applies not only to the tables, graphs, and charts you saw in the course resources but also to a wide array of colorful, dynamic – even interactive – illustrations of data that you see on the web. In this discussion, you will look back at some very early attempts to turn data into a picture as well as move beyond the static displays in the textbook

o learn about the early attempts at data visualization, read Seeing and Understanding Data (PDF). Download Seeing and Understanding Data (PDF).This document, co-authored by ERAU professor Dr. Beverly Wood, is part of a set of Primary Source Projects generated out of a National Science Foundation-funded curriculum project. The idea is to use original documents as an innovative way to discuss ways to display data that isn’t the typical fare in textbooks. Complete the following for this discussion.

  • Read sections 1-4.
  • Select either one task that contains multiple parts -or- select at least two tasks.
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