Story About Myself

It was a struck twelve at midnight on 20th April 1994, one loving couple of husband and wife had been taken to the hospital by the ambulance, because the they will have their second son from their marriage. It was rainig cat and dog. When they arrived at the emergency section case, a gorgeous 9 month pregnant woman were taken out from the ambulance and was rushed to the labour room by the nurse. When the clock 4. 08 in the morning, one cute and adorable baby boy with 3. 45kg weight was born to the world.
After one week get home from the hospital, my parents took 6 days to find a suitable name for me and at last they found a suitable and interesting name to me, the name that they gives to me is Muhamad Afifuddin bin Mat Husin. On year 2011, at 3rd January I registeread as a form 5 student after 1 at one of the school in Kompleks Sekolah-sekolah Wakaf Mek Zainab, Kota Bharu, Kelantan it was SMK Putera and also known as Kelantan Sport School. It was my first day at school as a senior student.
On these year I will face a national examination known as Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ( SPM ) examination that will decide my life in the future after I finished my study at school. First and foremost, I would like to tell about my family background . In my family I have 3 siblings 2 boys and 1 girl, include me. The first one is my brother, his name is Muhamad Akmal he was born on 15th July 1991 at Sungai Petani Hospital, Kedah. He know studied at Tun Hussein Onn University of Malaysia ( UTHM ), Johor on 4th January 2011 he registered at the university and start his second semester.

The second one is me Muhamad Afifuddin I was born 20th April 1994 at Baling Hospital, Kedah. On 20th April also the date of birth of our prophet Muhammad s. a. w. The last one is my sister Nur Nadiah she was born on 16th March 1998. She was studied at Maahad Muhammadi Perempuan, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. On 3rd January 2011 she registered as Form 1 student at there. I also have 2 loving parents that take care all of my siblings, my fathers name is Mat Husin bin Lebai Mat he was born on 19th December 1957. he works as health care assistant at Klinik Kesihatan Badang.
My mothers name is Zainon binti Mamat, she was born on 10th June 1960 and she work as a community nurse at Klinik Desa Kijang. The next things that I want tell is about my characteristics. First one is I’m was a friendly person, I like to make new friend at every place that I visit. I’m also not choosing when I make new friend, now I have a lot of friend and some of them are from different races like Thai,Indian, Christian and Chinese people. Some of my friend I met at school, taekwondo training centre and taekwondo tournament, all of them also a friendly person.
The second one is, I’m also a helpful person I like to help all people especially people in trouble. When I’m at school I always help my friend that have problem in study and problem in other thing, I also like to help the teachers when they need a help from me. If we help other people that have problem and in trouble they will help us when we need their help. The last one about my characteristics is I’m also an active person. At school I join Fire Cadet I participate all the event that have been held by the Fire Cadet and school.
Join the Fire Cadet was the one of the co-curiculum at school. I also active in taekwondo, I partipate in all the tournament that have been held. In tournament win and lost was the custom in a tournament, if we lost we must redouble our efforts to win in the other tournament and if we win we must maintain winning in every tournament and always increase our performance. In addition, I’m also have many hobbies that gave many benefits to me. My first hobby is playing football, I’ll play football at 5. 0pm everyday at my village near Kelantan’s River.
I’ll play football with my friend, we play football for our health sometimes we held a tournament among us and the winner will get present. When we held a tournament like that we can increase our stamina, sporting spirit and join our friendship. My other hobbies is playing cyber games, I’ll play cyber games once a week on Saturday because when school season I’ll focus on my study. When the school holidays coming I’ll play cyber games every day but I also spend my time on my study.
Sometimes I play the cyber games at the cyber games and sometimes I’ll play the cyber games at my house, normally I always play at my house. I play those cyber games with my cyber friends that comes from the entire world, I’ll also get many friend when I play those cyber games. I like visit interesting and historic place like Melaka, Pulau Langkawi, Terengganu and other place, that’s also one of my hobbies, when I visits those place I’ll know information about it like history of those place. On the other hands, I have many favourites things likes favourites food, drinks, colour and sport.
First is about my favourite food, I like to eat maggie tom yam because I like spicy food, I also like nasi lemak because some state in Malaysia have their own nasi lemak. In state of kedah their nasi lemak is spicy because all people that lives at the north likes spicy food. My last favourite food is char kuey teow original made from Penang their char kuey teow was so delicious. Next, my favourite drinks is orange juice because orange juice has many vitamin C that’s helps in absorb iron. I also like “ teh tarik ” because it can prevent iron in the body.
My favourite colour is blue, black, orange and white and I always ensure that things that I bought have at least one of those colour. The last of my favourite is sport, my favourite sports is rugby and football in those sports they play as one team and the must have collaboration among the team members if they want to win in every tournament they played. The team also should have a head of an efficient and caring of his team mate. I also like taekwondo because in this game we must have agility of the body and quickly make the right decisions when we sparring in the ring.
Last but not least, my ambition or career when I finished my studied at university. I want to be a professional photographer because I likes to takes picture people, scenery and animal, I hope I can have my own photo studio world-class that have all equipment for photoshoot session . I likes these profession when I saw a programs in television that show a professional photographer snap a picture of people, animal and others, their artwork were respected by everyone in the world and some of them celebrities comes up for grabs because of their beautiful artwork.
All of them become success person in his life and his profession. Their life full of wealth and luxury but that not the points I like these profession, I like these profession because I want to show my artwork to the whole world and I want they respected and revered it. I also want to be the first Malaysian professional photographer that show to the world that Malaysian people also can be a famous people the world and success in their profession and life.

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