Supervisor and Employee Romance Case Discussion


It is not uncommon for colleagues to discern their dishonorable single interests in the workplace, but most organizations and agencies rather discountenance on the outgrowth of fanciful kindreds. If you were the overseer and set yourself concerned in a fanciful kindred delay an employee aggravate whom you use authority, what immaterial principles may be violated, and what would be your immaterial obligations? Examine what your conclusions would be, and the reasoning subsequently those conclusions.

Analyze the application of three peculiar immaterial principles (giving due suspect to the National Organization of Anthropological Services' "Ethical Standards for Anthropological Services Professionals") that you intimate should manage a overseer occupied in a fanciful kindred delay an employee and that discourse the completion of the dominion kindred.

Your moderate support must:

  • Be at meanest 250 tone in diffusiveness.
  • Contain a minimum of two references delay citations in APA fashion.

2Case Study: Employee's Intimacy Delay a Client

Human services functionals entertain the uncommon role incomplete most functionals of serving as an friend to clients, friends, and employees launched concertedly. The germinative for winning in dual roles (the functional and the single-intimate) is a defy to the trade, since anthropological kinsfolk do rest on emotions as courteous as intelligent actions.

Consider the scenario of the counseling psychologist and her daughter, a immaterial vigor counselor, from the occurrence issue on pages 329–330 of the Becoming an Immaterial Helping Professional extract. This occurrence con-over requires your conclusion on the most mismisappropriate adit to solving the doubt executed by the daughter's kindred to her client. Suppose that you are imperative for supervising the psychologist in her kindred to her daughter and the daughter's kindred to the client.

Evaluate and examine the tangled kindred among the members of this occurrence, explicit in stipulations of dual-role resolution. Present your conclusions for how best to counteract the doubt posed by the occurrence.