SWOSU Parents Should Discourage Children from Playin Video Games Infographic


Infographic Instructions
Use Adobe Illustrator to create an infographic that visually organizes information related to a research topic.
Research information on a specific topic that is detailed and factually accurate.
so I need information about or research about this topic answer questions
and could you give the good topic you should be about a video game about kids


1. Choose a research topic and clarify a purpose for your infographic. Are you simply presenting information, or are you persuading your viewer? Gather the information needed for your project. Spend some time gathering details for your project. You will need a healthy number of facts to present, as well as graphics and artwork to help illustrate your main ideas. Complete the Infographics Planning Worksheet to prepare for your project. Be sure to include specific details and appropriate vocabulary. 
2.THIS ONE I WILL DO THAT  Create 2-3 thumbnails of your infographic design. Each thumbnail will probably take up a full sheet of sketch paper since you will be sketching out lots of facts and how they flow together. Consider the purpose you identified in Step 1, and choose a visual style that matches the purpose. Are you explaining a process, defining events along a timeline, labeling parts of a diagram, or representing data meant to inform or persuade your viewer?

How video games affect 6 years old children.
Which video games are commonly
played by children?
How children access video
Why children are attracted to
video games.
Examples of common video
How much time do they spend
playing such games?
How often children play video
When do children play video
The amount of time they spend
playing video games.
How does playing the video games
affect their behaviour?
level of addiction to video games.
Behaviour of children after playing
video games.
How do the games affect their
reasoning and academic performance.
To discourage parents from engaging their children in video games.
A timeline.

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