SWOSU World War II European Map Analysis


Examine these 4 maps from Euratlas for Early Modern Europe – 1600 (Links to an external site.), 1700 (Links to an external site.), and 1800 (Links to an external site.), and 1900 (Links to an external site.).

For each map, you will need to click on the states found below each map to have that area highlighted for you on the map. That way you can more easily trace the changes for that state over time. The 5 states to focus on for this assignment are:

  • Italy
  • Germany
  • Poland
  • Austria-Hungary
  • Ottoman Empire

Once you have examined the maps, write a response (150-300 words) that answers the following:

How do the boundaries of each state change over time and from your book (or an internet search) what explains those changes? Who did each state gain land from – or lose land to – during this time period? What do you think that means about their ability to be a dominate European state after 1800?

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