The Faith Of Gideon Expository Sermon Religion Essay

In Hebrews Chapter 11, there you see in verse 32, the author includes Gideon in his classic catalogue of OT great and worthy heroes of faith.
Gideon is the fifth judge of Israel who ruled for 40 years. He is without doubt counted as one of the outstanding heroes of faith in Israel’s early history.
Yet as we look at the life of Gideon first mentioned in in Judges Chapter 6, he did not start off with one who is full of faith. Faith did not come naturally to Gideon. In fact, we see much of his unbelief. It was only when he went through some spiritual transformation that he became heroic in his faith in God.
Application: Is it not so for many of us? Do we not show the lack of faith in God when we are first asked to do something for Him? Do we not always shy away from attempting some service for God because we feel inadequate and thought that God cannot use us?
But as God transforms us, like what He did to Gideon, we will then begin to put more trust in Him and to do what He has called us to do.
Do you remember how you reacted to God’s call to serve Him in some ministry? Have you been called to teach SS, join the choir, join the Exco, etc.? Did you accept the call readily? Or did you go through much struggle, exhibiting lack of faith in God, and therefore you put so many questions across to God. And not sure if God will use you. And so you keep on debating with God.
Well, this is natural. In fact, in may be good, to recognise your inadequacy before the Lord. Lest God transforms me, otherwise I will not be able to do it on my own. So you struggle with God.
Gideon went through much struggle when God called him. In Judges Chapter 6 verses 11 & 12 we see the angel of the Lord appearing to Gideon and calling him to rise and become the deliverer of his nation from the Midianites.
The children of Israel feared the might of the Midianites who prevailed against them because of their sin of disobedience (v. 1-2). They were so afraid that they had to hide themselves in dens, caves and strong holds in the mountains to protect their own lives (v. 2). And in verses 3-6, we are told that when Israel had sown, the Midianites and the Amalekites and the children of the east came up as grasshoppers for multitude, and consumed the increase of the earth, leaving no sustenance for Israel, nor for sheep nor ox nor ass, so that Israel was indeed “greatly impoverished.”

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In verses 7-10, Israel cried unto the Lord for deliverance. The Lord heard them and sent a prophet to rebuke them of their sin of disobedience and to cause them to repent. After sending the prophet to teach the children of Israel a lesson, the loving and gracious God next sent an angel to call a saviour to deliver Israel.
The call came to Gideon who was to be the saviour of Israel (v. 12). And notice how God called Gideon. When the Lord calls, He assures His presence, His might and His valour (strength and ability) are with Gideon.
Notice also that Gideon is thus far unknown. He was a poor farmer’s youngest son, supposedly working with his father in the farm (v. 15) – an ordinary and obscure personality. AND God called him for a special service.
Application: You don’t have to be someone who is already great for God to call you to serve Him in some area of service. In fact many times in the Bible, we see that God calls the weak and use the small and little. It is so that His might and His valour might be manifested through the weaknesses of His servants.
Did not the Lord call poor fishermen to be His disciples to teach and proclaim His message of love for mankind?
Did not the Lord use five loaves and two small fishes from a little boy to feed more than 5000 people?
BUT, look at Gideon’s immediate response in verse 13! Note his complaint…Oh!…why?…where?…but… Instead of blaming the sin of disobedience and rebelliousness against the Lord on the part of Israel, Gideon was questioning why God allowed Israel to be suffer under the threats of the Midianites.
Application: Have we not asked Gideon’s questions, especially during those times when we are broken hearted and bewildered (confused, cannot understand what’s going on, cannot decide what to do). “God, you said you are with me always and will deliver me, but look at what is happening to me – distress, sick, poor.” Instead of seeing our own faults, are we in the habit of blaming God for all the things that go wrong in our lives?
How did the Lord God respond to Gideon? Verse 14. Strong words, but reassuring. Gideon was to go in his might. And what was his might? It is the assurance that “Jehovah is with him” (v. 12), and also in the understanding that it is Jehovah Himself had sent him: “have not I sent thee?” (v. 14).
Never mind all the accusations Gideon had made against the Lord, but God is still gracious to assure Him His presence with Gideon as He sent him to be the deliverer of Israel from the Midianites.
But this was still not enough assurance for Gideon. In verse 15, he complained again because he realised that he could not run away from God. The Lord was persistent in calling him. He gave more excuses.
Application: Does it sound familiar to us? Moses did the same thing, giving excuses. And we too. All because of lack of faith and trust in the Almighy.
Like Gideon, we look inwards to ourselves, our diabilities, inadequeacies, weaknesses; instead of looking up to who God is! – the one who has called, the one who has sent us, and the one who will equip us.
Look at how the Lord reply to Gideon’s complain and excuses in verse 16. Yet, again, this was not enough for Gideon. And he again tried to find a way of escape. “If …then show me a sign.” (v. 17).
Application: Do we see a character full of unbelief? Gideon’s vocab is so full of unbelief, skeptical surprise, uncertainty, expression of hopelessness, complaints, sarcasm, and sign-seeking attitude showing lack of faith. Is this part of our vocab as well, when the Lord direct us to do something?
Gideon’s unbelief arose from and consisted in his looking at circumstances instead of looking to God. Gideon’s eyes were earthbound and inward instead of heavenward and unto the Lord.
Yes, looking at circumstances instead of looking to God is the certain cause of unbelief. There are other classic instances of this in the Scriptures.
Think of Peter walking on water to Jesus. As long as he keeps his eye on Jesus he treads the waves; but as soon as he begins to look around at the boisterous billows, his faith collapses, doubts seize him, he begins to sink, and cries out, “Lord, save me!”
Think of those twelve men of Israel who were sent to spy on the land of Canaan. Ten of them declared that Israel is utterly incapable of occupying the land; while the other two urge to immediately go in. The difference – the ten had their eyes on circumstance, whereas the other two had their eyes toward God. The ten put the difficulties between them and God and as a result God looked very small. The other two put God between them and their difficulties, and the difficulties seemed as but the opportunity for God to display His glorious power. Someone said, those ten pessimists saw four “G’s.” Grapes, great cities, giants, grasshoppers. But they forgot to see the biggest G which Joshua and Caleb could see, God.
Dear friends, Is it always the same with us? We look at circumstances instead of looking to God and this breeds unbelief, and unbelief begets helplessness and hopelessness. Let us focus on Him rather than on our problems, and learn to put full trust in Him.
Thus far we have seen that Gideon was so full of unbelief when he was first called by the Lord to be the saviour of Israel from the Midianties. But look now at his transforming experience.
Gideon in his debate with God challenged the Lord to show him a sign (v. 17). And the Lord God graciously acceded to his request. And after having seen the sign of a miraculous fire breaking out of the rock to consume the unleavened cakes which had been laid there, Gideon was quite convinced (vv. 17-22). And he built an altar unto the living and true God and called it Jehovah-shalom (v. 24).
In the OT, there is vital significance about the altar. It is the place where God and men meet. There at the altar the human soul interacts with God. When Gideon built the altar to Jehovah, it showed that he was in communion with the Lord. It means that he had made a clean break with the past, and became a worshipper of the one true God.
The proof of Gideon’s conversion from his unbelief to trusting in the Lord was seen in that he named the altar Jehovah-shalom. The word “shalom” is the Hebrew word for peace. He called the altar “Jehovah is my peace.” For the first time in the life of this young Hebrew boy, came a sense of peace. And this is what happens when a sinner is truly converted to the Lord. His heart is filled with wondrous peace.
Application: Do you have this peace? This peace is a peace that know that all our sins are forgiven by the virtue of Christ’s atoning death by the sheddind of His precious blood on the cross. Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb? If you are washed, you have become reconciled to God, and the living Saviour daily keeps you, and there is a heavenly home awaiting for you in eternity.
If you do not yet have this peace, you must come to the altar which God had built at Calvary when the Lord Jesus was sacrificed for our sins. He died and rose again to save you and me from our sins. That is the altar where a holy, loving God gives us the pardon, peace, power and promise which we sinners need.
The next step of Gideon’s spiritual transformation was his consecration. He offered himself to the will of God on that altar which he built. He did not only meet the Lord at the altar, but he also yielded himself to the Lord.
God tested his consecration as we see in vv. 25-26. It was a test of Gideon’s faith and obedience unto the Lord. He was commanded to throw down the altar of Baal – false god which the people had been led away from the living and true God to worship. Therefore for Gideon to throw down the altar of Baal and to erect on to Jehovah in its place, and with a sacifice made upon it, was to truly stand firm for his faith. It means inviting death for Gideon. Did he obey?
Verse 27 tells us what he did. He passed the test of his faith in God. He was even prepared to die for his new found faith in God by his action to destroy the altar of Baal. And then trouble came for Gideon in verse 28. Things were not good for Gideon. But just then a most remarkable surprise came. Look at verse 31. Gideon’s father stood up and addressed the angry crowd. (see verse 31). It was a challenge for the idol worshippers. The marvellous thing was that Gideon’s father stood by him in his faith in the true and living God.
Application: Dear friends, would you stand firm for your faith in God, if you are put to the test? Sometimes we are afraid of what our parents, bosses, friends will say if we stand firm for our faith. But to our surprise they may even commend us for our firmness in our stand. Have you been tested for your faith? Did you stand firm? Or will you stand firm? (Testimony of a sister who went ahead to be baptised and ready to be thrown out of the house, but to her surprise, the father gave her an angpow).
And then we see the most remarkable transformation that took place in Gideon in verse 34. He was controlled by the Spirit of God when the Spirit came upon him. It is like God clothing him with God’s armour to be ready to fight the Midianites which God had called Gideon to do.
Application: Note that when God calls, He provides what that we need to do His work for Him. He wants you to fight against the devil, He also provides His armour for you to put on. He sends us to spread the gospel, but He assures that He is with us always.
So we see that Gideon was converted to the true God, consecrated to the will of God, and then controlled by the Spirit of God to become the savior of the people of Israel. The people recognised all these and flocked to him when he blew the trumpet (v. 34). And the story that follows in the next few chapters tells of Gideon’s marvelous victory over Midian, and freeing Israel from her enemy. God gave him victory over the enemy as he fought, trusting in God Almighty.
What a transformation has taken place in Gideon’s life – from a heart of unbelief to a heart converted to God, consecrated unto God’s will and a life controlled by the Spirit of God. And he gained a place in the Hall of Great Faith in the book of Hebrews.
Let us learn from the faith of Gideon. Let us not look at the circumstances around us, otherwise our faith in God will waver. But let us put our focus on Lord, fully trusting in Him alone, let us be ready to stand firm in our faith and yield our life to Him, to His will. And He will clothe us with His Holy Spirit to do things, in faith, for Him which He has directed us to do. May God help us.

An expository sermon on holy living

An expository sermon on Holy Living

How many of you feel Holy this morning? Don’t worry you don’t have to lift up your hands. When some one talks about Holiness the first thing I think about it God and His holiness. This morning I want to talk about our call to a holy livinglife. We all know that we are called to live a holy life but what do we do about it. DO we make any effort towards it or are we just praying for God to make us Holy and waiting for fire to fall down from heaven to make us Holy. We live in a world where holiness has lost its meaning. In this contemporary society everything goes, we can do anything as long as we feel good about it. What is our responsibility in this world, What are we called to do in this un holy situation? So we are going to look at the reasons why we are called to live a Holy life.
Main Points
1. We are called to live a holy life because He is holy (1: 16)
A] Real meaning of holy
The word ‘Holy’ is derived from a cluster of words in Greek. It means to be pure, to be set apart, sanctify and so on. But no meaning of this word can describe it properly.[1] Christ was the perfect example for Holiness. ‘Be Holy for I am Holy’ is mentioned for about 5 times in the Bible. Holiness is not a new thing which the apostles discovered in the New Testament, it was present from the beginning of the Old Testament. He God gave Moses all the laws not to make their life difficult but to bring them one step closer to holiness; one step closer to Himself.

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B] One of the fundamental characteristics of God
God’s Holiness can neither be understood nor grasped by our human minds. Holiness is one of the images of God which was lost in the garden of Eden. It could be only replaced by God Himself, by dying on the cross and making us pure. HE is always Holy. We are called to live like Him. So we are called to be Holy. When we were made we were made in the image of God. One of His fundamental images is holiness. So we were obviously made Holy. But we fell from our holiness because of our disobedience. We are missing out in one of the fundamental images of God. We have to be made into his image so one day we can see His face. If we are not made into His image we will not see Him face to face. It is just as simple as that; if we are not holy, we will not see God.
C] Illustration
Once, as an experiment, the great scientist Isaac Newton stared at the image of the sun reflected in a mirror. The brightness burned into his retina, and he suffered temporary blindness. Even after he hid for three days behind closed shutters, still the bright spot would not fade from his vision. “I used all means to divert my imagination from the sun,” he writes, “But if I thought upon him I presently saw his picture though I was in the dark.” If he had stared a few minutes longer, Newton might have permanently lost all vision. The chemical receptors that govern eyesight cannot withstand the full force of unfiltered sunlight. There is a parable in Isaac Newton’s experiment, This is what the Israelites experienced in the wilderness. They had attempted to live with the Lord of the Universe visibly present in their midst; but, in the end, out of all the thousands who had so gladly fled Egypt, only two survived God’s Presence. They were all revealed and called to be Holy as God. But only two survived in the end.[2]
2. We are called to live a holy life because we do not conform to evil desires (1: 14)
A] We also have our share in Holiness (Hebrews 12: 14)
It is true that when we come to salvation in Christ He washes all our sins away and makes us Holy. We become perfect and clean through Jesus, but it is our duty to then keep ourselves clean. Holiness is not only what God can give to us but it is also what we can manifest with what He gave us. Paul says it quite clearly in Hebrews 12 : 14 (NIV) ” To make Make every effort to live in peace with all men and to be Holy. ; Without without which we cannot see Godholiness no one will see the Lord”. Holiness is a serious matter. We tend to take God for granted. When we give in or conform to the evil desires of the world, we say that it wasn’t our fault but it is our flesh. We blame it on our human nature. Paul challenges us not to try to be holy but ‘take every effort possible’ in other words we must strive or even fight to be Holy. Effort means to use energy to get something done.[3] Holiness should be such a longing of our heart that we would put our whole energy to get it done.
B] No compromise in Holiness
Holiness is being spotlessly clean. Without Holiness we can never enter the presence of God. The Old Testament priests were the perfect example of this. The priest entered the presence of God only once a year. They dreaded that moment. Thought it was regarded very high to enter the Holy of Holies, it was dreadful at the same time. In that moment if they were found guilty of sin , there was no time for explanation they were just struck dead. They prepared themselves for the whole year for that one day in God’s presence, the presence of the Holy God. We are so privileged that there is no curtain between God and us, we don’t need a high priest to stand in for us anymore, Christ has already done it for us. We can enter God’s presence anytime anywhere we want. As for us its not a once a year thing it’s an every day thing. WE are living in the age of grace, God does not strike us dead anymore, though grace is available for free it is not cheap, so let us not take it for granted.
C] Illustration
In the forests of northern Europe and Asia lives little animal called the ermine, known for his snow-white fur in winter. He instinctively protects his white coat against anything that would soil it.
Fur hunters take advantage of this unusual trait of the ermine. They don’t set a snare to catch him, but instead they find his home, which is usually a cleft in a rock or a hollow in an old tree. They smear the entrance and interior with grime. Then the hunters set their dogs loose to find and chase the ermine. The frightened animal flees toward home but doesn’t enter because of the filth. Rather than soil his white coat, he is trapped by the dogs and captured while preserving his purity. For the ermine, purity is more precious than life. – HGB[4]
It doesn’t always cost our lives to be Holy. But most of the time it could cost things or people that are dear to our hearts. When we are of this world, we make the things of the world our own. We usually cling to things and people which could take God’s place in our lives. So when we come to Christ we ought to replace them with Christ. When we do the right thing, even our own friends might not understand us, their there might even come times where we have to give them up for holiness, for there is no compromise on Holiness.
3. We are called to live a holy life because we were redeemed by the precious blood. (1: 23)
A] Free access to Holiness – The way of Holiness (Isaiah 35 : 8)
It is true that we don’t have to do anything to become Holy because we are washed by His blood. But we have to take effort in keeping it. It is quite clear in Isaiah 35: 8 that the way to God is holiness, there is no other way. Christ has done his part, by making the way. But to keep our self on the highway or to get kicked off lies on our hands. There is no place for unclean or wicked people on this road.
B] Set Apart to be an example
We are set apart and called to be holy not to seclude ourselves from the world but to be the light. D.L. Moody, A holy life will make the deepest impression. Lighthouses blow no horns, they just shine. One of the misconceptions in the churches today is that they become holy and they become literally set apart. They don’t associate or mingle with the people of this world. They develop something which is famously called as the Holy huddle. They become so ‘holy’ that the people of this world cannot even get close to them, they just have to be set apart. But that is not what God has called us to be. The difference between the Pharisees and Jesus was that Jesus toughed touched the unclean but they didn’t. The Pharisees where were Holy as well, they did everything God commanded them to, but they didn’t understand it. We are not called to be a Pharisee but we are called to be more like Him. We are not made Holy to be set in museums as specimens but to reach out to the unclean in turn. When we become ‘holy’ day by day let us be humbled by the fact that we don’t deserve it , but it is through grace. Reach out to make them Holy. As the story of Isaac Newton’s experience let our holiness hurt their eyes, not to chase them away from us but to draw them closer to Him who has called us to be ‘ Set apart’, ‘ to be Holy.
In conclusion let us make every effort to be more like Him every day. Let us just not sit back and pray for holiness but take every effort to be holy. Holiness is not only what God gives us but it is what we manifest with what He gave. Let us not compromise with the things of the world. Are we willing to lay down everything to pursue holiness? Holiness is not only works and deeds but is also passionately pursuing a relationship with God. Let us never compromise with holiness. If you are thinking that you have done all these all through out your life. You’ve always been pursuing God for holiness and have a wonderful relationship with God, then don’t become a Pharisee. Let us not settle down in that place in a holy huddle but let us affect others with our holiness. Let us be a light shining in this unholy land. We are set apart not to be in a museum but to be a light, that hurts the eyes but still draws them closer.
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The expository essay

This essay is about oil and gas prices. The essay has lots of facts on gas and oil by showing people how the prices are increasing instead of decreasing. Also it shows how it is putting an effect on people. In this essay it shows readers how they prep the land for drilling process, special tools the oil companies need for drilling the whole and shows how the inspector has to test the ground to make sure it is safe before drilling. It also shows how to be safe before dealing with gas and oil, and shows people how dangerous it can be if you don’t use safety.
The thesis of my essay is how the prices of oil and gas are increasing than decreasing over the last couple of years. Also in my thesis statement our gas and oil prices are affecting our economy day by day.
Gas and oil prices are at their highest costs since more than a year ago. Fuel costs are gaining twelve cents a gallon for the average in the United States. Gas costs were at a record of four dollars a gallon in the year 2008. In year 2008 through 2009 the gas prices are continuing to rise and not dropping, gas is at an average of two dollars and 94 cents a gallon in the United States. With the crude oil, petroleum oil is more than half a gallon of gasoline. Also when they raise the prices of gasoline they are from competitors of other marketplaces. The crude prices when they rise, all the gas stations prices rise because they have no choice it is all for the government. When all market places raise the prices of gasoline is because of the crude prices, and when the crude prices lower down the market places back down the prices. This is all competition between one gas station to another. We are high in demand of our gas prices these days; our world consumption of our gas and oil prices is roughly a percentage of the economy. Most of the high prices you got to think are coming from our high volume of wars; the wars are costing us millions of dollars each day of the week. Which caused a huge inflation in the United States of America on gas and oil, also food prices?
Robinson (2009) “noted that we are returning to a record of fuel and oil prices of 2008.” “Predicted that the average, of gasoline prices; would stay under three dollars, a gallon nationwide in 2010.”
The refining of gasoline costs are gaining up to thirty five percent, gasoline contributed a twenty three percent gain of the crude oil prices. Refiners want to phase out toxic waste to add in ethanol; also the refineries want to add ultralow sulfur for gasoline and diesel. The refining of operations is having a difficult time to make fuel cleaner. OSHA inspected almost five hundred refineries; the inspections of refineries have proven to be effected. The oil and gas faces a huge challenge for environmental protection on price control. Technologies are increasing gas and oil on environmental impact. The smaller investors are putting money into stocks for major oil companies. Gasoline and home heating oil are made from plastics, toothpaste, shampoo, antihistamines and house paint they all contain a similar form of petroleum. Also the gas and oil industries is increasing on a daily basis, and not showing a decrease in price. Also when the oil gets refined
through distillation it involves heating it until it turns into vapor, then they collect the oil and they let the vapor cool. When the temperature rises on oil eventually only carbon and tar are left behind.
“According to Marland, (2000) heating oil using three million of appropriated funds, taking the inventory to 1,984,253 barrels.”
Also the gas and oil are not just affecting us, but it is also putting an impact on fish and marine organizations. By our toxic waste, are polluting our water boundaries. That is affecting all of our species, by going through their gills into their blood that is going into others by killing the species. The reason most of our natural gas is polluting our water is because of our offshore and on land terminals for the crew ships and submarines are at least burning thirty percent of their toxic gases into our water which is hurting our species. It is also putting an effect on us in our economy by putting a three percent gain of our money into our penny stock for the oil and gas industries.

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The supplies they need before drilling is a process of getting, because the big machines and some of their other equipment they need to dig an oil well, are shipped to the location where they are digging the oil well. The task of finding oil is assigned before getting the equipment and prepping the land. They use magnetometers to measure the flowing of oil, most commonly they use seismology to put shock waves through rock layers, and are reflected back to the surface of the ground. The crew needs special equipment for the job to drill out the oil wells. Like hammer bits, tricone bits, adapter subs, air perforators, well casing, drill steel, casing alignment clamps and torch guides, diverter boxes, shock absorbers, retract hammers, thread lubes, oilers, rock drill oilers, polymers and a lot more equipment to complete the job. Prepping the land is a major job for the crews, because all the process they have to go through before they can drill.
The first step before drilling the oil wells, an inspector has to test the ground to make sure it is safe before the process of drilling. Then to prep the land for oil drilling they reserve a pit which they use for the dispose of rock cuttings. During the drilling process they line the whole with plastic to protect the economy. When the oil is prepared they dig a main hole which is in a shape of a rectangle which is called a cellar. Then the crew begins lining the main hole with a large diameter conductor pipe. Also before you can drill a well you need an exploration license. The cost to drill a well is 2.5 million dollars each. The reserves for the oil to make oil wells are all under the ground. Oil exploration represents the value of the gas they bring to the gas station. It can be difficult when bad weather like hurricanes and tropical storms can be hard for oil and gas companies for oil fields for drilling.
Marland (2004) stated “our staff is trained to help you tackle the easiest to the most difficult projects.”
the supply of gas and oil been increasing, gasoline supplies are the highest level of price since the early 90’s, refineries have been cutting back of low margins. Everyone that relies on gas and oil prices, believe that it is high on demand and they think that gas should decrease instead of increasing. Everyone thinks that gas and oil prices are affecting our economy, because every week of the year oil and gas keep rising, and it is affecting people because all the money we spend in our gas tanks. People think with all the money we spent into gas they want to really know when prices are ever going down. Just think everyone in America dumped at least two hundred and forty billion dollars cash into stock for gas and oil companies.
Golf god (2007) stated “decline in inventories” and “demand outstripping supply for the jump into gas prices.”
When the crew’s for oil companies are working in the oil tanks and working with gas it can be a highly hazardous work environment for them. Especially working with low pressure tanks that contain potential hazards like, fire and explosion, oxygen deficiency and when they are exposed to toxic substances. When they are working with hazardous gasses and oil it can be a result of vapors, fumes, chemicals, or excessive heat or cold. When a creation, of oxygen deficient; it may cause, serious injury; or death.
A result from government officials and policy makers, are providing lessons learned for better of planning storms and flood events, can better prevent hazardous conditions caused by leaking oil and gas. To prevent the land from destroying what we need some most, and keep chemical particles away.
“Natural gas is released during venting operations, when there are leaks in equipment used during oil and gas development.” (Anonymous 2003)
My essay on oil and gas prices, gives a lot of information and process of the gas and oil industry. The readers that read my essay should get a lot of good facts, details and news about gas and oil procedures. Hopefully to all the readers out there you got a lot of enjoyment out of this.

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