TAMU Chemical Bonding Reactions on Components with Different Solvents Questions


How does the chemical bonding reacts on components when it interfaces with different solvents. Perform Analysis on bonding solvents with mixture of cyclohexanone (CHX) and Methylene Ethyl ketone (MEK) when interfacing bonds with ABS, PVC, PP, Teralux, Cryolite produced components. Please include graphs with different percentage of solvent mixture like 50% of CHX and 50% MEK, 70% CHX and 30% MEK, 100% CHX, 100% MEK on interface bonding’s. please provide conclusion which is the good bonding mixture percentage. What happens when Cyclo and MEK meet with below listed component materials.2. PVC-Acrylic3. Acrylic-MABS4. MABS-MABS5. MABS-PVC6. PVC-PVC7. PC-PVC8.PC-MABS

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