Taylor University Different Types of Criminal Behavior Discussion Paper


Topic – Database Security Problem Statement: Toshniwal et al. (2015) define big data as a collective term that refers to large and complex data exceeding the usual processing capability of software techniques and conventional data management systems. However, big data often accompanies big values. Insights from big data help with the critical development of areas such as natural disaster prediction, energy, economic growth, and health care (Toshniwal et al., 2015). The big data era is linked to a variety of opportunities, especially in improving the educational system, promoting economic productivity, bettering healthcare, and enabling social interaction. However, Toshniwal et al. (2015) state that big data has its issues. Privacy and security are the issues associated with big data because of its variety in data sources, high velocity, and huge volume (Toshniwal et al., 2015). Whenever data volume is mentioned, storage. References article – https://www.researchgate.net/publication/301277002…

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